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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

[Jolse] Peripera All Take Mood Palette Muteful Rose Review


Hi Everyone!

I am happy to be here because today I will share one of my favorite products the Peripera All Take Mood Palette Muteful Rose I am a huge lover of Korean makeup and the makeup palettes are my favorites. By the way, I am working on upcoming Japanese makeup reviews too.   This palette is perfect If you are looking for a cold rose tone of eyeshadows.  

The packaging is one of my favorite things because it is convenient and easy to carry on my makeup bag too. But the design is simple ad pretty and I like that. This is part of my collaboration with Jolse. I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 

Highly utilized color configurations, modified makeup, and travel-optimized size. It is highly utilized in eight sensual color moods.

The names of each eyeshadow

The eye makeup with the Peripera All Take Mood Palette Muteful Rose
without eyeshadow primer

PROs and CONs

- Easy Application
- Several Colors
- Affordable Price
- Long-lasting effect
- Cold-tone colors

- Some colors have low pigmentation
- In many countries, you only can buy this product online.


This is a very lovely palette I really like all the colors but I must confess that the light colors of this palette offer a low pigmentation I was expecting something with better pigmentation and no, the light colors as Pinklosophy has very low pigmentation and that is not good. Sincerely this is a brand that my experience with other palettes was better.  But some colors are very cute and I love that all the colors are matte with exception of the pure glitter shades.

This palette is good If you like the cold-tone rose and neutral ones. Tinting petal and Mauvbrown are two of my favorite colors of this palette. I like all the colors and I guess this is a very good palette If you are looking for something neutral, cold, and rose but If you are looking for something vivid with more saturation probably this palette is not for you. The packaging of this palette is simple but pretty because shows have a flower petal and is very pretty. Now the application is easy the effect is long-lasting I like the fact that these eyeshadows are not powdery the colors can be blended easily.  The price is around $13 which is a good deal considering the number of colors that contains this palette. This product is affordable and definitely I hope to try other palettes of this same collection.


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You can buy  Peripera All Take Mood Palette Muteful Rose HERE

I hope you can find this review interesting
I wish you a happy day

Bye Bye!!


  1. Looks nice in the box, very delicate on the eyelid.

  2. This pallette is lovely and you always look splendid wearing it!

  3. I really love those colors because the result is so subtle, amazing Peripera!

  4. What a beautiful palette. The colours are so pretty and easy to wear! I'm glad you've been enjoying this!

  5. Lovely makeup. I so enjoyed the review!

  6. I like that kind of shades in my makeup :D

  7. i would like to have those eyeshadows!

  8. woaunh mas que bonitas cores adorei bravo obrigada pela partilha bjs saude

  9. Die Farben sind einfach nur wunderschön. LG Romy

  10. Lindos colores de la paleta. Gracias por la recomendación. Te mando un beso.

  11. Wow, love the delicate colors. I would love to have that eye shadow!

  12. I love soft colors like these for the eye. So pretty!

  13. A ser varios tonos va muy bien, gracias.


  14. ¡Hola! ^^
    Por el momento no tengo pensado comprarme otra paleta de sombras, porque tengo una prácticamente nueva, pero esta me ha gustado mucho.

  15. Beautiful palette, I loved the colors.

  16. The eyeshadow palette looks good, beautiful colors.

  17. Hola,
    Me encanta el maquillaje, después de los libros es mi otra afición, así que me encanta comprar paletas de sombras así que la tendré en cuenta siempre y cuando encuentre la marca para poder comprarla.
    Besos desde Promesas de Amor, nos leemos.

  18. lovely rose.... excellent product

  19. hello ♥ , thank you for an interesting review :)

    - kind regards ! ♥

  20. Lindas cores, amo as cores neutras
    e frias. Uma palheta linda e boa qualidade!

    Desejo a você um excelente fim de semana.
    Beijinhos 🌷

  21. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I came by to say hello and fell in love with your reviews. I really love this palette, I have the green eyes and think that the colors would look natural. Can't wait to see more of your posts!

  22. Adorei a paleta e as tonalidades! Fantástica sugestão! Tentarei achar por estes lados!

  23. Tiene un empaque muy bonito y tambien los tonos, que lastima que no todos pinten bien, saludos:D


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