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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Birthday 29th


Hi Everyone!

I should have posted this yesterday but I am here today sincerely yesterday It was an exhausting day. Sincerely now I am a little worried because I have several delayed reviews I guess these three first months of this year have been very exhausting physical and mental too. And the past March 15th It was my Birthday 29th, I spent a good day I was relaxed at home even I worked a little here in my blog. I was super excited because that day was released a book I was expecting since the last year The War of Two Queens by Jennifer L. Armentrout and It was so weird because I started to read the book around 23:00 hours because I was busy finishing another book that was not so good. 

I feel grateful for all the people who genuinely love me. And I am thankful to myself for me. Because I´ve been doing the best of myself until today, sincerely I don´t feel old or anything similar. I feel like myself and that is not wrong, I keep dealing with my inner darkness. But I know too that I can love so feriously and that I can shine very strong If that is my purpose.  I must confess that my only regret is that I have not to travel so much like I would like to travel but I need not focus on that, thanks to each book that has made part of me. I must confess I want to make a new tattoo but that is not a priority, and sincerely I want to finish my goal to read 80 books this year.

I started this year heartbroken, and I dealing with forgiving myself because I didn´t reach a personal goal. And that is partly because in this post I am not mentioning names or people in specific because I don´t trust in nobody. The only thing I know is that the only thing that never has made me feel sad are the books, because even a bad book makes me appreciate the other books. This time I prefer not to mention any of my relationships with any other human.

I need to confess because I was expecting to be in another situation this year. And I feel like I am disappointed in myself and my worst enemy is myself. I don´t need to sugarcoat my situation, but there are worse situations. I suck being a positive person and sincerely I can´t vibe better and higher. But thanks to life I am healthy I am trying to be a better version of myself. But my skincare right now is on point. Well, my lovelies this was all for today thanks to heaven my birthday week was full of very good food and that is a blessing in a world of war. I wish you a happy day~ 

Bye Bye!!


  1. Happy belated birthday!! My best wishes to you! I really hope this year you can see plenty of improvement in all aspects of your life. Those who know what they need to improve in themselves have already beaten half the path.

  2. Happy Birthday! All the best to happiness you find. Love you! You are a fantastic and wonderful you. Knowledgeable, sincere and beautiful. Don't forget that ��❤️�� All the best to your creativity and every adventure you go on. Stay strong! Be you!

  3. Happy birthday 🎉 you look so beautiful 😍

  4. Happy Birthday, embrace your youth!

  5. Wow, I wouldn't give you 29 years in my life. You look very young. Happy birthday :)

  6. Happy Birthday! You look so young. Like a 19!
    80 books in one year! I will try that in next year. Cross finger for you

  7. Happy birthday,
    I hope that after one year at the same time you will be much for happy about yourself and the goals that you will reach :-)



  8. Feliz Cumpleaños atrasado!
    Lucha siempre por tus sueños y no te desanimes, te deseo lo mejor.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  9. Happy birthday to you! Beautiful roses. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Your Birthday Week!!!
    Golly, you are fabulous - feminine and lovely - i am So Glad to meet you.
    Now that i know you and i travel around the sun together - I am much happier. Me? never very feminine . . . skin care? Guess I have a lot to learn . . BUT, today - I find - you & I are zipping around together - on this planet - and it is close enough to your birthday . . . that it's okay to say "Yippeeee!!! I Am So Glad You Were Born!" love & love, 💙 -g-

  11. ¡Hola! ^^
    Pues parece que seas mucho más joven. A mi me pasa lo mismo, y es que siempre me echan menos años de los que tengo. Muchas felicidades atrasadas, y espero que seas muy feliz :)

  12. Happy birthday to you Dear friend! You look great. Greetings.

  13. happy belated birthday dear��to a strong and brilliant person/woman who will turn the world around!

  14. Congratulations! I remember when I was 29. I met my husband. We are still married and happy. So maybe this is the year where you are lucky and achieve whatever you are looking for. Don't stop dreaming :)

  15. Estimo que apesar de tudo, tenha passado este seu dia, da melhor forma, Sakuranko!
    Muitos parabéns, e muitas felicidades! E não fique triste... só perdemos aquilo que não era suposto ser para nós... tudo na vida tem um propósito! As perdas, tantas vezes nos levam a caminhos diferentes... e por vezes tão melhores, mas que jamais teríamos considerado antes! A vida é como uma caixinha de surpresas, e cada dia vem com muitas outras oportunidades de sermos felizes! Foque-se no presente... e o passado... fica no lugar dele... para trás!
    Felicidades e fé de que melhores dias virão! Beijinhos! Tudo de bom!


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