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Lioele Dollish Eye Shadow [Triple]

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Today a new review of an amazing product that is perfect when makeovers, and that is just perfect as it is quite supplemented option. This product is sponsored by KEAUTYSTORE thank you very much for this incredible product for review purposes. Really I remind you that the opinions expressed in this review are personal and are based on my own experience with the product., I am honest and I hope you enjoy this review.

:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・* Back Side Box!
It is a box that is like really nice foil. Everything is in Korean.

Right Box Side! How to Use... (o´∀`o)ノ

This said Lioele box in the right box side about this product:

[3 colors baking eye shadow] Terracota process based colorfull  eye shadow provides less blowing  powder with good skin adhesion and boasts luxurious colors of pearls by pantented brightening ingredient including organic rape seed oil. The dome type 3 color shadows are blended together for fantastic eye makeup.

Left Side Box- Ingredients...

(p*'v`*q) Date of Manufacture

・・♡((・´∀`・)) Color Harmony 
The color of this Eyeshadow Trio!

ヾ(〃ω〃ヾ) Oh so cute!

Packaging: Packaging is one of the loveliest things about this product is beautiful. It's like a purple metallic but very soft and of course has beautiful carved Lioele logo. If you're like me and you love beautiful packaging this will be amazing for you. This product looks like a trio of eye shadows for a princess.

~゚+.゚(´▽`人)゚+.゚ Back Side!

Comes with an eye shadow applicator and a small clear cap

(*´▽`*)♥ The colors

Color & Texture: There are three very nice pastel colors, pink, light blue and light green as the colors for me have a low pigmentation as they are pastels. While the colors do not have the level of a professional are three excellent palette pastels. The texture of this is quite soft eye shadow can be applied easily with your fingers. Some of the texture that is interesting is that if you apply it with a brush have many more glitter if you apply it with your fingers. These colors have very many shine but not surprised because usually the Asian eyeshadows are characterized by that.

The colors...ヽ(*・ω・)ノ*


- Has a cute package.
- This product is long lasting.
- The color is very shimmering.
- Is inexpensive.

- The colors are not really pigmented.
- On many countries you only can purchase this product online.


ヽ(●^▽^●)ノ I love this product. Although it has an amazing pigmentation most Asian shadows have this problem, high brightness and low pigmentation but for me that's not a problem. Focusing in another case I want to tell that this product is long lasting, usually v(>∀<*v) by the terrible hot weather where I live the shadows of this type do not last anything and visually but use first (and a good first) is that the shadows of this type very bright in my eyelid fold or watered around my eyes and then look threw me a unicorn down a rainbow and also that it was very hot. (*´v`*)ノ this eye shadow I had for over 10 hours on a very hot day without air conditioning with no problem.


Where to buy?

Please use my discount code SAKURANKO and receive a 5% discount!

Me using the Lioele Dollish Eye Shadow [Triple] 
on my eye makeup! (≧ω≦)ノ

Thank you very much to all who follow me and read, thanks for your comments, thanks to those who have joined my giveaways. (*´v`*)ノ Any questions can be placed in the comments. Hope you like this review! 
I hope you have a nice day...

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  1. Cute palette dear! xoxo

    New post up...
    ❤ Jenny Tsang

  2. oh too bad it has low pigmentation. I have found that most korean eyeshadows are either pretty dry, very shimmery or not as pigmented but the colors look really pretty on you <3

  3. omg the packaging is so cute ^^

  4. es muy bonito pero es una pena que no sea muy pigmentado, podrias probar de aplicarlas con un pincel humedo, ya que son horneadas se pueden aplicar asi =)

  5. I just saw this product couple days ago ^^ lioele has the prettiest packaging I really love it! Thank you for the review too bad it's not so pigmented ;(


  6. Nice :) check out my new blog :) kisses from italy.

  7. Ugh I don't really like shimmery eyeshadow, and too bad this one is not pigmented as well, so.. I think I should skip this product >_< But thanks for sharing ^^

  8. i really love the packaging, so princessy <3 but too bad that most of korean eyeshadows are shimmery eyeshadow. it looks really natural on you^^

  9. wahhh love the packaging sooo princess :D
    the pigmentation is so bad :(

  10. I love the packaging a lot. Thanks for reviewing!:)

  11. I like the colors of this pack

  12. I'm in love with the packaging! :O

  13. The packaging is so cute!! Shame they're not pigmented though x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  14. Lovely!!

  15. Very frosty, I don't like that. And I don't like sheer pastels either. So it's definitely not a trio that I would buy.

  16. omg this palette is really nice >u< I love the pink color and the packaging :D Mindy~

  17. It looks really cute!!! But too bad it's not that good...

  18. So cuteee

  19. Cute colours!
    Laura. xx

  20. Wow it's so pretty, the colours are so cute too! Thank you for writing this review~ I haven't heard about this product before so thanks! ^-^ x

  21. It's true that it doesn't look very pigmented but it seems like its very shiny and I think I'd like it very much

  22. Seems great! I love the colors and the packaging is absolutely adorable! :)

  23. I have heard so many good things about this brand, I think I need to try a few things:) The packaging and color is lovely xx

    Sara - Happy new Follower

  24. ohmygosh...the packaging is very cute & pretty <3 feels like a princess wearing it, i really like the shade too <3

  25. Nice!!! Have a great weekend!!! =]

  26. ohh the colors are really pretty but its way too sheer when applied :3

  27. Oh! Those colors are so lovely, soft, and cute. You find the best products :)

  28. Oh my, this packaging is too cute and the colours are also very nice!

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post!

  29. The packaging is just way too cute. Makes you feel princesss-y.
    Such nice colors! Too bad they're not really pigmented.
    Still going to buy it though lol

  30. Cute eyeshadow ; D

  31. Love this! the packaging is too adorable. The colours are also really pretty. looks lovely on you!Thank you for your kind words...have a wonderful weekend!

  32. Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx
    Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

  33. Great post, I love these colors! ^-^
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  34. Thank you for the review! Would love to try it out :) xx

  35. The packaging is soo cute...


  36. I wanted that one too, I'm so glad you posted this review!
    Now I'll just stick to my Etude House c:


  37. You look so beautiful in that photo! :)
    And I think it's a great product, because at least the packaging is really cute! :)

  38. OMGOSHHHH! i'm dying over the packaging.. i want to get it JUST for the packaging.. i don't even really care if it works that well or not.. haha because it would look so cute sitting on my makeup vanity lol!!!

  39. Great Post!
    i follow you now on GFC & Bloglovin :-) ♥

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. I adore the packaging it has this old English Victorian packaging the color's of the eyeshadow's are pretty :)
    Thank's for sharing such an informative post.


  42. the package is too cute!! but seeing all the colors together they have almost like the same color! it's a shame it could be a little more defferent!

  43. Those are cute shimmery colors, The packaging is really nice.


  44. Lovely pastel shadows!

  45. lovely bog <3
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