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Sunday, November 12, 2023


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

It has been so many days off to my safe space, which means here. I am happy to be here because today I will be publishing two posts and I am happy to be back here. Today I want to share an interesting website about wigs, I love how popular wigs are now, especially the glueless wigs. The variety is amazing and the models look so natural and pretty. Probably some are new to my blog but I am a huge fan of wigs, I own wigs and I support that wigs are a quick solution for many occasions.

The lace front wigs are great when you are quick and you need zero experience using wigs this is a perfect way to start. I like the wigs that are different to my natural hair. For example, If my hair is brown I would love to use a wig with a pink shade or a blond color because that is the funny thing about wigs the imagination is the only limit. Obviously, some are and look very natural and don´t look like you are using nothing more than your real hair and that is the funny thing when is about wigs. 

Some wigs are made of human hair which is the case of some of the wigs of Iseehair
 v part wig that made the wig look a lot more natural than usual and that is great. I never used a black curly wig before but I used curly wig in other shades and I love it. The curly hair is beautiful and amazing and has so a beautiful volume but is very specific to treat. The only way for me to have beautiful curly hair like this is with a wig because my natural hair doesn´t curl and is very fragile too.  So please let me know in the comments If you know about this good webstore Iseehair or If you have used wigs before.

Bye Bye!!


  1. Wow, the look so smooth and natural. It's hard to find a pretty curly wig

  2. I've always thought that a good wig is a great way to diversify your look. Great selection!

  3. These do look nice. My favorite Wigs are from a Japanese company Bright LeLe.

  4. I love that wigs are a lot more natural looking these days. Definitely a nice way to change it up!

  5. Nunca usei.... mas é sempre bom ficar a par de boas opções, caso em qualquer altura, pensemos ou precisemos de usar... e estas de cabelo natural, serão excelentes, pelo que me pareceu!


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