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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Maybelline Facestudio Lasting Fix Loose Setting Powder

Hi Everyone!

I must confess I am very happy right now and I don´t know even when right now I am not feeling perfectly because I had headache but now feel better. Lately I have been publishing reviews of products that have not been very good in my opinion. But today I am going to share a product that makes me very happy. This is a loose powder of Maybelline. 

Expiration Date


PROs and CONs

- Easy Application
- Controls of Sebum
- Matte Effect
- Long-lasting effect
- Fine Powder
- Traslucent

- In many countries you only can buy this product online. 


I bought this powder for a price around $5 which is pretty good considering that I made my purchase at a drugstore and I did not paid for shipping (the most of my purchases are from overseas). So first the texture is fine and the shade is translucent. I´ve been dealing with oily skin and now combination skin during all my life and seal my face makeup foundation with powder  is a must always. The trick for me is to use a very fine powder and a small quantity.

This powder provides a natural finish because looks matte and natural but not powdery. Probably sounds contradictory because when you read powder you can think oh this is gonna look powdery, but not this looks pretty natural. I guess is a good investment because the effect is long lasting and a great point is that doesn´t make the skin dry or unhealthy which is good. This is a great ally on my daily makeup routine and I recommend this product.


Well this was my review of today
I hope you have enjoyed this post
I wish you a happy day

Bye Bye!!


  1. I rather choose illuminating powders.

  2. I am so glad you are felling well and happy. This powder looks like is great value, not only it's a pretty low price for a really good product but also easily available. Awesome stuff!

  3. I like this powder :)
    Natural and matte finish <3

  4. Oh yes really good products =)

    Great review =) I love Maybelline products and this powder sounds nice =)

  5. I never try it need to now thanks for the review.

  6. Dear friend! Glad to hear that you now feel better. Bye the way this powder looks great. Thanks for the review. Happy November. Greetings.

  7. So glad this powder works well and is also affordable. That is always a good thing! Maybelline has a lot of really fantastic products. Thanks for the heads up about this one. <3

  8. Pues estos polvos tienen realmente muy buena pinta. No los conocía.


  9. So glad you found a product you like! Maybelline is usually pretty good.

  10. Espero que el dolor de cabeza no haya vuelto. Miraré a ver si lo encuentro aquí. Gracias.


  11. No conocia estos polvos, gracias por enseñarlos, los buscare para probar. Un beso y feliz finde.

  12. i don't tend to use loose powder, but nice find ^^

  13. Sounds amazing, I'll look for them!

  14. Pues parecen un buen producto, no los he probado. Un beso

  15. Gosto imenso desta marca... mas ainda não conhecia este produto! Já fiquei com vontade de experimentar um dia destes!
    Beijinhos! Feliz semana!

  16. Glad to know you've been feeling good lately! Also good product!


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