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Monday, December 14, 2020

Korean Makeup Haul XII "Joohky"


Hi Everyone!

I know has been several days without any review I am aware of that, but I been with Wi-Fi issues and with work I have a lot of work lately which is good so the issue with the Wifi has been my major issue now. The last year I was contacted by Joohky for one collabration when I was going to share some of the products of their webstore. This webstore has a good number of brands and great offers so I decided to pick some products and this was the Haul of products that I received. By the way, you remember that i just mentioned the last year? This package arrived to my country the first days of March but the same week that this package reach The Customs of my Country a state of emergency was declared due to the pandemic.

So yeah, It has been a year since Joohky sent me this package. But I feel blessed because first I received all the products in an excellent state, second no product has expired, all the products are away of their expiration date which is fantastic because i was worried about that too. If you are following me at my Instragram stories probably already know some of this products. The most of these products are skincare products but I am a huge fan of skincare which is great.

Juicyful Deep Clay Cleanser 150g
 Clay cleanser effectively cleans makeup residues and skin wastes, and removes excess sebum adsorption and thick skin irritation from pores.
The cleanser are a must have always, I am excited to try this product. In the past I tried products of Clay which are been great so I am interested in this cleanser. I use cleanser regularly in the night and in the morning so never comes bad and has a great quantity.

Juicyful Deep Sleep Spray 100ml
Deep Sleep Fill-Pillow Spray, which sprays the bed and around the bed before falling asleep, has a gentle aroma scent for a long time to help calm your mind and body and sleep deeply.

This product is a surprise, I knew I was going to receive some products by the brand Juicyful what i didn't know was that one of these products was gonna be one product to help to sleep. I have really bad issues with my sleep. So I really would like to use this spray. I love it the packaging.
Juicyful Nourishing & Calming Mask (Black Bee Propolis)
Provides rich nourishment, provides strong moisture to dry skin and protects and strengthens skin barrier.

I love the name of this sheets mask is called "Calming Energy care" and sincerely I've so many work these last days that sincerely that sounds like just what I need in this moment. I hope it doesn't cause any reaction as me and honey don't get along very well.
TIAM Face Guard Cream 50ml
Face guard Cream goes beyond protecting your skin against harmful factors and helps prevent and recover skin damage for youthful healthy skin. 
 Since this cream came out, I have been curious to try it since it is acclaimed as a cream that helps to calm the skin, to take care of it but also has a very light texture and all that is what I am looking for in a cream at the moment.

Peach C Soft Mood Eye Shadow Palette
Soft and mild autumn mood nine palette
Daily Brown base colors create a subtle look of makeup.

Peach C has been a bran I wanted to try since the last year that I discovered this Korean Brand at Instagram I found that this palette contained wonderful matte colros so I will be happy to share this new brand for me with you.
Well lovelies this was my Joohky Haul I feel pretty happy to share with you these products. I am going to start these product to share my reviews with you. I feel excited and happy to try new products and has the chance to share with you new experiences with Korean products. Please let me know which of these products sounds more interesting to you and which you would like to read the review soon. 💕
Bye Bye!!


  1. Glad to know the package arrived and this post can finally happen, I'very curious about that Deep Sleep Spray

  2. I hope your holiday season is healthy and beautiful. Have fun trying these products.

  3. will you make a separate review for the deep sleep spray? I'm interested! have insom problem here! Thankies~

  4. Great cosmetics! I would like try it :)

  5. This products looks very interesting ;)

  6. Hola.
    Me han encantado todos, aunque confieso que el que más me interesa es la mascarilla calmante.
    Muchos besos.

  7. Hola linda
    Parece que son cremas fantásticas, hay que cuidarse mucho estas navidades, gracias bella 🎄

  8. Hola!
    Gracias por tu visita a mi Blog y me alegro que te guste.

    Todos estos productos siempre nos viene genial para estar guapas.
    Gracias por compartirlo.

    Un saludo!

  9. Happy Holidays! Sweet reviews!

  10. I was most interested in the eyeshadow palette and the 😀 mask

  11. Very interesting products 😊.

  12. Oh thery nice cosmetic products :)


  13. I would like to try this makeup! asia inspires me a lot, I would like to meet her :) great post, very inspiring!
    Greetings from Poland!

  14. Nice beauty products! Thanks for sharing ))

  15. Todos se ven genial, gracias por la recomendación. Te mando un beso

  16. A Bee Mask For Calming , Love It - Happy Holidays - Stay Strong


  17. Bom dia. Obrigado pelas dicas e são um excelente presente de Natal.

  18. ..I didn't know these products, but they seem interesting :)
    ..thank you for the recommendation!

  19. all items look so cool to me:) I would like to try those:D

  20. Hay alguno que me encantaria probarlo. Gracias.

  21. Juicyful Nourishing & Soothing Mask caught my eye ..., i want to try it.

  22. No conozco estos productos pero tienen muy buena pinta.
    ¡Felices fiestas! 🎄✨

  23. Veo muchos productos interesantes. Me gustaría probar todo. :-)


  24. I think the honey mask will be very good for dry skin. It looks rich and hydrating

  25. Parecem excelentes produtos! Fico então aguardando com expectativa, a sua opinião mais detalhada sobre os mesmos! Adorei o post! Beijinhos


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