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Thursday, August 8, 2019

COSRX Gift Set Soft Skin Wear

Hi Everyone!

I am super happy because of today I am here to share a set that I won thanks to COSRX. The did a giveaway like a month ago and I was one of the lucky winners and I am really happy because I don´t feel like someone that has a lot of luck. I mentioned in my comment on this giveaway that I have sensitive skin so I received this great stuff from COSRX. I received two packages super quick they used EMS which is an amazing postal service.o(〃^▽^〃)o

If you follow me at Instagram (I hope you are) you probably already know about some of the items that I received due to my stories. This is one of my favorite brands of skincare because helped me a lot and this is great because I can try new products. This is not a review this probably most like show you what I received and what are my expectations about each product.

Unboxing Time~

I received this shoulder bag with lovelies details about the brand~

This one of the details on the bag~


The content of the box~

I received this cute card with this message~

I received COSRX Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream + COSRX Two In One Poreless Power Liquid 100ml + Hydrogel Very Simple Pack + COSRX Blackhead Remover Mr.RX Kit

COSRX Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream

Unique water drop texture allows the product to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin. Sea Water and Vitamin C&E (in Hippophae Rhamnoides Extract) hydrates and nourishes the skin. Can be used as a toner or a cream according to needs.

Vitamin C and Niacinamide help brighten the skin tone.

This is a product that I was so interested in to try the reason is that the description sounds great. This is like a like moisturizing effect and is a toner texture that provides a cream effect which is great for me. I have sensitive combination skin and the ideal for me are the light formats.

COSRX Two In One Poreless Power Liquid 100ml

Tannin and BHA ingredients effectively care your skin pore and sebum.
Two in one product that contains salicylic acid (natural BHA) extracted from white willow barks and tannin which helps your skin pore to shrink.
Plants base weak acidic products assures safe to use even for sensitive skin users.
Can be used as cleansing toner in the morning and balancing toner at night.

The Corn-mint extract instantly cools and hydrates your skin to help your pore to shrink.

I was a lot of time with oily skin and on my cheeks and on my nose area the pores are very noticeable even when these are improved with Vitamin C and AHA. This will be my first time trying this combination of Tannin and BHA. BHA for me is amazing and one of my favorite ingredients but I guess I am gonna love this product. Wish me luck. 

COSRX Blackhead Remover Mr.RX Kit

Tight adhering sheet melts the sebum and soaks the skin pore
Effectively scaling effect that removes excess sebum and skin impurities.
Contains argan ingredient and snail essence that nourish your head skin.

This product has been on my wishlist for a long time so I wanted to try these because I suffer of blackheads on my nose.

COSRX Hydrogel Very Simple Pack 

These cooling masks offer instant relief to overheated and inflamed skin. The hydrogel rounds, which fit perfectly over larger areas of the face like the cheeks, are drenched in an essence that contains soothing centella asiatica extract, moisture-boosting ceramide NP and hydrating hyaluronic acid.

I didn't know about this product. I actually use Hydrogel patches but from another brand and read about these patches in my favorite brand is amazing. I guess this could be a great plus to my skin.

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Well this was all for the post of today. I was expecting to publish this post yesterday. Very probably I will be publishing in a few hours a new post because I am in a huge delay due to issues with my wifi. o(*^▽^*)o I want to know what you think about this set.

Bye Bye!!


  1. A great package, Sweetheart :)

  2. Hello, thanks for the information. Interesting beauty product. xx

  3. That so cool you won the giveaway.

  4. Amazing post
    Thanks for sharing, dear
    xoxo ♡

  5. Very interesting products! I love that brand :)

  6. Spory pakiet. Nie jestem na bieżąco z nowinkami kosmetycznymi 😉

  7. Congrats on winning. The prize looks great:)

  8. Congratulations on your win! These products do sound amazing.

  9. Oh yes it's really healthy and delicious =)

    Congrats to your win. This products sounds great =)

  10. I wish you success in testing ☺
    I don't know these cosmetics

  11. Congratulations on winning the giveaway! Looks like you received some fabulous products. I hope you enjoy them. I'm so curious about the Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream.

  12. Genial!! Ganaste un sorteo!! Quiero probar los productos, enhorabuena Sakuranko ^_^

  13. Lovely haul. All very nice and useful items.

  14. Wow, sounds such awesome product. Congrats on the win!

  15. It's really great that you got such a wonderful box! I would like to try these products.

  16. Parecem ser excelentes produtos, Sakuranko! E certamente tal o será confirmado em posts mais aprofundados, sobre os mesmos, muito em breve!
    Adorei ver as novidades! Beijinhos

  17. This is such a good box! I've tried the toner to water cream and it's one of the best lightweight moisturizers i've ever used! definitely recommend it! Lovely post!

    minae x minaeshi.blogspot.com


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