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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

TIA'M Vita Refre-C Toner Review

Hi Everyone!

It has been a while since I published a review of TIA'M. When I discovered the existence of this toner this was one of my "I need to try" because I am a huge fan of vitamin serum of TIA'M. But I discovered when I received this product that it is all an experience. First, this is a toner that you must in some way prepare because the ascorbic acid is in that clear cap that you see. 

Contains Vitamin C powder that resurfaces rough and uneven skin effectively.
Improves skin texture and smoother & brighter skin tone.
Provides hydration and protection from environmental damage.

These are the directions

This is how it looks after you mix the powder and change the cap

PROs and CONs

- Makes the skin of your body (legs and arms) feel soft.

- This is not good for sensitive skin
- Sticky feeling after use
- Strong aroma
- Produces rash on sensitive skin
- Bottle of Glass


When I noticed this product the first time I was very excited to try this product. Because I have used the vitamins C serum and my skin reacted very well to that skincare serum. The first thing I noticed about this product was the bottle because is made of glass and this product needs to be refrigerated.

The second thing was that this product is completely liquid so is created to be used with a cotton pad. But I can not use cotton pads because I have sensitive skin. The cotton pads can irritate my skin. I did the patch test and was negative so I started to use this product on my night and morning skincare after several days I noticed a breakout but I am saying that was only after several days and was probably the only new product.

My skin was very irritated so I stopped using this product and the next day my skin was improving just when I stopped using the product, so the product was the reason behind my irritation. So this product was definitely a very irritating toner. I have used vitamins C before ad my skin reacted completely fine, but this is not the case with this toner. Obviously, this is my personal experience I have sensitive combination skin and this was my experience. 


I hope you can find this post informative and useful
Happy last day of August!✨

Bye Bye!!


  1. Such a shame that it caused those reactions, it seemed like it had potential, I suppose it is a rather strong serum and it not a good suit for sensitive skin. Maybe for a dryer or perhaps an oily skin?

  2. I hate the sticky feeling afer use. It immediately puts me off the product.

  3. Omg! How bad you had to experience those rashes for this review. Take care and hope you're ok now.

  4. Good review. Thanks for the warning.

  5. How disappointing that it didn't work well and was irritating. Thank you for sharing your honest review!

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I haven't used a toner in year.

  7. It doesn't sound great, so I will skip this one. Thanks for the review.

  8. Hola ^^
    No lo conocía pero no me termina de llamar la atención del todo, aun así gracias por tu review
    besos ♥

  9. No creo que lo pruebe, gracias por la información.

  10. Sembra buono , da provare ! <3

  11. Thanks for your warning, I also have sensitive skin.

  12. Interesting, thanks for sharing!

  13. Gracias por la información. Yo tengo la piel sensible.

  14. This product seems very interesuje byt it's a pity that it irritates the skin.

  15. Hola, gracias por tu visita a mi Blog y gracias por tu recomendación ♥

  16. No lo conocía. Gracias por la información. Un abrazo.

  17. Hola!
    Gracias por tu sincera opinión, la verdad es que soy de piel sensible, así que este producto no es para mi ;)
    Un abrazo.

  18. The product looks interesting, it's a pity it worked so badly. Thank you for the warning and I'm sorry this cosmetic turned out to be bad. Greetings from Poland!

  19. É sempre bom saber-se que quem se preocupa com estes cuidados também se preocupa em partilhar o resultado da sua experiência.
    Do que se lê fica evidente que são mais os aspetos negativos do que os positivos.
    Contudo, não há como cada qual avançar para a sua própria experiência.
    Abraço amigo.
    Juvenal Nunes

  20. Me gustan los productos con vitamina C, pero si este tónico es pegajoso e irrita la piel, no es para mí.


  21. The product looks interesting, it's a shame about your reaction. Thanks for the review.

  22. Ohh no! Such a bummer that your skin got irritated from this toner.

  23. Thanks for the honest review. Yes I have read Vit C is great for the skin. Pity it is a little sticky but many creams and serums do leave a sticky feel that disappears after some time.

  24. No lo conocía pero que pena que no te fuera bien. Un abrazo

  25. However, you have to be careful with vitamin C

  26. Gostei imenso da tua opinião sincera, Sakuranko! Não conhecia o produto! Que pena, não teres tido o resultado desejado...
    Um beijinho! Continuação de uma boa semana!

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