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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

[JOLSE] CLIO Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk Review


Hi Everyone!

These have been complicated days but I must confess that I feel happy to share this review with you. This time is the turn of one of my favorite brands CLIO and this is the time to share with you the beautiful colors of CLIO Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk. I received this palette in a previous haul of Jolse and since I tried it for the first time I am very happy with this palette. 

How probably you already know I a huge fan of coral color and this palette It was something like my time to express my full love. By the way, I received this product as part of my collaboration with Jolse but I have not received any monetary compensation for this review. All the opinions expressed are based on my own experience with the product.


Name of Shades

Directions & Caution

CLIO Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk

- Packaging + Price: The packaging is very nice has this clear part that lets's see the colors through and the best part is that the plastic doesn´t look or feels cheap. The price is around $33 USD but I know this palette is not very affordable. But considering the quality and the number of colors. the price is good for me.

PROs and CONs

- Cute packaging
- Creamy Textures
- Pigmented Colors
- Shimmering Colors
- Long-lasting Effect
- Easy Application

- In many countries, you only can buy this palette online.


I started to use this palette several months ago and since I tried it the first time I fell in love 💗 the colors are creamy, soft, and super easy to apply and blend. For me, it is hard to say that Korean cosmetics overall have not good pigmentation in their palettes I tried several brands and their palettes always have found that the pigmentation is low. So od course there are so many different brands and I have not tried all the Korean Makeup bands but I can say that based on my experience with very known brands that their pigmentation is not the best. 

But this palette has soft colors with not a lot of powdery because these colors feel like creamy and soft texture with a good pigment. The colors I applied here are without eye primer because I wanted you to notice the product only. But with an eye primer, the color is super long-lasting and the pigment looks strong.  On my forearm the colors don´t look so strong due to the light I decided not to edit the light or colors in the photos so you can see the more real shade on your device. Obviously while more light the shade looks less on my forearm because my skin is light in that part. But you can see how while more dark is the color more strong looks too due to the contrast with my skin. 

The swatches I show you in the collage are by the softest and cute colors how I prefer to make my soft makeup but sincerely I like the strong matte colors of this palette. In conclusion, If you are a huge fan of coral shades, this palette is a good investment. Something I enjoy is that I need only one small quantity of eyeshadow for your full lips. This has become another of my favorites products of CLIO.


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You can buy the CLIO Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk

This is me after using the CLIO Pro Eye Palette Coral Talk

Well, my lovelies until here is the review for today I hope you enjoyed this review
Thank you for reading this full post darling ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ
I wish you a happy day

Bye Bye!!


  1. Good shades! They look fantastic on you ♥ Also pretty package

  2. As tonalidades, são lindas! Adorei a sugestão! Ando à procura de uma paleta de sombras, com cores bem assim!
    Beijinhos! Continuação de uma feliz semana, para ti e todos os teus, Sakuranko!

  3. These are definitely not my colours, but they look nice on you. :)

  4. Wow, bardzo ładna paletka. Pięknie się prezentuje.

  5. Lovely palette and great makeup :-D

  6. Beautiful colors! They really bring out the color of your eyes! You look lovely and the colors of the palette look lovely as well!

  7. This palette of soft colours like you say is very suitable for Chinese. My colours for sure. I find blues and greens too contrasting on my skin and I have always used coral shades including lipstick. Good information and I like the shimmer in some of the colours - a bit of glamour in life.

  8. Such a great palette! Thank you for your review.

  9. Great review. Looks like a product worth trying.

  10. Hermosos colores, te destaca por ser una chica muy hermosa.

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  12. Great product! Colors are beautiful, they are soft and lovely. Thanks for the review

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  14. The colors are really pretty and the pigmentation and performance of this palette sound good. Easy to see why it has become one of your favorites.

  15. Love the shades of this palette.


  16. Wow! It's so nice palette. I like its colours. :)

  17. Lovely colours! I would love to try them.

  18. Me gusta mucho la paleta. Es muy de mi estilo.


  19. Hola Sakuranko,

    Tanto los colores como el packaging de la paleta son preciosos. Es un producto magnífico.

    Muchas gracias por presentárnoslo y pasa un buen fin de semana!

  20. Thanks a lot darling =)
    Oh yes this products are really interesting.

    Interesting review =) This palette looks cute and I love those colours <3
    I like your look with it a lot, perfect for everyday =)

  21. This palette looks gorgeous on you! Makes your beautiful green eyes look even more beautiful <3

  22. The shades look beautiful. It suits you in the photo.

  23. Hello :) .. a great color palette! .. pictures great, you look very beautiful! ❤

    - I cordially greet ❤

  24. Boa tarde. Difícil escolher a cor mais linda e vibrante. Obrigado pela dica maravilhosa.

  25. This palette looks so awesome!

  26. Es tan hermosa y los colores te quedan tan lindos. Aunque para mí tono de piel no sabría cómo usarla pero aún así la deseo

  27. Very fine colors. Beautiful make-up😊

  28. sound good product.... you look pretty.

    Have a wonderful day

  29. ¡Hola!
    Linda paleta de colores, gracias por mostrarnos el producto.
    El maquillaje te luce ;)
    Feliz semana, un abrazo :)

  30. Beautiful colors! Your eyes look amazing :)

  31. Oi menina!
    Adorei as cores da paleta!
    Obrigada por sua visita e comentário em meu blog.


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  33. This eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous!


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