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Monday, March 25, 2013

Avon Highlighter Eyeshadow Pen

Hi Everyone!

This time I want to share a product of the Avon brand, I know it is not a very popular brand. However there are certain products very cheap and really good. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ In this moment I want show you  this Highlighter Eyeshadow which is really cool.

( ´ー`)ノHonestly I'm not very lover of Highlighters because my skin is oily and the highlighter is usually much brighter to my skin face. ⊂(・ω・)⊃ but I love like my skin face looks more healthy and pretty with some highlighter. Usually I was using a mineral powder highlighter and my skin looks cute and not oily but, you know, I wanted try with others highlighters. 

Funny thing is that I bought this product initially because besides being highlighter, eyeshadow claims to be a "Green Emerald" which really is strange even in the first picture you can see a small green label the pencil, but not green or not that green. 

Here in Venezuela not only sell Avon in stores but you can order products through saleswomen avon catalog. This great product was a great deal and only cost me $ 2.

Close Up~~ 

(ㆁ × ㆁ) Here in this "Close Up" wanted mostrarls color as seen on the tip is like a pearl white with subtle but very subtle hints of green. It is like a pencil marbling.

Color~~ (*´∀`)



(*⌒3⌒*) Here applied this highlighter my eyelids. In the central area of the septum of my nose and a little above the cheekbone. And right in the center edge of my upper lip (although in this photograph is not noticeable). It blends well with the skin and blends very well. You can draw your conclusions and tell me in the comments. By the way in the photographs not was edited  the light. It is natural light. And again I forgot to use mascara.

PROs and CONs

- Blends well with the skin tone.
- Really lights leaving a natural effect.
- It makes the skin look oily.
- It is really very cheap.
- Lasts longer than 12 hours without retouching.
- Can be used as eyeshadow.

You only can find in Avon stores.


This product gave him the acid test when I used it one day I had a long day at college, and I used this illuminator for just over 12 hours, my incredibly oily skin if put. But in areas not used the product, but common areas such as in the T. something I found surprising is that continued all day the product despite being at a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius.(丿^ω^ヽ) Yay! I think it is a great product because I can use it as a lighting and shadow at the same time, something important is that using a primer, not my eyelid folds or gets oily. ( 〃▽〃)


 hope you have enjoyed this review, I know it's something very simple, but I love the simple show every makeup product is good, nice and cheap and that if you have a very good quality.(〃'▽'〃) Hard to get a good quality. Thank you very much all of you who read me hope you have enjoyed this review and similar information to them.

I hope you have a nice week! ♡

Bye Bye!!


  1. Thanks for the review ^.^

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  2. I gotta be honest here I don't see any green on this other than your beautiful eyes sweetheart. but hey I'm proud of you and your amazing job. I usually don't think too high of avon but It seems they have good stuff too :P besides if it's approved by you I'm sure it's good.

    If anything you know how to make up your eyes the best. I love you you look like sweetie.

    Keep being such an amazing girl


    Your Kokoro

  3. Girl! oyu have wonderful eyes!!!!!!!! <3

  4. D: I love avon! My mum gets the new booklet every few weeks I think. Definitely going to pick this up :)

  5. I was searching for a good highlight eye shadow so I must try this trnx for sharing, btw tnx for your following Im following ya too ! :D

  6. Sounds like a truly great product! thanks for the review! :)


  7. Seems like a nice product, thanks a lot for the review Raimar! xx

  8. I really want to try this out! It looks really really nice on your skin tone ^w^ It's amazing how cheap it is! Everything in Canada is so expensive x_x;; I usually use powdered eye shadow to highlight. Maybe I should look into highlighting pencils :3


  9. That looks super pigmented and really suits you! You have such pretty eyes as well, girl!!

    Hope you have a Terrrrific Tuesday :)

    My Blog, Crystal Chizoba

  10. Wow! This looks amazing and really brightens up your eyes. ♥ I'm following you on bloglovin'. :D


  11. Muy buena review, yo tengo el mismo Pen pero noto que se me hacen pliegues en los parpados... los únicos Highlighters que me han resultado son los que vienen en polvo...

  12. wow ~ its a nice colour! and your have great eyes too ^^


  13. Never tried that one and now I want to!


  14. I think this is a great color. I love using highlighters on the under rims of my eyes to make it appear bigger :)

    Have a great day~

    Dawn @ Pursiko.com

  15. I like how the highlighter makes your eyes pop!^^

    Xiang Jiao @ Pursiko.com

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  17. This is a great review, I think this highlither looks great on you :-), I'd buy it myself ! Kisses

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  18. Wow you're so pretty! :3 Avon has lots of good products!


  19. looks so interesting! i'd love to wear it during the days when i want to wear a natural makeup :) kinda reminds me of NYX Jumbo Pencils. thanks for the review. <3

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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  20. Your eyes are gorgeous, but I really love how the Avon pen brightened them up even more! Fantastic review, thank you so much for sharing! :)


  21. the highlighter pen looks great on you! really makes your big eyes pop :)

    Metallic Paws

  22. It seems to be interesting, mm... I'd like to try it!


  23. Oh wow. I really love that color. It's so pretty.


  24. love Avon but like you said, their products are only available at their stores.
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    With love ❤.

    1. I'm on facebook too! Follow me back (;

  26. Avon has been making some lovely products, and I love the pearly color of this pen!
    ♥ laura
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  28. Such a cheap and great eyeshadow! That's a great purchase ;)

  29. this is such a cheap and nice eyeshadow! I def. can see myself purchasing this and using it!

    I am following you now via bloglovin =) It sucks that GFC is going away


  30. hi thanks for visiting my blog and follow me, I like your blog since I started following you

  31. love the look one your eyes, cute !

  32. Glad to hear it's long lasting and for only $2! Looks so nice:)

  33. It definitely seems like a great brightening product!

  34. Such a lovely product to enhance the eyes! Love it!! :)


  35. I know Avon isn't very popular, but I've always been impressed by the quality of their products, especially considering the price - this pen looks great!

  36. Hi dear !!
    You look great !
    I really love your blog and posts !
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  37. I love this review. Nowdays i don't really use Avon products but old times i used them and i loved them. In my country i can buy from saleswomen too and that's why i changed for other brands which i can buy easier way. But i love this pen and your eyes ate really beautiful. I love your blog.


  38. Great review!
    BTW, following you on Twitter now (@FashionablyY)!!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  39. You look very lovely dear~ The highlighter is gorgeous on you! I love avon products too but I agree, it's hard to get a hold of :(



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