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Friday, August 23, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Today I bring you a new review from a BB Cream that I liked a lot and is one of my favorites. As I came to this BB Cream?  Well I tried the BRTC Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream and that texture so great loved. I wanted to try a BB Cream Aqua This style of BRTC however was rather expensive for my budget. So after searching various options I found this BB Cream  than is from the Korean brand Mizon ♥ ٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶   I bought exactly $ 10 and it was too great because I think I bought it in a wonderful deal and it was a good buy.

 Back Side Box! ❤

Left Side Box! ♡♡ 

Right Side Box! ♡♡

I met this brand through the reviews I read about the snail repairing cream. The truth I'm not a fan of snail mucus, however is a highly recognized brand. In fact the BB Cream with which they stand is with snail mucus. 

Security Seal~

This said Pretty and Cute about the MIZON Water Volume Moisture B.B Cream:

Mizon Watermax Moisture BB Cream is a lightweight moisture formula which provides a natural look and feel, yet covers skin with a hydrating finish. The High-tech water like texture gives your skin rich moisture and keeps it smooth and silky all day without irritation. This BB cream is also waterproof and contains SPF 25 PA++ for adequate UV protection, making it perfect for warmer weather.

- Lightweight
- Moisturizes
- Smoothes
- Waterproof
- UV Protection

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● Packaging: The packaging is very simple basically a blue tube with a white top. Although it is not very nice I like it is easy to the handbag because even brings 50 ml tube is quite small.

Back Side of tube!

Price & Quantity: I bought it for $ 10 on eBay for a reputable seller with free shipping. It seems a reasonable price as it is a good product that brings 50 mL addition there are products that bring a lot less product and cost double. Personally, I am satisfied with the price and quantity. By the way I have seen this product in stores has a higher cost of $ 15 I think then buy it at a great price.

● Fragance & Color: The fragrance is very soft cream smells like very soft hands but nothing intense floral or only very mild neutral and for me that is quite important. The color is a light beige nothing grayish thank heaven, I think, and adapts well to different different. light beige tones.

(灬ºωº灬) There you can see the water microcapsules

● Texture: Usually speak of texture with the fragrance and color but with this BB Cream like Drop of Water BRTC has a different texture to most of the BB Creams, then. texture is not a jelly like Holika Holika Aqua Jelly but is not creamy as most of the BB Creams. if I had to difinir the texture of this product is more well as Philadelphia cream cheese texture is exactly the same. I had to think hard to find the correct texture but so is the texture of this BB Cream. How has this texture ideally applied with a sponge or makeup brush, because it has a water microcapsules. So if you apply this BB Cream with fingers as you break these capsules and feel all the water on your fingers and ideally it is in your face because that is super moisturizing. It is really ideal to moisturize our face this BB Cream.

It seems to be much light than my skin but to spread it blends perfectly well. (*´ω`*)♡

Now the Test...


● PROs
- Has SPF 25 / PA + +
- Provides deep moisturization to skin.
- Gives a feeling of freshness and comfort to the skin.
- Inexpensive.
- Controls the oily face.
- Gives a healthy glow to the face.
- Moisturize without accelerating oil produced in the face.

● CONs
- In many countries only can be purchased online.


(丿^ω^ヽ) I think it's the first time a BB Cream leaves me really satisfied with the results, I always say there is one other element in the above I've proven that I haven not like at all.  As some of you know I live in a tropical country and here the heat is all year round and is a more intense heat moisture which makes it difficult to control my oily face.  ~(*≧д≦) Besides those BB Cream that if they control the oil well dries my face and need to use mist. \(//∇//)\ I used this BB Cream a few days to go and I control my face very well, the T-zone of my face after 5 hours did not look oily just looked like I'd just use a pretty glow mist. And my cheeks areas they looked quite healthy o(≧▽≦)o Definitely would buy because it is very good also that their coverage is medium. But it worries me because I can apply some minor imperfections in with a sponge and does not look cakey at all because it adheres to the skin very well and gives a very natural effect anything heavy. (´・з・`)♡ I recommend it 100% this product.



Me & The MIZON Water Volume Moisture B.B Cream
I`m using the BB Cream on my skin face and match perfect with my skin tone!

I hope you enjoyed this review, I did the best detailed as possible hope you find it informative. Btw this product I bought with my own money, not a sponsored post.Thanks to all who follow me and visit. Hope you have a happy day. (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) 

Bye Bye!!


  1. sounds like a product worth trying.... but would this suit an Indian skin??
    Many Korean BB Creams don't suit Indian skin type...
    but for 10$ its worth a shot i guess :)
    nice review dear....


  2. This looks nice, but I worry it might be too hydrating for my skin.

  3. I love Korean makeup products! Hopefully I can try one :)Btw, I love your blog

  4. looks like a very good product!!! i kinda don't like the packaging though :(

  5. Amazing Review! Looks great :)
    i already follow with GFC

    Happy Weekend ,kisses <3

  6. Queda muy natural, eso me agrada :D


  7. I love this BB cream, great result on your face darling!!!!!!
    Kisses and happy WE!!!

  8. Great review. It looks perfect on your skin. So far I haven't found a BB cream that I really loved. I will check it out on ebay. Thanks for sharing.

    xx Mira


  9. thanks for visiting and following me...i followed you on Bloglovin


  10. I'm a big fan of bb creams, I'll surely try this one *_*

  11. omg I have to try this bb cream too! I already like the brand Mizon a lot. When my current BB cream and CC cream is empty I will purchase this definitely! I think I saw a combo pack of it somewhere *-* yaay I'm so impressed on how good this product is! I have to save a bit money first tho qq Thanks for the review, I always enjoy watching your videos or your reviews hehe :D


  12. I really like the smooth and natural effect of this BB cream, seems like an excellent buy.

  13. This BB cream clearly matches you perfectly! Glad that you found a holy grail BB cream :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  14. It is seriously cheap babe!!omg and i seriously never buy something from Mizon brand.

  15. this sounds great! lovely post!
    Emma xx

  16. it looks good!
    thank you for sharing'

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  17. Looks like a really nice BB Cream! I didn't knew this brand at all!
    I actually quite gave way from BB cream's because of the gray tone that most of them have :<
    Your review was amazing!
    Please take care, have a nice day**


  18. Looks like an effective BB ^^ Thanks for the lovely review ^^


  19. First of all, love the packaging. The color is so unusual for BB Cream. Looks so fresh(:

    I think I should start to watch this Mizon brand. Read few good testimonials bout the brand's products.

    Dreamy Princess

  20. Whoa! Tiene muy buena pinta esta BB cream! :D Justo hoy te pregunté por twitter y creo recordar que en la lista estaba ésta~ Parece muy buena relación calidad-precio! Está muy bien porque (por ejemplo en mi caso), no conozco muchas marcas buenas de BBcreams y a veces sale más caro solo por el nombre de la marca más que por la calidad... Y veo que vas probando de muchos tipos ^^ Es muy curioso eso de las capsulitas con agua! jaja

    Muchas gracias por tus reviews! Me gusta mucho tu blog :D
    Ah! Perdona si a veces te comenté en inglés! Se me olvidaba cambiar el chip al terminar de leer el post... jajaja


  21. Mizon brand is everywhere! Makes me want to try out their products as well since there are only good reviews about their brand. ^^
    I might give this bb cream a try in the future, but I don't really favor grey cast on my face since it makes me look lifeless and dull. However there seems to be a lot of pro's listed for this bb cream.. sigh. Anyhow right now I'm still too attached to my Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream but thanks for the review! <3

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  25. ahhh you look so kawaii :3 this is such a lovely bb cream but I don't know if it would match me well as the etude house ones are either too "yellow" or too light for me. Still, it looks amazing you you :) xx

  26. it sound's like a great cream plus i love the fact that it control's oil. since most of the other bb cream's doesn't do that. I think it'll be perfect for me ^_^ 'cause i have a very oily skin especially on my T-zone >_< anyway, thank you such a helpful and very informative review! keep it up Pretty Sakuranko <3


  27. Hi,

    I have never used a BB cream in my life. I thought I would start off by admitting this. But the more I hear about it the more I am becoming interested. Do you think this brand is a good one to start out with?

  28. That looks like a cool product. I've heard so many good things about snail mucus and it's like the new "it" thing in beauty. But I agree, most of them are only available in Asia and need to be ordered online for those in non-Asian countries.


  29. I really like the texture! I'm actually a fan of the snail creams, i think they work quite well and are very moisturizing. This looks like a great product but as you said, just a shame you have to purchase online!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  30. Awesome that it controls shine! Thanks for the review.

  31. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I'll gladly follow you from Helsinki, Finland!

    E from Helsinki

  32. The perfect colour for you!
    Laura. xx


  33. Whoa! It looks so moisturizing <3 Huge BB Cream fan here! So sad we don't have this brand in my country :( I hope I can have the chance to try this when they're available here already :)

  34. What a great product, I love the moisturizing effect it has!!

    Have a great day,

  35. it looks awesome
    wanna try it out

  36. wonderful review!! thanks for sharing! sounds like a great bb cream :D


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  38. It looks great on you! Do they have a range of colors? I bet I can't get it in Canada though :(


  39. Thank you so much for the great review!


  40. I love Mizon products, the quality is great in my opinion. The colour of this BB cream seems ideal for me, definitely one I would like to purchase. I've never seen this product before though, so thanks for sharing :)


  41. Son muy pocas las bb creams que cumplen lo que prometen (y todas son asiaticas)
    que bueno que esta te dio resultados!

  42. love how the bb cream looks on you dear :) I like mizon products. never tried out this bb cream of theirs, but it sounds like the coverage as well as application for whole day should be good too. keep in touch <3

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  43. Wow, fantastic result with this cream! And I like it that the cream have sun protection :) Thanks for your review!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  44. aw we dont have this brand here, but i love pronouncing the brands name haha meee-zooohn <3

  45. Great post and the bb cream looks lovely on you! Will definitely go check it out next time I've got money haha. Btw love your eyes :)


  46. Great review - so helpful and informative!xx

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  47. I've never seen this BB cream before. Thank you for the review!

    nyuu } lolitium.net

  48. Awesome product <3 I dont think they sell it in my country yet though. Thanks for the review!


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    Lovely Blog :)
    Enjoyed reading the Posts.
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  50. great post!
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  51. i live in a tropical country too. I hope it becomes available here soon.

  52. Thanks for your visit, I hope this week goes well for you!

  53. Cant buy this one in my country but bb creams are one of my fav products. Will try this one if I buy it.


  54. Judging by your review it is a really great product and I would definitely love to try it! :)


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  56. I have never tried a BB Cream in my life, shame on me, but after reading this post I really want to try that product, you know I live in Venezuela just like you, so I know exactly what you mean with the oily skin thing :( when I get the chance I would totally buy this BB Cream. Have a nice day :)



  57. Really a goods post. Great job, dear :)

    Ina :*

  58. great post!!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc?
    let me know :)
    - Janine

  59. wow the results of this looks GREAT! ill definitely be looking out for this! have not seen this online yet :O

  60. It looks REALLY good! I've never tried anything from Mizon but I have a huge wishlist with their products.
    I'm glad you finally found a BB cream that works for you!

    Besitos desde Girls that glitter love the dark
    Estoy de sorteo aquí!

  61. Thank you so much for this review! You just mentioned everything I want to know about a BB cream.
    I want to try a new BB cream and this one seems great. Good to know it controls the oil from your face and I'm sure it should work very well for winter. I think you paid a nice price. The water capsules just make it look so cool!


  62. Me encanta la BB cream!

  63. Oh this sounds like a really good BB cream and looks great on you! I only know of Mizon through their snail repairing cream. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Louise | Vanity Corner
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  64. OMGOSH! need to try this! it totally disappears onto your hand!! and your skin looks so amazing and beautiful!!!

  65. I like that it has SPF in it because the BB cream I'm using now has no SPF. Also, the price is reasonable.
    Thanks for the follow and I'm now following you back via GFC and Bloglovin. Have a nice weekend!

    Améliorer la Vie

  66. wow this sounds like really a good bb cream, so convincing :D thanks for the review!
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  67. It looks great! Love the after result :)


  68. Sounds like a good affordable BB cream
    and yay for free shipping ^__^ I'd love
    to see their CC cream! Xx

  69. Thanks for this great review!!!
    I really want to buy this one..and I end up to your blog while searching a review of this product!



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