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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

VIDIVICI Millennial Velvet Lip Tint + VIDIVICI Millennial Tint Glit

Hi Everyone!

This month has been weird I have been here but not really here. But today is a good day because I put my mind in focus in order, which is good. First I am going to start publishing my delayed reviews. This is my first time reviewing this brand thanks to the Picky App. I am surprised by the quality of this product. I received two different types of lip tints VIDIVICI Millennial Velvet Lip Tint + VIDIVICI Millennial Tint Glit.

If you follow me on Instagram probably already know about this product because I published a mini review there. I received these lip tints as part of my collaboration with this brand. But all the opinions are based on my own experience with this product.

VIDIVICI Millennial Velvet Lip Tint + VIDIVICI Millennial Tint Glit 

VIDIVICI Millennial Velvet Lip Tint  No. 04 BURNT PINK
VIDIVICI Millennial Tint Glit No.02 RED TO GO


PROs and CONs

- Easy Application
- Nice Packaging
- Moisturizing Effect
- Good pigmentation
- Long-lasting effect

- In many countries, you have to buy this product online


The packaging of this product is very simple but the bottle itself is pretty. The bottom has the number of each lip tint. It is interesting that the two shades are very similar. But one is a velvety effect and the other one is a lip gloss. The applicators are probably my favorite thing about each product. This makes the application easy for both products. 

In this case, the shade Burnt Pink has a subtle coral, salmon, or orange while Red to Go is a little cold reddish shade. Both colors are very cute and I hope to try this brand again and try new products. I can recommend these lip tints because the effect is pretty they provide good pigmentation and the texture doesn´t feel heavy or sticky on my lips.


I hope this short review can be useful
I wish you a good day 💕

Bye Bye!!


  1. I was surprised by how pretty the bottles are, and I loved the colors!

  2. I am glad you are HERE. :)

  3. The colours are so gorgeous! It sounds like there is a lot to love about these products. It's always nice when the applicator makes things easier!

  4. Lovely colors, I love the number 2 *-* It's my kind of color
    Thanks for sharing
    Kisses ♥

  5. Thanks a lot darling, it was really delicious =)

    Great post =) I don't know the brand Vidi Vici but this lip tint looks super beautiful, I love the colour and finish <3

  6. Nice color. Thanks for sharing.

    I have a new post: https://www.melodyjacob.com/2023/10/how-to-style-modlily-navy-blue-dress.html
    Have a lovely weekend

  7. I really like the color and i think it fit you well! Regards 😃

  8. Beautiful packaging and wonderful colors.

  9. The shade is nice

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend

  10. Very nice shade!!Thanks for sharing.
    I invite you to visit my last post. Have a good week-end!

  11. Nice shade! Thanks for sharing.
    I invite you to visit my last post. Have a good week-end!

  12. Thank you darling =)

    Great review =) This velvet lip tint looks super nice, I love the colour <3

  13. Love that red to go shade! Big fan of red lipsticks! 💋

  14. Hola, me encantan los colores, una pena que solo se puedan comprar online.
    Besos desde Promesas de Amor, nos leemos.

  15. Hola
    Desde luego el color es precioso, apuntado
    un bes💕

  16. i love the color and i love the packaging. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! :)

    xoxo, rae

  17. Very nice products :)

  18. Parecem-me mais duas excelentes sugestões, pelo que me apercebi! Adorei as embalagens, que me saltaram à vista!
    Beijinhos! Bom fim de semana!

  19. Hola.
    Gracias por la recomendación.
    Nos leemos.

  20. Hola guapísima. Me encanta el packaging, y los colores son muy bonitos. Feliz día. Besitosss


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