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Monday, December 7, 2020

Important Message

    Since several years ago I've worked with different companies with "Advertorial Posts" this means that I receive a quantity of money to share these posts on my blog. That is fine because in that way I can win money for some small necessities and everything is with money. I´ve purchased it in some of these web stores. In other, I never purchased before. 

    So I label all my posts so If you read a post with the label "Advertorial Post" that is what means. Please be careful because customer service on some of these websites is always changing is that is normal. Please use common sense always before making a purchase.

If you read my Sponsors page you are gonna find this same Disclaimer. But I am going to share the disclaimer here too:

Disclaimer About the Advertorial Posts

I've cooperated and published many "Advertorial Posts" and each post is labeled accordingly. This means that I received monetary compensation for that post If is labeled as that. Please be careful always to judge by yourself on each website before making a purchase. I am not responsible for the behavior of these web stores or for customer service. Please be careful all the time.

Obviously, I am going to continue with my reviews and ADposts like all the time. But I wanted to make that statement very clear to all my followers.  Well, I want to wish you good health and a wonderful week. We see you tomorrow with a new post.馃挄

Bye Bye!!


  1. This is very responsible on your part, I've noticed that you have never been afraid to call out bad products even when they are popular, express disappointment whenever something doesn't live up to what is advertised or give praise whenever is warranted. This are things that prove the integrity of a reviewer and are very important to look for. Keep up the great work!!

  2. ¡¡Hola!! Importante mensaje, sin duda, simplemente colaboras con ellos, pero no eres la responsable de que algo salga mal en los pedidos de la gente. Hay que ser muy cauto y comprar s贸lo en p谩ginas de confianza. Saludos.

  3. It's a very transparent and honest attitude. You are wonderful.

  4. Good post, best to be honest about all these things :-D

  5. Useful informaci贸n darling

  6. ¡Holaaaa!

    Muchas gracias por haber compartido esto tan claramente ^^

  7. I adore you for your honest attitude! xx Rena

  8. Pues veo genial que ganes dinero con ello

  9. Gracias por la informaci贸n 馃槈

  10. To be honest of you.馃憤馃憤馃憤

  11. Adorei a tua atitude correta e transparente, Sakuranko!


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