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Thursday, July 28, 2022


 "Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

It has been a long day and I have been expecting to publish this post since the day started, but is weird I have been thinking, I need to publish this post today and I have not started yet. And believe me, I have been busy is not only that I have been procrastinating and no more. Today I have another post about clothing. But these types different styles of blazers of course I know is summer so today I can tell you that in this webstore you can find different styles of high-waisted string bikini just in case you are looking for bikinis for the summer. 

The blazers are a good option to look stylish and cute and both are at the same time without too much effort which is good too. Sincerely I am not a person of blazers but I must admit they look really cute I guess is probably about the weather I don´t know. I picked this second blazer that has buttons of the same color as the fabric and this type of color is a beautiful pastel shade.

The blazer with shorts outfit is a simple style, so with the right accessories can become a perfect style for a date, a work meeting, now I have been thinking that probably I should spend Christmas in a blazer style.  I know that has been a long since I decided to change my PC mouse and I changed mine today. It is so different from my previous mouse, this is completely black while the previous one was fuchsia, and the other one was not ergonomic and this one feels a lot better. Sincerely I was expecting to buy one online but my mouse decided to stop working yesterday and I ended up buying a new mouse today. It has this thing that is RGB with shows a small logo with different colors is very interesting this thing, but this is combined with my new desk. I changed my desk a few days ago. Now I am in this thing called how to organize my time effectively but that is not working. 

Now I need to finish this post, as always I want to know which of my selections in this post is your favorite, have you used a blazer match before? Did you like the blazers? How are you spending your summer? Those are some of the questions that I would like to read and answer in the comments. It has been a long day but yeah today is already another day because I started this post at almost midnight time. Well, my favorite blazer in this post is the second photo. That was all for today I hope you can find this post informative and useful.

Bye Bye!


  1. A blazer paired with shorts is so chic! I just love the combination.

  2. It is a very peculiar combination, shorts and a jacket in a formal style. Byt somehow it works. :)
    My summer? Well, my mum had a minor stroke, so I spent most of the time taking care of her.

  3. I sure like the look! I think you'd look great in blazer

  4. Me parece un look muy elegante :)

  5. Adoro todos estes conjuntos! Gosto imenso de blazers! Adorei todas as sugestões aqui mostradas!
    Mãe com alguns problemas de saúde, pelo que o Verão será bem caseiro... para mais porque a pandemia, ainda demasiado presente para andar com ela por locais turísticos... depois como já tem exames de saúde marcados em Agosto, este será mais um ano em que ficaremos por casa nas férias...
    E por estes dias, ela ainda se anda a curar de um recuerdo do Covid... dermatite! Já é a segunda vez que tal lhe acontece. A primeira foi em 2020. De qualquer forma tem tido muita sorte, por não desenvolver problemas mais sérios.
    Deixo um beijinho e votos de uma feliz semana, e um fantástico Agosto!

  6. Hola guapísima, me han gustado mucho tus tres propuestas de look, aunque mi favorita es la segunda. Feliz día. Besitoss

  7. Hola hola!!
    tengo el primer look!!
    Un besote desde el rincón de mis lecturas 💕

  8. I really really love the pink one!

  9. Ay, no parecen mis comentarios... :'(
    ojala que se publique este

  10. no he usado blazers así, pero los he visto muy de moda últimamente n.n


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