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Saturday, July 16, 2022


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Today has been a long day is almost midnight ad I can´t believe that I have spent all my day working so much, sincerely I am an introverted person, and is complicated sometimes to talk with so many people sincerely, now I feel in my happy place because I am here sharing with you. Today I want to share beautiful and different dresses and of course, all the dresses are related to wedding apparel lately I gifted some old dresses and now I know these types of dresses are different but I enjoy picking future dresses for my closet. I really like the good variety of dresses that offer on this website.

I like how you can find all the different styles with different combinations and I like that this website offers the chance to see how to look at the dresses with the bridesmaids and different scenarios. Sincerely I have been thinking I have written so many posts about wedding dresses but the good thing is that you can always find something different or special to share about wedding dresses and for me, that is born that each person is different so each wedding is different. I would like to use a big dress.

I picked this dress among the mother of the bride cheap dresses which is great because this dress is so lovely and perfect for a mother, obviously, I am picking this since my taste but as always I would like to know your opinions, first If you have visited this webstore before. And please let me know what you think of my picks and these dresses. This webstore is another good webstore with a good selection and If you are looking for dresses this is a good place for a start too. Well, this was my post for today I hope you have enjoyed this post. And yeah I started this post before midnight and now it's midnight and at least I am smiling. I hope you can find this post useful.

Bye Bye!


  1. You told the truth: each of us is different, so each wedding should be different.
    Don't work too hard, dear.

  2. This year was a true boom of weddings, I guess people is afraid that another pandemic situation will have them lock down again. Your choices are really cute and I am sure that this store has many other proposals.

  3. aww.... beautiful.... both dresses and models...
    Have a wonderful weekend

  4. Holaaaa!!
    Muy bellos los vestidos me encanto el gris.

  5. Adorei as lindas sugestões apresentadas! E fiquei particularmente encantada com o último vestido! Vou espreitar o endereço sugerido!
    Beijinhos! Feliz domingo!

  6. So many gorgeous dresses! I especially love the last one. The lace sleeves are stunning <3

  7. Hola!! aunque no son de mi estilo se ven muy bonitos y el blanco esta increíble.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Have a lovely week!

  9. Very pretty dresses!
    have a great week,

  10. The dresses are beautiful! I'm checking the site and I am loving the selection

  11. Lace on a dress? That's a YES for me. I really love it

  12. Thank you. I love my new smartphone a lot =)

    Great post with beautiful dresses =) The first one would be my favourite, I love pink.

  13. Pues se ve que tienen cosas muy lindas. Un beso

  14. Los vestidos me parecen espectaculares.


  15. Hola.
    Menudos vestidos más bonitos, tengo boda a finales de agosto, a ver si me busco ya el vestido.
    Muchos besos.

  16. Me encantó la espalda del primero :)
    Un saludo!

  17. Such lovely event dresses! Thanks for sharing!


  18. Holaa!! casi no uso vestidos, pero sin duda los de las imágenes están preciosos. Gracias por la entrada.


  19. I love dresses and these are so beautiful!

  20. Lindos vestidos, que amo!

    Tenha um feliz domingo!


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