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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Blooming Lips-talk

Hi Everyone!

Lately I've been busy working on the reviews since and I delayed a bit, yesterday was supposed to do this review but my net was pretty pathetic and it was taking up a world in photographs. 川 ̄_ゝ ̄)ノ Also was terribly tired so I decided to do it today,  (゚^ω^゚)゚ 
Thank you very much to KEAUTYSTORE, for sending me this product for review purposes. (⌒(ノ'ω')ノ It is a beautiful product that I love it! Like always my opinions about this product are based on my own experience and is 100% honest.

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Blooming Lips-talk 
PK004 Breathtaking Pink
Front of Box!

Back side of Box! ♡((・´∀`・))

Left Side Box 

Upside Box~♡
The Color PK004 Breathtaking Pink

’ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Right Side Box

This says Etude House about this Product:

ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Blooming Lips-talk Smooth textured lipstick supplies vvid color and moist shine.

(o´艸`o) So cute!

♦ Packaging: Packaging is one of the most beautiful things about this product, has a well-designed package with a beautiful design of a heart that looks like a Cinderella carriage in the box with a small crown. It has a beautiful princess lipstick packaging pearly white with a little pink bow pink also.

Date of Manufacture

☆:*・゚(●´∀`●)♡ A heart carved in lipstick bar 

Swatch (`・ω・´)ゞ

Color: The color is PK004 Breathtaking Pink which is a pretty intense pink one pass you can see the color very well. On the lips it looks more intense than in my arm before I think because my face is clearer too. It smells delicious.

- The color is quite pigmented.
- It smells delicious.
- It's inexpensive.
- It has a lovely and beautiful packaging.
- Moisturize the lips.

- In many countries you only can buy online.


 (`・ω・´)ゞ I´m very happy with this product that have satisfied my needs, and it is so beautiful. Not a lipstick expensive as others, is quite pigmented, smells delicious, and the whole concept packaging design is lovely. ~~ヽ(*>∇<)ノ Now I'm just thinking of buying more of these lipsticks but in other colors. I recommend this product 100% because it is great and beautiful.


Where to buy?

Please use my discount code SAKURANKO and receive a 5% discount!


Me using the ETUDE HOUSE Dear My Blooming Lips-talk
 PK004 Breathtaking Pink

Many thanks to everyone for visit my blog and for your sweet comments
 (〃▽〃) I hope you enjoyed this review!
I hope you have a cute day,

Bye Bye!!


  1. This lipstick is a lovely color! Looks great on you!

  2. Thank you so much for your detailed review! I love Etude House products, especially the packaging! But this colour look so pretty on you^-^ x

  3. Very good review! The colour is very gosgeous. I currently have an orange colour from this line but I'm looking for a pink one. This colour seems like a good option!

  4. De estos labiales me gusta que tengan muchos colores, yo compraria mas de la gama de los corales y rojos =) pero es muy lindo... y tmb me gustan las fotos de como queda en los labios, soy culpable de hacer solo swatches en la piel solamente

  5. Very nice pictures! And again, I love this packaging!:)

  6. The colour is so lovely!!! =]

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  8. This looks like a good, cute but natural color ^^
    Might add it to my "buy someday" list hahaha XDD
    Would be my first lipstick I guess. I don't use them T^T

  9. OMG, the packaging is so cute! The color suits you really well too. :) Thanks for the review!

  10. Quedé sorprendida con la pigmentación ! o: casi siempre son muy suaves al pintar. El color está precioso ♥. Creo que definitivamente lo tendré en cuenta (:


  11. It's a gorgeous color, it looks great in the gradient style!

  12. El color es precioso, pero es una lastima no poder acceder a él sin tener algunos dolares :'(

  13. The shade is beautiful :) and it suits you very well.|


  14. Such a pretty Barbie shade :-) And the packaging looks really original.

  15. It looks creamy too, so it should be comfortable.


  16. It looks really great on you and the color is just perfect! :)

  17. I have 3 colors from this line and I really like them the only thing I think is kind of a let down is the lasting power but I don't really mind they do smell good and plus the packaging is adorable <3 nice review as always


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