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[JOLSE] TIA'M Vita B3 Source Review

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This is my last review of a series of products that I received this is about skincare. Usually, the skin care product is the last because I feel a responsibility for the skincare products because I guess I need to use at least during a month to share a proper review with you. For me, the serum in my skincare is a must-have I need to confess that in the month of December I had a breakout probably for sleep deprivation, stress, and poor nutrition and don´t misunderstand me with this last one I was eating but a lot of sugar and I started my year with a cold. So my skin was with pimples and some old marks of new pimples It was really annoying. Thanks to heaven I was attached to my regular routine that was pretty good until I found this serum.

Like I mentioned in my other posts this review is part of my collaboration with Jolse but all the opinions expressed here are based on my own experience with this product. Prepare yourself because this is gonna be a long post.

This high-performance brightening serum formulated with Niacinamide
and Arbutin intensively slows down the pigment-making process in the skin.
It minimizes the appearance of dark spots and discoloration if for a brighter,
more evened skin tone and radiant-looking complexion.


Directions, Caution, and Ingredients

Water, Niacinamide(Vitamin B3; 10%), Butylene Glycol, Arbutin (2%), Allantoin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Lindera Erythrocarpa Extract, Cornus Officinalis Fruit Extract, Geranium Thunbergii Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Hyaluronate, Methylpropanediol, Laurylpyridinium Chloride, Chlorphenesin, 1,2-Hexanediol

Bar Code and Expiration Date

TIA'M Vita B3 Source 

How to Use
After toning, dispense 2-3 drops and apply evenly to your face.
Apply once again on the dull area or dark patches and lightly tap the area to be fully absorbed.

During the day, finish with sunscreen.

 Talking a little more about the Ingredients:

- Niacinamide: This is a great ingredient and is known as a form of vitamin B3 and that's where the name of this serum comes from and in this serum has a concentration of %10 (or at least that says the bottle). This vitamin works in the skin first helping the lipid barrier of our skin to maintain in a good condition and that helps to make the skin with a hydrating effect. And I have a very known effect in the dark spots because it helps to reduce the dark spots and that, of course, provides a brightening effect.

- Arbutin: This ingredient works in a different way but helps to reduce and prevent hyperpigmentation because arbutin is going to inhibit an enzyme in our skin called Tyrosinase that catalyzes the production of melanin. Melanin is one that causes our skin to have a certain type of pigmentation and when our skin suffers some kind of damage caused by the sun or acne it tends to produce the dark spots in the affected areas.

The texture is watery

Now the progression after several days using the product
The only edition of the next photos of my skin is the watermark

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

This is my video review  (*´▽`*) 
You can see how I apply this product

PROs and CONs

- Affordable price.
- Good quantity of product
- Dropper for easy application
- Brightening effect
- Helps to heal the pimples
- Reduce the redness 
- Reduce the hyperpigmentation
- Watery texture
- Lightweight
- Quick absorption
- Skin firming
- Frangrance Free

- In many countries you only can buy this product online.


This is my first time using this product so I was a little worried because I never know How is going to react my skin to a new product and more with high concentrations of one ingredient like niacinamide. I realized the sensitive test and everything was fine so I applied two days after that the serum on my skin after wash my skin with my cleanser and the next day I applied this product after applying my toner I noticed a better reaction on my skin because I feel my skin more moisturized and that is the effect I am looking. The absorption is quick and provides a sebum control which is great for me in the morning when I need to apply my cream and my sunscreen. This serum is very watery and when dries leave a little white coat in the skin but is very subtle If you apply cream a few minutes after applying the serum that white coat is less noticeable.

After the application after around two weeks or 15 days I noticed that after each application my skin feels tighten and moisturized and brighten, of course, I noticed the reduction of dark spots and the healing of my pimples much before of that. The first week I noticed a complete change in my skin. The redness was less with the dark spots too. The watery effect is something like I really like because I can apply a product after others without to feel my skin with a dense and heavy texture. The effect of this serum is quick in the skin and more is, of course, you are like me and you are few times direct to the sun and use the sunscreen you are going the effect too.

My skin is not perfect and my sensitive combination skin is affected about everything If I feel stressed or with anxiety that is gonna be reflected in my skin and this serum helped me with all that ugly redness in my skin. If you watch my video review there I don´t have anything in my skin I am "bare face" there and you can see how my skin even is not perfect is brighten and clear and I can contribute all that to that serum. I only need a few drops for my entire face which is good because the quantity of this serum is 40 ml. Something I don´t find any aroma to this product and that is because this product is fragrance-free and apparently any ingredient causes any particular odor. Too different to Vitamin C and the Red Serum of TIA'M this doesn´t cause me any itchy in the application.

If I have to make a comparison between this serum and the TIA'M My Signature Red C Serum definitely I prefer the TIA'M Vita B3 Source because I don´t have the annoying issue with the oxidation, this doesn´t leave my face red and this is not sticky at all and works pretty fast. I am going to repurchase this one because right now is a good offer at Jolse and I need another bottle of this serum.

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If you want buy TIA'M Vita B3 Source
 This is the end of a long review I hope you enjoyed this review
And can find this post useful~ thank you so much to Jolse for allowing me to cooperate again with this great web store.
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Monday, February 10, 2020

[JOLSE] Peripera Ink The Velvet (AD) Review

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I am always happy to share cute products with you and this time is the turn for this lovely lip tint. Slowly I have become a fan of Peripera and their products. I was expecting to publish this review before but I have technical issues with the video review. But I enjoyed trying this product and this is another type of tint from the brand I tried some months ago the Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint and this time I decided to try the Peripera Ink The Velvet (AD) #09. 

I am always looking for natural products with amazing texture and definitely this peripera tint It was different from the one I used before by this same brand. This is part of my collaboration with Jolse. Thank you so much for this opportunity to work with you and share my reviews about this product. like always all the opinions are based on my own experience.

Velvet-like texture that softly and smoothly spreads on lips.
Seamless application with ink-like lasting powder without clumping.
Make your lips attractive with fascinating shades. 

Expiration Date after opened the product

Color "Sparkling Pink" #09

Peripera Ink The Velvet (AD) 4g Sparkling Pink

Packaging + Price: The packaging first is a box with a powerful pink color and the letters with the word VELVET the bottle a product is very unique and different because it looks like a mini bottle of serum but is a lip tint. I like the packaging is different simple but cute. Today the price at Jolse is $8.48 which I guess is a great price. 


The applicator

Peripera Ink The Velvet (AD) Sparkling Pink

The color looks different here in this swatch and how looks on the lips 

After 6 hours and I washed my forearm with water and soap

The color looks this beautiful sparkling pink 
but at least for me looks different on my forearm

Please watch my video review (*´▽`*)

PROs and CONs

⚬ PROs
- Cute packaging
- Affordable price
- Delicious aroma
- Pigmented color
- Moisturizing
- Long-lasting
- Easy application

⚬ CONs
- In many countries, you only can buy this product online.


I had high expectations with this product because I waited a long time to try this lip tint or this version of lip tint by peripera and I am happy to say that I am not disappointed with this product. The color is really pigmented. the packaging is cute and the plastic has a velvet finish which I found is really pretty, the aroma is sweet like strawberry candy. The pigmentation is high with just a small amount of product is perfect for applications in the lips I love it the ultra-creamy density of this product because feels creamy but feels lightweight too.

This feels with less silicone that Peripera Ink Matte Blur Tint and less dry. The other one provides a moisturizing effect but with this one feels not only moisturized but with a slightly watery effect and I love it that effect because like I have dry lips all the time this helps to reduce the appearance of dryness, obviously I use lip balm every day several ties in a day but they are prominent dry. Like you can see in the photo of my lips this doesn´t look dry. I love it the pigmented long-lasting effect the tint effect stays over 6 hours which is great. I really recommend this product If you are looking to invest in a good lip tint. I am going to continue trying lip tints by this brand. So many years and I keep preferring the natural gradient lips and this is perfect for that.

This has good pigmentation, long-lasting effect, lightweight texture, and lovely packaging. And that is all I am looking in a lip tint


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You can buy the Peripera Ink The Velvet (AD) 4g

I hope you enjoyed this review (‐^▽^‐)
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Wednesday, February 5, 2020


"Advertorial Post"

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Today has been so hotter the day the weather says that we are over 32° centigrades wow I really needed AC. Today I am back with a web store and a product that you probably already know if you have been following me for some time because I shared this webstore Feelingirls I must confess that I admire the people that every day exercises in the gym because that is a great determination. This amazing website offers a great product to define the body and the figure and this definitely is a good option If you have an important event soon. I was checking and you can find real reviews about some customers commenting on the measurements of his body and the size they used which I think is great.

I like that the latex waist trainer vest designs offer not only good comfort but too cute designs like this one and the best is that you can find all the sizes. In my case, I love it the gray and the black and that was the reason because I picked this black and gray top but you can find a good variety of colors like pink, purple, coral, red, navy and more. And of course different designs too. When I exercise for me is really important to be the comfort and sincerely for me at this point f my life I want to be cute but I want to feel comfortable and more If I am exercising with over 32° centigrades because I prefer the outdoors.

With the waist trainer for women, you can have a good body shape and reduce your waist and that is great If you are thinking to go to a prom or an important event when you dress requires a little small waist. Obviously, this is only for those women interested in his type of product. But If you can be interested in this product you now know that you can buy this one at a good price that has a big range of sizes. I hope you can find this informative and useful and like before I want to invite you to visit this website to check their products. I hope you have a good day~

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

[JOLSE] CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Review

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If you have some time following me probably already know that I am a huge fan of the eyeliners. I tried so many eyeliners that I can´t remember all the brands and the models but like the eyeliners are a short love because they expire after six months is a product that I have constantly renovate in my makeup stock. When I really like an eyeliner what I do is repurchase the same eyeliner because I don´t want to lose time finding the right one. Ao today I am here with CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black It has been a while since I used a pen liner because personally, I prefer the brush liners for me I feel better using the brush liners but I was been so long since I used a pen-type that I decided to try this one.

Thanks to my collaboration with Jolse I picked this eyeliner so I will be happy to share my review with you. Like always all the opinions expressed in this post are based on my own experience with this product.


Expiration date after opening the product

Color Kill Black

CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black 


¤ Packaging + Price: The packaging is a really simple, black box with gray letters but the same of CLIO respect to eyeliners has been pretty simple but nice. The price is around $12.89 at Jolse which I guess is a good price for this eyeliner.


Full Eye Makeup

CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black

I want to invite you to watch my video review (⌒▽⌒)

PROs and CONs

¤ PROs
- Nice packaging
- Good price
- Good tip
- Perfect for beginners
- Easy application
- Formula with high pigmentation
- Easy to remove 
- Long-lasting effect

¤ CONs
- Not waterproof
- Not smudge-proof
- In many countries, you only can buy this product online. 


This is like my third time reviewing this product in my blog and the reason is because my first review about this product It was 5 years ago which I consider a long time and after that time I repurchased this item and I continue using but after that I decided to try the Japanese eyeliners and a new completely variety of eyeliners you can read here my first review about this item.  So after several years, I decided to try this product again I am impressed with the quality of the tip because even when it is hards feels better than the old version of this one. The tip is hard but is gentle and soft for the application.

Respect to this eyeliner the pigmentation is high and the color is exactly what I expect with eyeliner from this brand. But now I must confess that the formula was changed the formula is not the same than the old formula, this product claims to be waterproof but this product is not waterproof. With a drop of water, this smudges off on tour eyelids and is not pretty. This is not smudge-proof either, and that is sad. because I need a waterproof eyeliner because I suffer constantly of allergies and I rub my eyes and sometimes I tear up a little and that is not good with a product that is not waterproof.  So this product has a beautiful color and is really long-lasting. This product is good the tip allows an easy application. But I am not going to repurchase this product. I could prefer to use another brand because this formula doesn´t work for me. But I would like to say that I like this eyeliner but I could use it but when I know that It will be for a short time. I like the fact that is easy to remove.

For me, this is a good product because it provides a high pigmentation and a long-lasting effect and the tip help to realize a good stroke line and that was the reason because I only removed one star off my rating.


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CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black Box 

This is me after applying the CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner in my video review
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