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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Modelones Pink Lipstick Series Starter Kit - Gel Polish Kit "Unboxing"

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to be here writing for you about this amazing kit that I´ve received from Modelones an amazing online webstore about I am going to talk more a little later. I received this gel kit and this is my first-time trying this brand and using their products. I need to apologize because I had a big mess in the postal office and I've had a huge delay in my packages but that is completely normal, my postal office is always a mess. But I feel happy that the package was perfectly fine.

Some days ago I published a quick unboxing on my Instagram stories but was improvised and nothing really serious.  Sincerely this is amazing and is great if you want to start to make doing your semi-permanent nails at home I guess is very complete. This  Pink Lipstick Series Starter Kit  contains:

- 6 * Colors Salon-Quality Gel Polish (10ml) 
- 1 * Top Coat (10ml)
- 1 * Base Coat (10ml)
- 1 * 6W Mini LED Light 
- 1 * Brush
- 1 * Nutrition Pen
- 1 * Dual-ended Nail Brush and Spatula
- 4 * Style Stickers
- 1 * Mini Nail File
- 1 * Portable Leather Bag

Portable Leather Bag

Inside this bag is all the content of this kit which a guess is super good. The bag is pink with transparent and inside this bag, there are instructions about how to use each item of this kit. You can see the stickers that are super cute.

Brush + Nail Files.

Dual-ended Nail Brush and Spatula

6W Mini LED Light 

I like this cute mini lamp pink 

Cuticle Revitalizer Oil

Nutrition Pen~ Useful and practical

 6 Colors Salon-Quality Gel Polish

Unique lipstick design nail set with a mini light, you can enjoy doing your nails at home and save money from nail salon. The formula has been optimized and improved many times, with high color rendering, smooth texture and easy to use. It has the characteristics of low odor, non-toxicity and long-lasting.

 6 Colors Salon-Quality Gel Polish + 1 Base Coat Polish + 1 Top Coat Polish

Close-up ~ The color looks like lipstick

Nail Stickers

I love these golden stickers (´꒳`)♡

You can buy this kit and more at

You can buy this Pink Lipstick Series Starter Kit

I feel very happy to receive this kit the colors are vibrant and beautiful. I will be sharing all the colors in upcoming posts a couple of weeks after I cut my nails for that reason today I decided not to share any color in my nails but in some days I will be sharing the colors. I love the package of each nail polish looks like a lipstick and I guess that probably that is the reason behind the name of this kit. There are incredible offers at Modelones for this month so please visit this website and let me know what you think.

Please let me know in the comments what you think about this kit
Thank you to Modelones for this collaboration and to you my readers
I wish you health and a happy weekend

Bye Bye!!


  1. A really complete package! I'm looking forward to seeing you try the gels/polish, the colors look really pretty!

  2. It's so cute and complete! I loved the polishes and the stickers.
    Lovely day!

  3. this lamp is beautiful :)
    I would have thought that these are lipsticks, not varnishes;)

  4. Lovely post. I thought the same as Lili! Lovely polishes for yourself or gifts❤

  5. It's a very complete pack, I like it!

  6. Thank you for introducing many products and uses.

  7. Que bonitos colores, me encantó esta review de los productos
    gracias por compartirlo
    besos ♥

  8. Hola Sakuranko, no conozco la marca pero he mirado en Amazon y la venden así que la pediré algo. Gracias.

    Un abrazo.

  9. Boa noite, Sakuranko, ótimas escolhas!
    Um doce beijinho!
    Megy Maia🌳🍂🌲

  10. ¡Hola! ^^
    Pues no conocía la marca, pero el kit está genial. Me dan ganas de comprarlo.
    Un beso!

  11. hola ^^

    uy que gran haul, me encanta todo lo del paquete :D

  12. I loveeeee the whole package. The colors, the bag, the stickers. Totally in love ♥

  13. Unos consejos muy chulos. Gracias.

    Un beso.

  14. ¡¡Hola Sakuranko!! Ya veo que este es un kit de lo más completo, con colores neutros que favorecen a todos. Gracias por el descubrimiento. Besitos.

  15. ¡Holaaaaa!

    Que chulo el kit, desde luego muy completo ^^
    Me han encantado los colores de los pintauñas, que bonita paleta.


  16. Es un kit super apañado y los colores de los esmaltes me han encantado.


  17. Pretty things for the nails ♥


  18. This set is adorable! It would make for a great gift!

  19. What a beautiful products! Modelones brand is new for us. Stickers look amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Pero que bonitos productos *-* muchas gracias por compartirlo <3

    Un beso desde Plegarias en la Noche.

  21. I've not heard of this set before but it sounds fab and I'd love to use it x

  22. Beautiful and cute things! Love it!
    a: Thanks :)

  23. Me encanta todo lo que lleva, seguro que le sacas un buen partido. Un beso

  24. Que pasada y me encantan los colores 😍

  25. What an amazing nail art kit. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Everything looks so wonderful!

  27. ˗ˏˋ꒰ 🍒 ꒱ How beautiful all these things are, and the nailart: super beautiful!!
    Besis, have a nice evening

  28. I like this series! :) Very beautiful colors! :)

  29. Um pack super completo! Excelente escolha, Sakuranko! Vão proporcionar belos efeitos, para as suas unhas! Ficarei na expectativa de ver alguns!...
    Beijinhos! Tudo de bom!


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