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Thursday, July 20, 2017

JOLSE TIA'M Spot Remover Kit

Hi Everyone!

I am very happy to publish this post even with a bit of delay because the mail of my country is really slow. I received the package this week and I was really excited for try this product. This product is the TIA'M Spot Remover Kit and this is my second time trying a product from this brand the first time was with the OST C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum well result that now the brand has a new name and is TIA'M. I am very excited to show my results with you lovelies. By the way this product was provided by Jolse for a review but all the opinions in this review are based on my own experience with this product.

I don´t have a trouble skin but I have hormonal acne due stress and I have oily sensitive skin so I was a bit worried about treat my ocasional pimples with this kit but well is time to put to prof the efficacy of this kit.

This kit contain 3 Steps

1. Spot Remover Big Cotton Swab ║ 2. Spot Remover Cream  ║ 3. Spot Care Patch

This is the step 1
 Spot Remover Big Cotton Swab

This is basically a big cotton that helps to removes the dead cells. This big cotton swab  is impregnated of an essence with a very strong aroma. These are the ingredients:

Purified Water
Sodium Lactate
Butylene Glycol
Glycolic Acid
Lactic Acid
Piggy-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Salicylic Acid
1-phage-9 lauryl glycol ether
Zinc phosphate
Orange peel oil
Dipotassium glycyrrhizate
Phage-40 hydrogenated castor oil
Licorice extract
Tea tree leaf oil
Retinyl palmitate 
Peanut oilOST 
Azelaic acid
Wine extract
Golden extract
Raspberry ketone

This cotton swab is really big and contains a good quantity of this essence the aroma is really strong and smells like Salicylic Acid with a strong note of citrus. I like the aroma and this smells strong to alcohol because contains ethanol. But the application with this cotton swab was really easy and doesn´t feel bad or any strange sensation to my sensitive skin.

Like one the first ingredients is the Ethanol and Glycolid Acid this cotton swab provides the function of removing the dead cells and exfoliating the area where you have the pimple in this case.

This is the step 2
2. Spot Remover Cream 

Spot Remover Cream: 
Purified Water
Hydrogenated Polyisobutene
Zinc Oxide 
Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride
Glyceryl stearate, 
phage-100 stearate, 
Sorbitan sesquioleate
Cetearyl glucoside
cyclohexasiloxane phenoxyethanol
sodium stearoyl glutamate
glyceryl oleate sheet 
Caprylic hydroxamic acid
Butylene glycol
Sea water
Golden extract 
Asian ticoside
Centella asiatica extract
Bacillus fermentation
Agar Arctic acid
Madeira kasik acid
Rice fermentation filtrate
Pagoda tree flower extract, 
chlorophyllin-Tetrasodium pyrophosphate
Benzyl glycol 
Glycerin echil hexyl 

The calamine provides this pink color to this 
Spot Remover Cream 

The last step and my favorite 
3. Spot Care Patch

This kit contain 12 patches ~ 


I used this few days ago so I had like you can see in the pic #1 this ugly pimple with pus obviously my face was clean and I used this kit after wash my face. So I cleaned the pimple with the Spot Remover Big Cotton Swab and after that I applied the  Spot Remover Cream (I am sorry I forget take a pic with the cream) so after three hours I applied the Spot Care Patch and I after two hours you can see in the pic #3 how the patch had absorbed the exudated of my pimple. I leave the patch another two hours and I removed the patch and the pimple had reduced inflammation and was clean without pus. This kit really works!

PROs and CONs 

- Good price.
- Reduce the inflammation.
- The patches really absobs the exudate.
- The cream helps to minimize the scars.
- Great for ocasional pimples.
- Nice aroma.

- On many countries this product only can be purchased online.
- Some of the ingredients in this kit are not safe for sensitve skin.


I guess I need resume because this has been already a very long review. First I was a bit exceptic about this products but works really nice. First the cotton swab smells super strong but was really gentle with my skin I was expecting irritation, but of course I only used the cotton swab only in the places where I have pimples so that means in only two places is a shame that this cotton swab is disponsable because works really well you can see a difference after you clean the area of the pimple. I was worried about the ethanol and the glycolid acid but my skin was good after use this step.

The spot remover cream feels a bit weird because you can feel like this cream dry the pimple and to the same time helps to take out the pus. This cream I guess is good but only for a SOS pimple I am not a good friend with calamine that is one of the principal ingredients of this cream because is not good for sensitive skin but thanks to heaven I didn´t have any allergic reaction I only felt my skin more dry.

The Spot Care Patch was a great surprise. I was expecting more thick patches but the patch is really thin and the adherence is super good. I was so surprised and happy because cover all the pimple and after few hour this helps to removes the exudate and yes that is disusting but is a relief because I know that the pimple is healing.

For finish my conclusions I am really happy with this kit. My favorite step were the cotton swab and the patches. This product is great for people like me that want removes some ocasional pimples. I love it the patches because these patches are almost invisible and I really like that is something I could use during the day. If you are looking a kit for remove a pimple or two this is very great. Because I guess this is designed for specifical pimples in the face. This product works? Yes really works and I am very surprised. 


I want invite you to Jolse find more
 amazing Korean Cosmetics 💫

(^▽^)/You can buy this product here

Well lovelies this was my review for today 💖 And yes I cut my hair~
I want to know your opinions about this product in the comments. ₍⁽⁺⁰꒳⁰⁾₎◜
I want eish you a happy day~

Bye Bye!!


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