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Friday, September 9, 2022

Rose Project Common Skin Cushion Review


Hi Everyone!

I received this cushion several months ago. And I started using this Korean Brand that is new to me called Rose Project and I was inquisitive because this brand is new, the first thing I noticed was the formula.  The package is pretty so I was so excited to try this one. Let's go with this review. I noticed this brand thanks to the youtuber Jella because this is her brand.


Unboxing time

Moist and thin spreadability
Powder with excellent sebum absorption
Expresses skin without dryness

Expiration Date


Before and After

PROs and CONs

- Easy Application
- Cute Packaging
- Medium Coverage
- Lightweight texture
- Longlasting effect

- In many countries, you only can buy this product online.
- The packaging is cute but not durable. 


This is my first time trying this brand and I have a very good impression. First, this product contained a cushion + a refill, this shade is 2325 this one is like a #23 and this brand says that is for tan shades of skin which personally is good, but the shades are limited to only 4 shades which are not very inclusive even in the tan shade. But is a good initiative definitely is not pale has the most of cushions brands.

The páckage is cute it has a light brown color with golden letters, the plastic is soft the cushion pad makes the application easy. Now the formula is lightweight and offers light to medium coverage and If you want more coverage you have to add more than one layer of cushion. The product provides a long-lasting effect which is good. But If you are looking for high coverage this cushion only offers light-medium. The formula offers a semi-matte effect.

This cushion is good but is pricey because the price is around $45 sincerely the product is good but sincerely I prefer more glowy formula and this semi-matte effect makes me look at certain areas of my face super dry. And... something happened with the product. I removed the old cushion to replacement with a refill the package just broke on my hands. I am now using the refill without the case because that case broke up. The soft plastic is good until breaks. With that price, the least I would like is that the package could be resistant. This is a nice cushion but I don't think I am going to repurchase this product.


I hope you can find this post useful
I wish you a happy weekend~

Bye Bye!!


  1. Well, I was going to compliment the package, but if it is not durable... Still, it seems like a nice product. :)

  2. Cute packaging but too expensive for those materials. Totally a no-no for me.

  3. A tonalidade é bonita... mas de facto parece acentuar um pouco, a secura da pele! Adorei ficar a conhecer a sua sincera opinião, Sakuranko! Talvez resulte melhor em peles mais morenas, este produto...
    Um beijinho! Desejando um feliz fim de semana...

  4. I really like this kind of foundations. They are not cheap, but they look beautiful on the skin.

  5. Interesting product. Thanks for sharing.
    I invite you to visit my last post. Have a good week-end!

  6. I have seen you use it in person! I think the effect is pretty good, I see that the semi-matte effect is not always the better choice. Too bad the package is not as strong as it could.

  7. It is too bad that the package broke. How frustrating! It certainly was a good concept, especially with the refill aspect of it. I love cushion foundations and haven't been able to find one in a store for so long now. Thank you for your honest review!


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