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Friday, February 5, 2021

ZOAH BB Cream Anti-Edad Tono Claro "ZOAH BB Cream Anti-Aging Light Tone"

 Hi Everyone!

I´ve been several days absent and the reason is the annoying Wi-Fi for upload the photos of this post feel like has been eons since so well after several annoying attempts I uploaded the photos. So yeah I am here, today I want to share a review about a local product. With the quarantine, I decided to try local products. It´s my first time using a BB Cream of a local brand. If you are been following me since a time ago probably remember the Zoah cosmetics. Well, this time I decided to use the light shade.

Back Side

Security Seal

Packaging + Price + Texture: The packaging is nothing special just a white tube with a purple cap, I feel happy that this has a security seal. The price of this BB Cream is just 3$ so I guess that I don´t feel like I have to expect too much. 

After Blending the BB Cream

PROs and CONs

- Easy Application
- Creamy Texture
- The color blends pretty well
- Semi-Matte Effect
- Light Coverage

- The plastic aroma is not my favorite
- Only can be purchased in the local drugstores of Venezuela


This was an easy product to use because this works just like a pre base, this BB Cream provides very light coverage and a semi-matte effect.  In general terms, this does a good job, provides light coverage the texture is creamy with an easy application and is perfect for every day when you only want light makeup. But my issue with this BB Cream is the aroma, this smells like plastic is complicated to explains but this smells like how the plastic is melting, and sincerely I prefer any fragrance to that aroma. 

And in another point, I don´t like that this semi-matte effect in fact just looks like a white layer on my skin and that doesn't look pretty or healthy. And I am sorry that I am not publishing a photo about this but sincerely I don´t owe more this product due I gave this product to a cousin. Sincerely now I am not into the semi-matte o matte effect anymore. The skin is not always matte for a reason so I prefer the glowy effect. I hope to try more products of this brand I am not saying that this product is bad just that is not enough good for me.


After all, I have to do to publishing this post I hope you can find this post useful and informative. And yeah already February 2021. This year is going quickly. My best wishes to you~

Bye Bye!!


  1. I really like BB cream, but from Bourjois

  2. Oh, always good to find out what is happening with BB cream. I haven't used any in a while. I might see what is available at our local CVS. Thank you so much for the lovely and informative review. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Interesting product of venezuelan drugstore.
    Have a nice weekend. Xoxo
    Nancy :)

  4. This product looks very good ;)

  5. Uy si lo pones a si no creo que me fije en esa crema . Te mando un beso

  6. i can see the different when you apply it on your skin👍👍

  7. I have tried a few BB creams, but only found one that I liked and that is made by Rimmel. Some of the others looked very unnatural and were quite drying on my already dry skin. Like you, I do like the products I use on my face to smell pleasant. Some creams smell awful!😝 Lol
    Many thanks for a really interesting post! 😊😊

    Have a super weekend...and stay safe, my friend.

    Hugs xxx

  8. No se si esta crema estará a la venta en mi país, pasaré por la farmacia.


  9. The formula looks perfect against your skin.

    Happy weekend, friend.

  10. I don't like BB creams. I prefer cosmetics with more coverage.

  11. The color is quite pale but it seems to blend well with your skintone! Too bad you're not so happy with the scent.

  12. Sounds like a solid product but if has a strong plastic smell I don't think that I would like it because I couldn't get over the smell, things like that give me a headache.

  13. it's a pity that it smells like plastic ...

  14. This BB cream is an interesting product, shame about it smelling like melting plastic.

  15. I don't know this brand, but I really like BB creams :)

  16. Nice honest review. I think the matte finish and the smell would put me off. Have a lovely week.

  17. You are right, seems like it gives a very white-ish layer!
    thanks for the review :) never heard of this brand!

  18. I haven't had this product yet ;)

  19. Esta BB Cream a mi me quedaría muy clara, tendría que mirar a ver si hay más tonos

  20. The product does not encourage me. But great review

  21. Mais um produto que não conhecia, pelo que adorei a sua opinião sincera, a respeito do mesmo! Excelente publicação, Sakuranko!


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