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Thursday, August 3, 2023

TIA'M Surprise H Patch Review

Hi Everyone!

I know It has been so many days since my last review but I have been busy. First I tough Oh my God July felt so long and now I feel August feels so quick I can´t even know how quickly these three days were. I finished an incredible book I had been expecting for over a year. Today I am gonna share another review about a product of TIAM this time is the turf for TIAM Surprise H Patch.

I received two types of patches with the TIA'M Vita B3 Source the B Patch and the H Patch. I decided to publish a review about the TIAM Surprise H Patch because these are very gentle with sensitive skin.

Directions + Cautions

PROs and CONs

- Easy Application
- Long-lasting Duration
- Hygienic Packaging
- Reduce the inflammation

- Non Sweat-proof


This year I guess I used several types and brands of acne patches. I guess these are great If you have to work and you have a very annoying pimple, and sincerely the issue with the pimples is that sometimes the inflammation is so big that you feel the pimple there all day, and is annoying and the first thought is touch that pimple and that is not beneficial or useful. So these types of patches are good to maintain the pimple with a barrier against the contamination of the environment too.

But leaving aside these types of scenarios these patches are a good plus. I discovered that I am allergic to some types of adhesives and for example, the TIAM Surprise H Patch doesn´t cause me any allergy reaction. I guess these patches help to heal quickly the pimple. The H patch is very unnoticeable on the skin because is very thin and I really like that. I could purchase and use these patches again.


I hope you can find this review useful
I will be sharing my next review very soon 💛
I wish you a happy day

Bye Bye!!


  1. I've used this! They're very effective I can recommend them too. Thank you for letting me have the B patches, they have been life savers

  2. It's a useful product. :)

  3. Life definitely feels super busy lately! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these patches. They sound so great!

  4. Hello dear, this patch blends in quite well on the skin, thanks for your review, it's good to know that there is a product like this when some annoying pimple appears on our face.

  5. Hola!! sin duda tener una espinilla es muy molestoso, anoto este producto.

  6. Great article and good review. Have a nice weekend ok

  7. Great article and good review. Have a nice day ok

  8. Very interesting post! Have a great evening ✨✨✨

  9. Nunca usei... mas nunca se sabe quando precisamos de usar tais patches, pois às vezes uma borbulhita incomodativa sempre surge...
    Adorei a sugestão que ainda não conhecia! Beijinhos


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