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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HANSKIN Smart Total BB

Hi Everyone!

Today with this review for this interesting product is a BB Cream from the Korean brand HANSKIN. Is the first product than I tried from this brand and when I saw this product on offer en eBay I must admit was the first time than I see this brand. Was really interesting find an offer from a new brand to me, because normally are very populars brands where I find offers. You can find this brand in SASA. In fact the same offer was in SASA some months ago when I purchased this product.

This said SASA about HANSKIN:

Embrace advanced technology and a blend of pure and natural ingredients, HANSKIN adheres to 4-NO’s product principles of “No artificial dye, no synthetic fragrance, no alcohol and no synthetic preservatives”, not only improve your skin conditions, and it also helps minimized irritation, helping you to pursue healthy and natural beauty, deliver clear, clean, healthy and bright skin. Original creator of the first consumer use B.B Cream.

(´∀`*) Back Side´

Price and Quantity: This product cost me 8$. This product is a bottle that have 10 mL I think is really nice because to me was for  test this product  (・ε・)/ As the product in its full version costs $ 25 seems reasonable to me what I paid well, it was not expensive.

Fragance, Texture & Color: The frangance is really neutral, remember to me to sunscreen like smell. The texture is really light and nice and doesn´t was sticky. This color is Natural Skin Tone 2 and is like a very light beige I really like it the color and the texture because is really light.

Now the Test

You can see on before my bare face and the after with a coat of bb cream...

!(*゜▽゜)ノ Is like magical photoshop! 

Btw that pics are unedited!


- Is a light BB Cream and looks so natural that can be used everyday,
- Is light but cover perfectly all the spot and redness.
- This product has SPF 37 PA++
- The whitening effect is to instant.
- Excellent control of oily skin.

- Can be purchased in some countries only online.



This is an excellent BB Cream I think is the best BB Cream than I tried has a really cool control of oily skin. Is like magical photoshop super light.  !(*゜▽゜)ノ Is really light, blens very well. And covers very well any imperfection like spots or redness. The whitening effect is to instant. I want try other products from this brand because is really cool. I recomend this product. I love it that has SPF 37 PA++ that is really nice because I don´t need put suncreen on my bare face before makeup.


。。(*Θ_Θ*) I hope you enjoyed this review,  I was really busy with a lot of work, and I need study to my exams, is pretty stressful to me but I´m doing to my best effor to maintain my blog and my life and all.  ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ I love you guys many thanks for your comments and visits ♥ I hope you have a nice day~~

Bye Bye!!

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  1. Wow the coverage is so good! *o*
    I just tried one of their sheet masks recently, and it felt really high quality. I need to try this now ^^ thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, the coverage looks amazing, I must say, (;
    Want to try this out now, hic, moneyy....
    Thanks for the review anyways^^

  3. the result is wow! the coverage is really good, now i want this bb cream xD

  4. This BB Cream looks like magic. o:
    I'll definitely be adding this to my wishlist!
    Thanks for reviewing it! ^_^

  5. wooww, good coverage sounds promising
    really curious about this brand, i never used it before


  6. Wow, the results are amazing! Your skin looks magically airbrushed *0*
    I've heard of Hanskin but I never really heard much on them but wow, it looks like they have some pretty good stuff

  7. Oh wow this looks amazing! I've nv heard of this brand before but now I'm gonna check it out.
    Thanks for the review! :)


  8. Wow, it looks amazing! I might try this after I run out of my current BB creams. Good luck with your exams!

  9. me gusta mucho que sasa tiene mini tallas porque a veces el producto full size es muy grande...
    y es muy cubritiva esa bb cream parece una base normal...

    gracias por la review...

  10. oh wow, it looks fantastic! really great coverage :) i really wish i can get my hands on it, it's so good!

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

  11. omg... the coverage is amazing! Will definitely try this out. Thanks for the review :)

  12. WOW!the difference is spectacular. I'ts amazing! :-)

  13. Thanks for the review Raimar-chan, I've never heard of this brand before ^^ The before and after photos are really great xx

  14. wwwwwahhhh, you totally convince me on this bb by just reading on the post... will be haunting this bb soon...thanks for sharing ;)

  15. Wow!! Awesome coverage! Now i want to try it!

  16. I just came over this on another blog and really wanting to buy it the coverage is amazing :D xx


  17. Wow! I am so impressed but I really hate customer service at my local Sasas' - but this really is photoshop in a bottle. One of my gripes with bb creams is that they are too pale for me.. But my sister looks really wonderful with them hehe :) xx

  18. Following you now..great post!
    Hope you follow me back missy.
    I love your hair cut as well :)


  19. Oh wow, that BB cream makes your skin look so flawless.
    I love how it works with oily skin.
    Definitely thinking of trying this out sometime.


  20. No way, I just cannot believe that a BB cream would make your skin look so good :-O Amazing.

  21. i wear bb cream too but from faceshop ! btw thanks for sharing


  22. Oh wow, that BB cream makes your skin look
    so amazing, that review is great. ;)

    I already follow you on bloglovin'. ;)


  23. I looks really great on you skin! It looks like as it's almost glowing! :)


  24. The coverage is actually really good and unlike a lot of BB creams out there! For a lot of people this is all you would need to wear and your skin would be fine!

    Very surprised to see how good this BB cream is!! :)

    Layla xx


  25. It's absolutely amazing!! I'm looking for a new bb cream... maybe I've found the one :)) Thank you for the review!!!

  26. I'm really surprised about the coverage! Usually bb cream is not that great for coverage but it seemed to work really well for you!

    Thanks for the review! :D

  27. Hey lovely~ thanks for following! I really like your blog so i followed back ^o^

    I've tried a few BB creams but i can't really get along with them :( Will have to look into getting a better one!


  28. I wonder how would this cream work on me ? :P hahaha would you let me try it sweetie? I think I need some for my skin which is quite dry and feels not good.

    Seems to be quite good I have to say it... you always know how to look beautiful in every single one of your posts.

    I've learned so much about makeup that I'm sure I know about it more than most of the guy, at least the ones that don't work with make up but still have a girlfriend.

    Keep up this amazing job sweetie. and remember I love you so much no matter what.


    Your Kokoro

  29. Thanks so much for following my blog, just followed you back on GFC and Bloglovin'!



  30. Hey there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it.

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    Lovely post!

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    Danica Stark

  31. Thanks for stopping by. Love your lovely blog :)


  32. oye esta bbcream se ve increíble y que cobertura tiene!! me dejó impresionada!! nunca había visto esta marca antes, voy a mirar por sasa.com que hay de bueno aunque nunca he comprado ahí antes, veré que tal!

  33. it's like a miracle! gosh, that's the best bb cream i've seen! your skin looks amazing!

  34. Great review! I've never used BB cream but I should give it a try.. Thanks for sharing! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  35. I love your review. I really love BB creams and it looks great. :)

    xo, Shiki


  36. love your review!! will try next time :)


  37. Replies
    1. I have oily skin but really sensitive because I present severaltimes redness around my nose and work really nice with sensitive skin.

  38. Looks like an amazing BB cream. I wish I could get my hands on it <3


  39. I need to get a new bb cream one of these days...xoxoxo


  40. Wow, this is a great brand of BB cream. I'm going to have to check it out!



    Southern (California) Belle

  41. This looks really good, like it really has a photoshop effect! xx

  42. I really liked your blog. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

    My Blog :- Nature Health Secrets

    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours

  43. A friend spoke highly of her indeed!

    Thanks for following, I also follow you on bloglovin too!

    I tried it some hair? ^ ^


  44. Wow! i love your layout Falling hearts <3 STarted following you. Hope you can visit my page :)Also, a great review in BB cream :D


  45. This BB Cream looks great.. Will try this out... I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog.. http://kitchenserenity.blogspot.in/

  46. I´m not a huge fan of BB creams but this one looks like it has a really nice affect :)

  47. I've never tried the BB cream, but Ill have to.


  48. so pretty, really!
    It's the perfect color for your skin!

    I’m follovin’ your blog on GFC and Bloglovin :)
    Would you like to follow each other?
    I’ll wait for you on my blog.



  49. I'm totally in need for something like this <3


  50. This post is so cute and lovely:)
    My last passion is to recreate Disney looks.Would you like to check out my blog?
    I will be glad if you enjoy it and decide to follow each other:)Just let me know:)
    I wish you everything well!
    xoxo Veselina from Bulgaria :)

  51. Wow, this sounds great!!! It did a wonderful job smoothing out your face. :-)

  52. This looks like a great cream! It makes your skin still appear very natural


  53. I love the before and after pic of this bb cream! Seems like a good one and relatively inexpensive as well :) Thanks for the review.

    Dawn @ Pursiko.com

  54. oh wow amazing!!! *_*

  55. Wow, that BB cream looks like it worked amazingly on you in evening out and brightening your complexion and blurring imperfections :) What a great find!

  56. Sounds like a very good product, good coverage and good oil control.


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