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Saturday, March 23, 2013

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Hi Everyone!

Today I bring you a review of a product I bought a week ago. It turns out that one of the drugstores in my town came ELF brand products to what was shocked because I have not tried the brand before and have seen very good products through other bloggers and youtube videos. (・x・) There from shadows, blushes, pencils, primers, but I decided to buy this Eyeliner Pen because I really need one and actually buy online I get more expensive than buying one from a drugstore and ready.(´・ω・`)

It cost me about $ 7 is a good price for a liner considering that I was online one cost less than $ 15. ヽ(;▽;)ノ♡ In the first fotorafía was in its packaging in the second picture is just the product. (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) Eyeliners are really my favorite products so believe me excited me a lot.

The tip of this eyeliner is really thin and really has great accuracy at the time of eyeliner. I liked it. It really is simple and easy to use. I say it is simply an eyeliner pen, but I like this tip is smaller than usual. (o´∀`)ノ 

(*'ヮ'*) Incredibly not buy the color black but I bought this color called "Ash"  (´;ω;`) And by choice, it was because this was the only color available in the store. But another thing I thought to buy it was that I saw a tutorial on youtube which is preferable in the day, use lighter shades of eyeliner for makeup that does not look so intense. Really daily to go to college do not use black eyeliner but a gray or brown shadow that I use an angled brush and applied as eyeliner.

Well, in first the color not is really pigmented... ((;゚Д゚)))

Now the TEST

(〃▽〃) my eyes with the pen eyeliner...

As is very little pigmented so it looks natural enough not as pigmented as I want


- It's inexpensive.
- The tip offers a good precision.
- It lasts 8 hours.
- It is available in some drugstores
- Not irritate my sensitive eyes.


- It is not waterproof. (It's amazing what that says the package).
- If you cry or something smudge on your eyes Because is not waterproof.
- Not as pigmented.
- If you want more pigmentation must reapply.


(´-ω-`) Well now I'm going to start giving my personal opinions about this product. Mainly not at all waterproof. Not waterproof. Actually this was quite disappointed as the weather in my city is strange and sometimes it can rain, and not look like a panda desire. Another thing to note is that it has very little pigmentation, although that is not black does not show the color that is supposed to be. (ノ_・。) I really liked the fact that not irritate my sensitive eyes and precision that I have to use it. If I say something good about this eyeliner is that it's so light and color, I´m using it daily to go to college because it looks pretty natural. ( ・ε・) I Don't buy it again, as I prefer to try other brands that have better pigmentation and that do have water proof.

And here I´m using this eyeliner. Sorry my face was somewhat asleep early 8 am before going to college, sincerely last night had not slept well and to go to college do my makeup pretty natural. Just a little something of BB Cream eyeliner, blush, lipbalm and ready. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I hope this review has helped you. I hope you have a nice weekend!

Bye Bye!!


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  2. Uhm, elf products sometimes can be very disappointed. Thanks for the review, didnt know that this was in the drug store ^.^

  3. Great review! It's a pity that it's not waterproof :c
    I always have the same problem with the weather so i bought a really waterproof eyeliner ;D


  4. Bummer, I like the felt tip style eyeliners and it's sad that this one didn't deliver. I have similar problems with non-waterproof eyeliners. It's so embarrassing to get Panda eyes!

    Xiang Jiao Pursiko.com

  5. El color es muy natural,y semira realmente muy bien en ti es una lastima que no sea a prueba de agua (; _ ;)♥

  6. I like your post. Your eyes are really beautiful. *w*


  7. Great review! Think I will give it a miss!

    Sita xx

  8. I will definettly be trying those !!!!
    Come and see me and maybe we can follow each other ?:)


  9. No he probado este delineador, pero que suerte tienes de que vendan E.L.F en tu ciudad...
    Yo quiero probar los rubores porque he visto muchas chicas diciendo maravillas de ellos...
    Y muy lindo el maquillaje que usas todos los días yo por dormir unos minutos más suelo salir a cara lavada XD

  10. Thanks for this great tip. I have been want to do this look.
    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Wrapped in Black and White'.
    Have a great weekend.


  11. I've tried this before, and I don't ever use it anymore because it just smudges so quickly and the pigmentation isn't great :( Your photo looks cute though!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  12. youve got nice eyes!!! :) mind follow each other? i follow back babe :)) just leave a comment on my posts



  13. Well, for the price you pay, I guess that's not too bad. Although I like the L'Oreal Telescopic liquid eyeliner - its not waterproof, but for a day long wear, it doesn't smudge!

    Trendy Teal

  14. I love my gel liner but this felt-tip pen liquid liner looks so much more fun and easy to use!

  15. it looks pretty on you! I love elf but this is quite disappointing as its not waterproof and the pugmentation is not good either..

  16. I used this before, it turns out not that good also!!! =]

  17. oh wow! this one looks incredible :) thanks for sharing. def have to try this one.

    best wishes,
    take part at my giveaway!! www.rot-schopf.com

  18. ive tried this and i totally agree with you. definitely not pigmented enough!


  19. Elf products are less expensive but sometimes the quality isn't all so great but thanks for the review ^^ your handwriting is cute sa-chan <3 (sorry your name is so long xD) thank you for visiting my blog and following and of course I followed you too ^^ keep in touch doll~


  20. I still love the way it is pigmented. :) This would be perfect for my make-up for work!

  21. It seems that this eyeliner isn't perfect but it looks cute (^^)

  22. Oh my gosh it's $7?? Over here it's $1 and I got probably 3 of those at a time haha. I have always gotten the black one and the pigmentation was very watery at first, but eventually blackened up. And I agree.. it's not very waterproof! But I guess for $1, you can't expect TOO much. I do love lots of ELF products though. I hope you get to try others ^_^.

    -Mei Hearts

  23. looks really nice, great post!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  24. I really like the ELF brand since they are so cheap. I wasn't very impressed by the eyeliner pen though. I like their normal liquid liner much better but the con is that one isn't waterproof.


  25. Thanks for the review Raimar, too bad the formula wasn't so great, looks really natural on you though ^^ xx

  26. Hi dear, it does look really lovely on your eyes and I like that it produces quite a thin line. Such a pity about not being waterproof. Thanks for lending me your fashion insight, have a great week doll!

  27. I like it cause it's thin !

  28. i also have this but in dark blue. it also dries so fast. T_T would not repurchase this product ever again T_T thank you for sharing!

    btw, i hope you can join my giveaway. here's the link:
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  29. Thanks for sharing the pros and cons! So sad that it isn't really waterproof :(

  30. Thanks for following me via Bloglovin~ Of course I follow you back, because your blog is really nice ^^

  31. Lovely! I am following you via GFC and Bloglovin


  32. Thanks for the review. This eyeliner is probably not for me since I prefer eyeliners that are pigmented and waterproof.


  33. Too bad it's actually not waterproof! But anyways looks very nice on your eyes! :)


  34. Oh! How nice :) ELF has amazing prices, I never got the chance to use any of their products because they don't sell it here. It's nice to find out about new liquid eyeliners. xx

  35. this eyeliner goes on really natural on u but too bad it's not waterproof.


  36. Thanks for the review! Elf has amazing prices, but their products do dissapoint sometimes. For me, I need my eyeliner to last since I go through a lot during the day (exercise wise haha)


  37. Thanks for the review! it looks great on you <3

  38. It looks great ! ^O^ I think I will try this eyeliner pen oneday. ^^
    anyway, awesome blog ! xoxo :*

    Follow each other ? :D

  39. It looks nice beautiful!<3

    Following each other Bloglovin ' too?:)

  40. Boooooo that says it's waterproof when it's not, boooo!!!! But putting that aside, I love the tip and the colour for a more subtle look!
    BTW, you have beautiful eyes!!

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  41. SAKURA CHANNNN!! I nominated you for the "Liebster Award" ('w') congratulations! Check out my blog for details ^0^ oki?



  42. your eyes are o beautiful
    I followed you back so we can keep in touch


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