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Monday, December 28, 2020


 "Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Here we are the last days of 2020 this year so strange and so bad for so many people. But I don't want to make this post negative because I have a lot of good items to share today. So today I am want to share a little about one of my favorite online websites that is called Newchic I purchased a lot on this website and I feel so happy to have the chance to share some items today. Find the blanket hoodies has been a great discovery, these hoodies are perfect for movie days at home, something like was my Christmas day. just to be at home watching movies all day so you can find a good variety of these hoodies.

Today is gonna be a little different from other posts but I guess is fine due to this I am gonna share more men's clothing which is great. You can find great corduroy jacket mens but the best is the great variety in colors like this good jacket I prefer the simpler designs so probably you are gonna see a lot of that today.

I know that I live in a hot country where there are no seasonal changes, yes, as you hear, here there are not four seasons but two seasonal rainy seasons and eternal summer.  I think without a doubt something that makes a person look very elegant is a good coat. Where I live there is no culture of having nice coats because, as I already mentioned, I live in a hot, tropical country. For me, the long coat men look super-stylized. But here is not frequent to see men with long coats due to the thing of weather.

The Faux Silk Pajamas are so comfortable and I guess is always good to buy a nice design or a funny design I picked this because I guess this is a cute pajama. And this time is the guy's time. Even If you are a girl and you are reading my blog right now probably you can be interested to buy a new pajama for your partner. By the way, Let me know If you already purchased at Newchic If this website is new to you. Happy day everyone! 

Bye Bye!


  1. Even men's suits.
    Don't follow my blog?

  2. Cute pieces! Love the First one! <3


  3. Oh, I just found out from here that your country only has two seasons like mine ...., I thought all this time in your country there is winter.

    The brown suit was really cool ....

  4. Nice products and good webstore

  5. El primero me encanta!! Feliz navidad!!

  6. Wow! Those jackets look really good! To bad the weather here doesn't allow outfits like these, a person always looks good in a nice jacket

  7. Faux Silk Baby - Oh Yeah - I Can Dig It


  8. I like This pajamas :)

    Happy New Year :)

  9. Great store!
    I wish you all the best in 2021!

  10. love the last item....attractive design.

    happy healthy new year

  11. Same in the place I live...we don't have 4 seasons. I love having a more warmer weather.
    Happy 2021!

  12. Lindas chaquetas te deseo un feliz año

  13. Beautiful New Year's Eve and a happy start to the new year.

  14. ..fantastic sweatshirt! ;)

    - best wishes for a happy new year 2021! 💖

  15. I love that avocado sweatshirt!!!!

  16. Beautiful!
    Happy New Year, Sweet Girl!


  17. fun pieces, thanks for sharing!

    Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and are having a happy new year :)

  18. para mi esposo se me antoja la bata con aspecto a yakuza jajajaja ♥

  19. Unas propuestas muy interesantes. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!


  20. Maybe I will choose something on this page.

  21. Peças muito giras!
    Um Feliz Ano Novo princesa!
    Um doce beijinho!
    🎀Megy Maia🎀

  22. Hola.
    Me encanta la batita, es muy original.bs

  23. Adorei as sugestões apresentadas!
    Aqui no momento, estamos morrendo de frio! As temperaturas estão bastantes baixas, e parece que assim vão permanecer mais uns dias! Botas, cachecóis, parkas e casacos compridos, é o que todo mundo por aqui, tem de usar por estes dias...

  24. i think any man who wear that dragon pyjama will look sexier ����


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