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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Maras 32 Color Professional Fashion Eyeshadow Palette

Hi Everyone!

I'm pretty tired today but this does not stop me to do a review of this excellent product I received left me quite surprised by its quality. (*・ω・)ノ It is a cream eye shadow palette, this palette's received last week by the Tmart store, this is a product that the store sent me for review purposes but as always my opinions are 100% honest based on my experience with this product.

(*´ω`*) Palette Box

(。・ω・。) Ingredients "Back Side Palette Box"

↪ Packaging: Honestly packaging is nothing special is just a square box with a brush colors and mirror included, I think that's what I like about this palette because it is easier to apply and is also a more compact size. 

Texture: The texture is very creamy and smooth, very creamy and reminded me of some old cream shadows Loreal brand. Usually the cream shadows are pure brilliance and pirgmentacion nothing but these have good pigmentation. The texture is very smooth and creamy, not dry at all (though brings a clear acetate to cover the shadows which I guess is to keep them moist and not dry).

↪ Brush: I almost never talk about the brushes that bring eyeshadow palettes, and the reason is because almost always useless. But this left me quite surprised Brush is a synthetic brush helps the application of the cream shadows and is very easy to wash. Everyone knows that using cream shadows is much better synthetic brush, and brings this palette is very good.

(´◡`๑) Front

↪ Price & Quantity: The price is $ 8.08 in the store and brings 32 Tmart cream shadows colors including 4 with pure glitter and can be used in many ways, I think is a pretty reasonable price if you want a palette for use diarioy is also so expensive.

(∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.* Colors...

!(´,,•ω•,,`)♡ Swatches & Colors~~


↪  PROs
- It's a palette with a good variety of colors.
- All colors are brilliant.
- They have a medium to good pigmentation.
- The glitter colors are perfect for fantasy makeup.
- It is multifunctional product.
- Not is a palette expensive.
- Not exaggeratedly big.
- The built-in palette brings a mirror.

↪  CONs

- It is a product that you can only buy online.

- You must use a primer if you want the eyeshadow  stays well to the eyelid.


Actually this product was a nice surprise, I am of those who trust in the cream eye shadows, and the reason is because I have oily face and during the day my eyelids are super oily, then cream shadows are fold into my eyelid and that is not cute. However, these shadows are maintained in about 1 hour eyelid without using primer.~⊂( ・×・)⊃ But if you use a primer shadows are well maintained but all depending how climate here is really hot and then not maintained as well after 6 hours (*´˘`*)♡ One thing I loved was that the color stays pretty good and not pure shimerring you can see the eyeshadow color and you can use more intense o light because the eyeshadows blend very nice. ~└(∵┌)└( ∵ )┘(┐∵)┘ An extra trick is that you can use these cream shadows pink tones on the lips and cheeks as liptick or blush and really is great and I love the effect. While is not a perfect product is pretty good for its price and acceptable quality. Not the quality of UD or some prestigious brand but it is good to use daily. (♡˙︶˙♡).


Where to buy?

You can buy the Maras 32 Color Professional Fashion Eyeshadow Palette

(´,,•ω•,,`)♡  This is me using the Maras 32 ​​Color Eyeshadow Palette Fashion Professional I'm using the shadows in my eyes and on my lips. …(´;ω;`)♥♥ I apologize for my face sleepy this photograph I took today at 7 Am ~(´;ω;`) That's a quick makeup, using this product making my own lipstick and my eyes. Of course my makeup is quite natural since today was going to be from that time at the University. I hope you enjoy this review about this Tmart Eye shadow 

This weekend will initiate one giveaway to win this makeup palette 32 colors sponsored and completely new,  thanks to the great store  Tmart


(。・ω・。) Thank you very much to all those who follow me and coemntan siepre you are a great support to me and give me strength to go forward. In my exams I did well but I need better go, btw I passed the exam on Monday. Now I'm studying right now to finish writing here I go to study. I hope you liked this review. ~٩(*´◒`*)۶ Fighting! !

Bye Bye!!


  1. Wow the colors seem so pigmented and gorgeous!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. Well now that's a cute pallet but even more cute is that girl with it, I love how you look like. I wonder if I could get you something as nice as this. I'll Check this store out and I'm sure I'll find something nice. I love you sweetheart. I want to be with you and take you on a date :D

    Keep this amazing work going sweetheart. I love you so much. I'm always here for you.


    Your Kokoro.

  3. pretty color!
    thank you for sharing with us! <3

    sweet and sugars,

  4. Que colores tan bonitos. :)

  5. THank you for sharing this! I wish I know how to use it because I don't really know how to apply eyeshadow. It always end up making me look like a ghost or in an awkward way :(


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    I don't know how much I'd like creme eyeshadows though. :S

    Greetings, Elina x

  10. They look amazing :o
    I have to be sincere, I'm always suspicious about big palettes like this one, but after watching your swatches I'm actually impressed!
    Thank you for the amazing review!
    Please take care, have a nice day!*


  11. I love all of the colours! Do they crease after wearing it all day, or they last long?

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    These colours are so pretty and the texture looks really cool!

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  20. I gotta say, I do love the colours and the swatches are nice. Medium to full pigmentations are nice! $8 for 32? That's pretty affordable! Maybe I'll look for this one when I finished my Maybelline Color Tattoos. Thanks for sharing, anyway. ^__^

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  23. Oh wow, this is such a wonderful varied palette, love the vast choice of colours, it seems really versatile and well pigmented, I find that with most shadows, it is better to use a primer. Great find!! Thanks for your visit hun...I am currently away and will be back to blogging on Friday

  24. They look really good, specially in gel, never tried before... Do you know if they delivery worldwide??

    Fashion Avenue by Adriana

    1. Yes sweetie, the Store Tmart Delivery Worldwide. ♥

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  27. This colours look so good! I am absolutely in love with browns and glitter ones! Can't wait to see make-ups with them!

  28. Ooooo...this palette looks good. I don't wear cream eyeshadows too much, but that's a great tip about using eye primer first.

  29. I love the colors, especially the glitter ones! Haven't heard of the brand name though :)

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