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Tuesday, July 5, 2022


 "Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Today is a holiday day here in my country. It is so interesting because I am not a nationalist or anything like sincerely my only interest in the holidays is because are days where sometimes I don´t have to go to work. Sincerely today I am happy to be here with you and have the opportunity to share with you my favorite dresses from this webstore called Azazei, my first pick was this medium-length dress that It has this beautiful gray-silver color and the skirt of this dress is lovely, I like all the layers of this skirt makes a lovely illusion. 

This second option is classified between the long sleeve prom dresses this is a different style to the previous dress and this time this is white, for me, this is not precisely a wedding dress this is more a cocktail or casual dress, yes the neckline is very low but that makes this dress a little sexy too and of course, If you want to use this dress has a wedding dress that is not an issue. The short dresses with long sleeves are perfect too. I guess the cut of this dress is very simple but really pretty the lace sleeves are definitely the cute point of this dress. Sincerely I am not a fan of white but I find this dress lovely. 

This is definitely another level because this dress is super big, and the style is like a princess one, but I guess each girl must have the right to feel like a princess. This dress has been classified between formal dresses and yeah this is a formal dress, this could be an amazing dress to use at a prom. I decided to use a black dress for my last prom but sincerely with the years now, I can say that I would like to have used something bigger and prettier. I would like to have the opportunity to try a dress like this soon. Now I want to buy a new dress even when I have dresses I have not used yet. what do you think of these dresses? Have you visited this website before? Please let me know in the comments what you think of these picks. I wish you a happy day.

Bye Bye!


  1. Adorei todas as sugestões... mas fiquei logo rendida perante a primeira opção... extremamente simples e tão elegante! Adorei!!!
    Vou espreitar o endereço sugerido! Beijinhos e bom feriado por aí!

  2. Last dress is like a dream dress :) thanks for your sharing...

  3. The dresses are beautiful!! Super classy, elegant and modern. Of the three the silver one was my favorite

  4. I know what you mean. There are some holidays in my country as well, that I think of only as days out of work.
    Beautiful dresses :)

  5. Very beautiful dresses, I like them all and therefore O thank you for sharing the informations with us!

  6. Nice selection :) i like the last one. It looks like a priness dress <3

  7. Hola! gracias por las propuestas, todos los vestidos son preciosos. Besos

  8. I love all of them, but really like the first one! :)

  9. Finding the perfect dress is not easy

  10. Very nice dresses! :)

    I love it :)

    Have a nice evening! :)

  11. Hola buenos días, gracias por tu visita,no he correspondido antes por enfermedad, tienes un precioso blog, y son lindos los modelos que nos presentas.
    Suerte mucha suerte.
    Se feliz cada día que amanece.

  12. I do LOVE the princess-like dress. Everyone should wear one of those once in a lifespan.


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