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Friday, November 18, 2022

Dasique Mood Up Mascara Long & Curl Review


Hi Everyone!

I was expecting to publish this review yesterday but I was fatigued. So I decided to publish this post today anyway I am happy to share this review because this is a product that I have really enjoyed and I will be sad because I am going to have to repurchase another mascara so good as this. But the good thing is that I have a mascara unopened of one of my favorite brands.

The sad thing about the mascaras is that the duration is very short and is necessary to change then to new ones because I don´t want any bacteria near my eyes and sadly the mascaras start to expire after 6 months thanks to heaven I have a couple of months with this one.

Dasique Mood Up Mascara 

Lifts, lengthens and holds curl, and catches every lash to complete your own mood.
A perfect balanced mascara with a long-wear, lengthening and curling allows highly defined, full-extension lash look just with a single brush touch!

- Packaging: Probably one the best things about this mascara is the cute and inspiring packaging. The packaging is so pretty I love the pink and the roses and looks like a little gift. 

- Brush: This brush is long, curved, thin wich is good to reach the most small lashes and make the look long and curved.

Before and After

PROs and CONs

- Cute packaging
- Easy Application
- Waterproof
- Smudgeproof
- Long-lasting effect

- Pricey
- In many countries, you only can buy this product online.


With the mascaras is always easy to go to conclusions, first, the formula is waterproof, smudge-proof, and doesn´t smell anything which is good and is long-lasting. This contains small particles that make the eyelashes look more voluminous. The brush is thin and makes it very easy to reach the small lashes and that is good to make pretty makeup.

The formula is very good because is great for sensitive eyes (like my eyes) and dries quickly. I like that is waterproof and smudge-proof and super long lasting I am always rubbing my eyes because I suffer from allergies. And the mascara stays there without any issues. I really recommend this mascara the price is around $20 which is pricey for a mascara but is a good investment the packaging is pretty and the formula and the brush are a good combination. I like the color that is black matte too. 


I hope you have enjoyed this review
I wish you a happy weekend

Bye Bye!!


  1. New brand for me, thanks for your review...

  2. Tusz ma długą szczoteczkę. Ciekawi mnie jak się to sprawdzi u mnie.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I can't say much about mascaras, it does seem pricey, but your posts makes me think it may well be worth it

  4. Explicações que serão sem dúvida úteis para o universo feminino.
    Abraço amigo.
    Juvenal Nunes

  5. Boas dicas de maquiagem, vou repassar para minha filha, ela gosta de boa maquiagem e novidades!
    Parece ser uma excelente marca.

    Beijinhos 🌷

  6. Parece ser um excelente produto.
    Obrigado pelas dicas e partilha.

  7. This sounds so wonderful. It adds so much length to the lashes!

  8. Very lovely effect :D Have a great weekend :D

  9. Holaa!! se ve genial, gracias por la entrada.


  10. New brand for me. Sound great!

  11. Thank you very much because you have done an incredible public service, reminding those who follow you that cosmetic products also expire, it is very important.
    Happy week.😘

  12. Parece ser um excelente produto! Tentarei achar por estes lados, pois preciso mesmo de renovar os dois rimméis que tenho encetados...
    Excelente sugestão!
    Beijinhos! Feliz semana!

  13. The brush looks really cool, thanks for sharing!

  14. Thanks for sharing this beautiful product! I love the packaging too. 🖤🌹

  15. I don't know this one. I should test it

  16. Não conhecia, obrigada pela dica!
    De Outro Mundo

  17. Hello!!
    First mention that you have beautiful, super defined eyelashes. With the mascara, some of the eyelashes were stuck and I really took away the beauty a bit.

  18. It looks like the perfect gift for someone I know.

  19. I must say the packaging is very attractive with the deep red rose. Also the mascara does a good job and does not smudge. It pays for quality cos having a smudged black eye will be a disaster!!

  20. Great cosmetics! It's something new for me :)

  21. Das Ergebnis sieht richtig toll aus. LG Romy

  22. Guau, se nota mucho la diferencia, muack

  23. Buongiorno e grazie di tutte le informazioni il mese al racconto quando Rinascerò donna

  24. This mascara gives a very nice effect :)

  25. Gracias por la reseña, me parece un producto excelente.


  26. Holaa!! se ve genial, gracias por la entrada.

  27. Looks amazing, thanks for sharing!

  28. The result is quite visible and beautiful. I like mascaras with such natural effect.

  29. I don't know this brand but I'm very curious about this mascara.

  30. Wow me encanta!
    Besos y gracias por la entrada.


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