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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Lovelies!

I am very happy because today I´ve been working pretty hard taking photos for upcoming reviews. I know that I always comment that I am busy but this blog is an essential part of my life. So today I worked in finish some upcoming reviews. And before someone asks I am not pregnant. This is an informative post for each women and like result that lately I found I lot of acquaintances that are pregnant I guess this can be useful  for them too.  Miscarrage is called when happens in the 20 weeks of gestation after that is not called miscarriage. And believe me the miscarriage is more frequent but many women they don´t even realize when it happens. But obviously depends in what week happens the miscarriage. So I want talk about a website that I published a post in the post that is called CheckPregnancy were you can find a lot of information about pregnancy and I know that when a woman is pregnant has a lot of concerns. And If a women is not pregnant but want expect a baby she really want all the possible information. Now you can find a lot of information about miscarriage in this website. 

And something great is that starts to talk about the risk in each week of pregnancy and that is great and mentions too wich is the rate of risk between some ages. And that is super important because is not the same a woman pregnang in her late twenties that a woman pregnan in her late thirthies. 

Pregnancy Tests

Now that we are in this I need talk about the pregnancy tests. For me the most easy and quick method is a blood test because is super sensitive. But I am clear that some people doesn´t like the needles. And they are too afraid to go to a laboratory test to take a test. And I know that in some countries the pregnancy tests are very easy to adquire. So this website has a section where you can check the most sensitive pregnancy tests. 

I like the fact that always mention that each result must be check by a medical professional and for me that is super important that. Because sometimes a negative in the wrong time doesn´t means that is negative can be that HCG hormone has a not a concentration neccesary for be detected in urine. So always please check the result with a medical professional. Sometimes you have to wait a week before take another quick test likes these and is going to check the right result. So please go to check this website and like always check with a professional about your medical concerns, use this only like a guide and of course for find more information. I hope this post can be useful to you.

Bye Bye!


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  11. Great post for persons that think they are pregnant
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  15. Hi dear, very interesting info for future mothers or women interested in getting pregnant. I did not know this site it is always good to know this type of information.Thanks for shared.


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