Wednesday, July 26, 2017

12 Cosmetic Brushes Kit Eyeshadow

Hi Everyone!

I want start this post talking about quality. Quality over quantity must be a must have in the life. And probably that is the reason because I haven´t publish frequently because the time for take and edit photos of quality is important to me. And there is the point about write a post when  haven´t sleep in several hours. Today I am here with my second review about a good product sponsored by Beauty BigBang. I published a review around a month ago about another product by this webstore and that product was the Black Large Fan Brush like a big fan of makeup brushes I decided try this great kit of makeup brushes.

I was looking since some months ago for a good Cosmetic Eyeshadow Brush Set but I was insecure about which try because I want a good quality of brushes but of course to a good price so I find this great set of makeup brushes for eyeshadow.

This product can be find in a price around $8 USD now because there is an offer in the webstore but to a regular price of $12 USD. And the best part is that this webstore offers FREE SHIPPING with one item. And that is great because you can find great beauty tools.

Now I am going to share the great makeup brushes~✨

I am going to share the brushes in trio~ First these three makeup brushes...

This is my favorite brush in this set✲゚*。⋆

Perfect for apply base eyeshadow

Three more~


Great Makeup Brushes~

The syntetic hair is grat for apply the eyeshadow ❣


Where to find great makeup tools?

You can buy this 12 Cosmetic Brushes Kit Eyeshadow 

Please use my code SAKU10 for 10% OFF in this webstore.



These kit is really good and I am very surprised because I´be using this kit since several weeks ago and the quality of the hair is pretty good.

I like this for apply concealer~ \(^ω^\)


This is great for apply gel eyeliner~



o((*^▽^*))o Well lovelies that was my post for today. I know this was a heavy post with many makeup brushes and photos but this set contain 12 pieces.:・゚✧

I hope you enjoyed this review~˚‧*

Bye Bye!!


  1. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  2. What a great price for all those brushes! I can't believe how expensive some of them can be.

  3. Excellent i love it this is post :)

  4. I definitely appreciate that you focus on quality! That is so important. These brushes look fabulous.

  5. I never pay much attention to how much makeup brushes are, but my wife doesn't get them often I don't think.

    I know paint (house paint) brushes and artist brushes can be crazy expensive sometimes. Makes you wonder how much they really cost to make

  6. These brushes look great and the Price is amazing!

  7. A great and complete review, as always, Sakuranko!
    A big kiss! All the best!

  8. Thanks for the interesting post! Have a nice weekend)

  9. these brushes are so beautiful

  10. Hello,

    So amazing !


  11. what a nice post :)
    happy Sunday :)

  12. I'm all for quality over quantity. Those are great brushes! Thanks for sharing girl!

  13. Such a pretty set of brushes, babe! xoxo

  14. I have the same great brushes :-)


  15. I think this shop is great I know it and a product are stunning

  16. Amazing brushes :) I've got similar set from Zoeva and I really like it :)

  17. They are so pretty!

  18. These look like great brushes and I love the cute colour of them. I really shouldn't buy any more makeup brushes for now but I will bare these in mind when I do need some :) x

  19. Theses brushes are so cute in a pale color.
    It's so good to have a full choice of brushes.

  20. Lovely brushes. Thank you for this review, kisses :)

  21. Sounds interesting:) Thanks for sharing:)

  22. OOi adorei o formato dos pinceis, ele parece ser bom.
    Gostei da dica, e do blog.
    Beijos boa semana, obrigada pela visita.


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