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Thursday, March 31, 2022

[JOLSE] BBIA Last Eye Primer

Hi Lovelies

Lately, I have been doing some weird night sleeping nights and sincerely after my lunch I feel so tired, I don´t know probably I need better outside quality time. Today I am going to share a very short review about a primer I thought could be a good purchase.

By the way, this is part of my collaboration with Jolse but all the opinions are based on my own experience. I must start by saying I am not happy with this product. And probably that is the reason why this review is gonna be short.

After Apply BBIA Last Eye Primer

PROs and CONs

- Good packaging
- Affordable price
- East Application

- Sticky
- Weird smell
- Doesn´tworks like a primer


My disappointment with this primer starts when I open the product and smells like plastic sincerely I was not expecting first that weird smell. The aroma is not strong but I don´t like either because feels first oily and sticky so now the big question is, does this work as a primer? NO. And that is disappointing because I had high expectations for this product.

Sincerely, I don't have anything else to add, this creates patches on my eyelid and the eyeshadows never adhere to the product and look like glue, like dried glue. I don´t know If I received a wrong lote or something but I don´t know this is an epic fail to me. I don´t recommend this product, this doesn't work on my eyelids.


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Well lovelies this was my review for today
I hope you can find this post useful and informative

Bye Bye!!


  1. Adorei a sua opinião sincera, Sakuranko! Que pena o produto não ter correspondido às expectativas!
    Beijinhos! Bom fim de semana!

  2. Vaya, al menos me alegra conocer a alguien que lo haya probado de primera mano.
    Gracias por la sinceridad.


    Lo de la textura pegajosa me tira un poco para atrás... T_T


  4. True, it's not good looking on yours eyes

  5. Oh I hope the next product will be better than this one :D

  6. le tue recensioni sono precise e utili!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  8. Ufff... no me gusta que el olor se haga raro :((
    Gracias por compartirlo igualmente ♥

  9. I have never used this product 😊

  10. The packaging is super cute, it's a shame that it didn't work like expected.
    Thank you for your review,


  11. Hello! Thanks for your review. It is a pity that the cosmetic did not work. This smell must be strange: /
    Greetings from Poland!

  12. It is such a shame that this primer smells like a plastic and I can completely understand your disappointment.

  13. Sorry to hear your not sleeping well.

  14. Qué lástima, yo necesito siempre un buen primer y por lo que comentas este no me serviría. Un beso

  15. Hello, good morning, beautiful, thanks for the information, we must know very well what we put on our skin.
    A kiss and my gratitude for your visit.

    Hola, buenos días, guapa, gracias por la información, hay que saber muy bien lo que ponemos en nuestra piel.
    Un besito y mi gratitud por tu visita.

  16. hmm the scent of the product is quite important for me cause I am quite sensitive. I think there is too much con's for me to try them. Thank you for honest review xx

  17. El producto me parece muy interesante, aunque no me gusta eso de que sea pegajoso y huela raro! Gracias por la review, saludos linda!

  18. ¡Hola, hola!

    Por lo que cuentas no merece la pena comprarlo, pasaré de él.

    Mil besos,
    Celia | 1000 LIBROS blog.

  19. Sorry to hear you were disappointed in the product.

  20. Wha a pitty! Thanks for sharing.
    I invite you to visit my last post. Have a good week!


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