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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Updated #186

Hi Everyone!

Somedays like today I feel is neccesary publish an updated about me and my life and what is happening inside of my head. Today is the day #186 of this year and that means that already passed the half of this year and sincerely that is pretty insane. Putting the last year and this year until this point in comparison I must confess that this year has been bad but the last year was a year of Hell. This week has been complicated and I don´t know probably my incapacity for relax and because I hate what I am doing everyday.

But this post is literally putting out of my head a very variety of things. I need say that I am Pro-Choice. I know that probably many people is going to say that I am a bad person due that but I don´t care. I have my own reasons and sincerely I prefer a person who has the capacity to choice with a decision that someone that has a child and is not responsable for this new human. I believe that in this world there a lot of children dying of poverty and hungry like to have new persons in this world just because the abortion is illegal in this country. I´ve  known women that doesn´t want a pregnant and they are with this stage in their lives because the abortion is illegal. And for me everybody needs the chance of choice what they wants. I could mention a lot of reasons because I am Pro-choice. Even when the constitution in my country denies the rights for the women in this case.

Talking about this I need say: Why a woman can´t have a sterilization If she wants? Because everybody can have the rights for her body except her and that is bullshit. Sincerely like a grown woman I can say that is pathetic and a big shame.(¬д¬。)

Few days ago I´ve read a book with a lot of expectatives and the book was very average and that was really dissapointed. I did my best (ノ>▽<。)ノ effort I had faith in the book and of course in the authors but the book wasn´t for me. And I am sorry when a book is good I can say with doubt that is good for me. And when is not good and just average I can´t say nothing more.

I am dealing with a lot. Sincerely I commented in a previous post the situation of my country so I am not going to talk about that in this post but the situation hasn´t improved. I can say with honesty that I can´t love or feel empathy for that people that hurted me in the past. And not only physical abuse is abuse in other ocassion when I feel better for talk about this I am going to write about that here.

Well that was all for today~ Nothing special or memorable just me sharing some of my thoughts

PS. I never said this post was going to be pretty. It's just an update.

Bye Bye!!


  1. I'm pro-choice as well. I don't know if I could make the moral choice to consent to having one performed to a woman I knew but I support the legal right to one. A lot of Americans forget the horrors of when it was illegal. Women would die or go to prison on a constant basis

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I feel the same sometimes... it's so hard!


  3. Women have to be free and children are choice - you can choose them.. or you don't. That's ok)

  4. Freedom for women! Take care, sweetie! xoxo

  5. I'm sorry you're feeling down, hun!
    But sometimes happens to everybody to feel the same, I think... the world isn't perfect.

  6. Being pro-choice does not make you a bad person. It's sad when the government wants to take away people's rights like that.

  7. Everyone in the world has right to do what THEY WANT and should do that, is what I believe in.

  8. I hope you'll feel better !


  9. The future is female! Hope you feel better soon hun xx


  10. Oh! I wish you feel better soon, hugs!!

  11. Really interesting post! Thanks for sharing)

  12. This post is so interesting! I honestly have to say that I agree to you to 100%! I'm absolutely pro-choice too and you don't have to feel bad or ashamed for your opinion and morals. I also believe that women should have a choice, especially for such important and life-changing decision! I absolutely don't understand pro life supporters and their argument that we "kill" babies because a life filled with poverty or bad treatment isn't a good life. Many women also abort because they can't take care of it and don't have enough money to provide their child a good life. If a women wants to do an abortion, she has a good reason and that should be respected. I honestly hate how pro life supporters make us look like monsters for giving women rights and protecting unwanted children. That's just my two cents to this topic

    Mindy ♥

  13. This looks great. So helpful. Thanks for sharing

  14. I totally agree with you, Sakuranko! ...
    The possibility of choosing should be a right!
    Real sad! That should be allowed in your country!
    I hope someone with common sense, in the future, change the laws in your country!


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