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Sunday, December 15, 2019

BBIA Last Concealer

Hi Everyone!

It has been some days since I was planning to publish this post but the reason because I did not published this few days ago is ebcause I was barely at home for sleep and because sincerely I´ve been so tired. But now I am here with a new review about a product that I´ve been using since few months ago BBIA Last Concealer this will be a short review because I´ve talking just a little about this concealer. This product is not sponsored by this brand or any webstore.

The reason because I picked this brand of concealer It was because this brand offer goood products with affordable price which is good because I am always in a tight budget. Well move on to this review.

Betails in Box

This shade is #01 Light Beige

BBIA Last Concealer 6.2g 


Flawless cover like skin correction.
Dense powder adheres evenly to the skin, covering skin trouble, flush, and pores, transforming into porcelain-like clean skin. Light finish like my own skin.
Super light-weight texture has been applied to the skin, presenting comfortable texture.
Darkening ZERO! Clear all day. Expresses the skin bright as if the make-ups have just been applied.

Expiration Date


After blending the product

Before and After

- Affordable price
- Easy application
- Good quantity
- Natural finish
- Long-lasting effect
- Sheer coverage

- In many countries you only can buy this product online.


I usually apply the concealer after the BB Cream or foundation and I found after my first application It was that this product blends pretty well with my foundation or BB Cream. This concealer provides a matte effect so I recommend always maintain the under eye area moisturized before applying this concealer. This concealer provides a light beige color with sheer coverage. If you really want to conceal so scars or pimples I don´t recommend this concealer because the coverage is sheer for me this works a little like a highlighter.

I like because this provides a little that blur effect because it blends so good with my foundation or BB Cream that provides a natural and not cakey effect. Something that is a positive point is that this product is not cakey. So I really like this product, and the cost is around $6 which is a good deal too. Only that If you are looking for high coverage this is not the option that I could recommend for you. But has a good price, good effect, and long-lasting effect so I definitely going to repurchase this product.


Well this was all for the review of today~( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
(*^▽^)/I am sorry for the delay I hope to keep updating frequent


  1. The price of the product is inexpensive positive.Thanks :)

  2. This does look really good and glad you like it. :-D

  3. this concealer seems nice, it is definitely good to hear that it is not cakey and that it blends nicely.

  4. Todo se ve estupendo! Muchas gracias por tus visitas , es un placer verte por mi blog ! Que tengas Feliz Navidad ! 🎄🎄🎄 ( No se si me pasaré por aquí hasta entonces ) ☃️🦌🎅

  5. look great :) amazing review honey!
    kisses from Poland :*

  6. Great post, Thanks for sharing, x
    I'm following you! X.

  7. This looks like such a wonderful product! Great post :)

  8. This product is doing really great job :-)

  9. Tiene pintaza, se nota que cubre super bien :)

  10. Oh yes really nice products =)

    Great review, this concealer sounds really good.

    1. Absolutely =) And this cereals are so delicious. MyMüsli is a really good brand here in Germany =)

  11. now probably everyone has such a "hot period" and are still busy 😀
    the equalizer looks interesting - maybe someday I'll try 😃

  12. This sounds like a good concealer. It's always nice when there is a little bit of a blur effect. I hope you're able to get some proper rest soon.

  13. ¡Hola, Sakuranko!,
    No conocía tu blog y, desde luego, nos quedamos por aquí y te seguimos para estar al tanto de todo ;).
    En nuestro país este producto no se puede comprar :(, así que investigaremos a ver si lo podemos comprar online.
    Un besito de tinta y hasta pronto.
    Nos leemos :D

  14. I'm always on the lookout for a great concealer so thanks for this review:)

  15. Looks like a great product that does its job. Greetings.

  16. Sounds like a great product. Definitely a great review.

  17. Thanks for showing this product. I like the natural result. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana

  18. No conocia la marca. Gracias por presentarla. Besos

  19. Kolor dobrze scala się z odcieniem skóry.

  20. This concealer looks really good! ;)

  21. Wow! Good product. I want it :D

  22. Thanks for sharing about the concealer. I need to start using now to hide my scars and marks.

  23. i am going to buy similar item:)

  24. No conocía este corrector. La verdad es que tiene buena pinta.


  25. Hola guapa, muchas gracias por la reseña, tiene pintaza, creo que me iría muy bien. Besitosss

  26. I have not tried a concealer. Looks great.

  27. Just stopped by to say Hey and Happy Holidays.

  28. I alwaus need concealer because I have very dark circles under my eyes. This product looks great!

  29. ¡Hello, Sakura!

    I see that you present rich beauty products, you are a very pretty girl, good luck my girl.
    Thank you for your visit it is a pleasure to have you as a follower.
    A hug full of blessings for this rest of the year and for the new one that enters. 2020. May all your dreams come true. good luck.


    ¡Hola, Sakura!

    Veo que presentas ricos productos de belleza, eres una chica muy guapa, suerte mucha suerte mi niña.
    Gracias por tu visita es un placer tenerte de seguidora.
    Un abrazo lleno de bendiciones para este resto del año y para el nuevo que entra. 2020. Que todos tus sueños se vean realizados. Mucha suerte


  30. Thanks for sharing your experience!
    xx Rena

  31. Pelo que vejo oferece uma cobertura impecável, e aproxima-se muito do tom que habitualmente uso... tentarei achar, aqui deste lado!
    Excelente sugestão. Sakuranko! Beijinhos!


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