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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin

Hi Everyone!

This is a foundation which I've read and seen many reviews since November last year I bought and still had not used it because I was using my beloved BB Creams  (▰˘◡˘▰). I have heard very good and constructive positive things about this foundation is ideal for oily skin which caught my attention because I have not found something that is a good foundation with a really control on oily skin.

This said Revlon about this Foundation:

Longwearing coverage with a lightweight formula that won’t cake, fade, or rub off. With Time Release Technology specifically formulated for combination or oily skin to control oil absorption and shine. Your look stays flawless throughout the day.

Instructions (●´ω`●)

Price and Quantity: This product cost me $ 14 if I know it is rather expensive to be a drugstore product but here in Venezuela makeup products are significantly more expensive so most of my purchases are online. (*´ω`*) However, the product contains 30 mL which seems reasonable because although it is a little less than a usual BB Cream will last me quite a while. 

Bottle Open! o(*・・*)o

Color Medium Beige

Fragance, Texture & Color: his is the part where this product left me a little disappointed. (/ _ ; ) As for the fragrance is quite intense and for me turned out to be quite annoying is like a cross between glue and sunscreen. It was really intense and annoying to me. The texture is annoying but not if it is because of the smell but it reminds me glue diluted with water. It is very important to apply it with a brush and be quite fast because it dries quickly applied it with a sponge and I'm not such a good result. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ Color is another thing I disliked is that the bottle looks lighter than it really is. Its application is significantly a little darker than my skin I don´t  usually use Light Beige because it is very clear to my skin tone.

Now the Test...

I´m not look tanned but is because I´m in from a window and I use my regular powder.
\(^o^)/ Yay! Glad not to look tanned but that if I use little amounts is not much use, because if I see tanned.
Btw this pic is unedited light.


★ PROs
- Despite being a light base has a good coverage.
- It is easily accessible and can be achieved in drugstores or online.
- It has SPF 6.
- It comes in different shades.
- It is long lasting.

★ CONs
- It has a strong odor that can be unpleasant.
- This product does not have control oily skin. (+ ¯ ー ¯)
- It is difficult to remove.
- Can only be removed with creamy cleansers... (* Θ_Θ *)
- Deepen the expression lines.
- The color of the bottle is not exactly equal to the product.



I would like to say that I love this foundation but that's not true. ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。In fact I must confess that after using it the first time the much hated first because the smell bothers me. Coverage is pretty good for what I'm using. Something I'll confess is this product doesnt have control on oily skin.  ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ When placing powder having applied even my skin looked bright as usual. ( i _ i ) And that was very disappointing much more than color or odor. ヾ(*′Д`*)ノ””” Maybe my skin is more oily than usual. I don´t purchase this product again. 


I must say I do not like saying bad things about products. But but I don´t like, I don´t like is simple. (´っ_・。`) This base was highly recommended but hey I think I'll stick with the BB Creams but equally I will use this product. (´-`).。oO I hope you liked this review. many thanks for visit my blog any ask or opinion put on comment.  I hope you have a nice week~

Bye Bye!!

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  1. great photos!! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  2. Nice!


  3. Thank's for the review..I have oily skin too..xo!

  4. nice product..
    take a look at my blog,we can follow each other if you want let me know

  5. So... not that good eh?, well i guess that's a problem still you look prett y nice sweetheart, i love the color of you hair,regardless of whatever and whoever says. I think your'e beautiful .

    As for this product, I think that you live, you learn which is nice for you to be doing this ^^ so you tell people your honest opinion.

    Keep this amazing job sweetie.


    Your kokoro

  6. I think it's a little too pale for you...

  7. it's a great product!
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  8. I tried this product before and didn't like it at all. So I agree with your assessment.

  9. una lastima que no te gustara, esta es la unica base que seguiría comprando, aunque el bastante cubriente, el olor no me molesta jaja aunque se que huele a bastante alcohol. saludos!

  10. The texture of the foundations are very important for me and I do like water based ones! I think it blends more easily or I dunno :c


  11. Well, the way you described that smell sounds terrible. It doesn't seem to be a very good product for how much you paid for it.


  12. i was thinking abt trying this, but now i'm not so sure. thanks for the review.

    p.s. you look great :)

  13. Sa-chan thank you for this review. I know many people been raving about this foundation which makes me want to try too but I know I didn't like revlon foundation before and thanks to your review I think I'm not gonna try this product after all cause I have the same skin problem as yours and if it doesn't have goo oil control then I won't get it ^^ you look beautiful in the photo though :D

  14. yo la he probado en tiendas y no me termina de gustar tampoco... aca no se consigue los colores más claros y eso tampoco me gusta...
    otra cosa que no me gusta es que no tiene "pump" una chica de asia me dijo que su version de esta base si tiene, que injusto que no sea la misma en todos lados...
    que mal que no controle los brillos de la cara cuando es la version para oily skin...
    muchas gracias por tus reviews =)


  15. I used to have this foundation and I remember that the smell was indeed quite strong. Other than that I liked it, but there are better oil-fighting foundations out there.

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  17. ohh..I have oily skin so maybe it is not perfect for me..

  18. Hello my dear! :3

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  19. I tried it a while ago, and is one of the foundations that I have like.

  20. looks like a really good thing! love your make up!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  21. Wow I had no idea it smelled so badly : / I've been wanting to try this foundation for years but it's so expensive where I live that I haven't had a chance. I still want to though because I heard the coverage is excellent, we'll see. Thanks for the review Raimar-chan : ) xx

    1. The coverage is really good but is really annoy remove with wipes. I need use cream cleanser for remove this foundation.

  22. looks great since i have oily combination skin but lately i never use foundation because that bb and cc cream =_="

    nice post :D

  23. Of course I follow back (:

    Have a nice day xx

  24. thank you for such amazing review. the colour is stunning :)


  25. Yeah, for me it's also important that my beauty products have lovely scent! :)


  26. Revlon always have something good to offer,though I haven't had one yet my friend who does says their products are really good..
    You're lucky to have it dear. Another great review from you too!
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  27. Lovely review and amazing color.. Thanks for sharing dear :-)

  28. It looks good, I will have to try this product!


  29. Love it!!!!! Thanks for sharing such a nice post! Gladly followed you on Bloglovin', hope you can do same;)
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  30. So many people raved about this foundation =0 Too bad you don't really like it.. But I would still try the version for dry skin if only Revlon was avaible in my country haha >_<

  31. Great review! I like its good coverage, but if it doesn't control oily skin I wouldn't love it.. My skin is very very oily T_T

  32. The foundation looks really nice on your face! Your face seems so clean and even, do you even need foundation? Haha.
    I don't like foundations that accent the fine expression lines in my face, so I wouldn't buy this :< But I bought Revlon Photo Finish foundation once that was not too bad. However, somehow it sometimes gave me a burning sensation so I don't think I will buy Revlon products again haha.
    I hope this will work well for you in daily life!

  33. this foundation is great! the result is full of light, i follow you :)


  34. thanks for sharing :)
    love your makeup <3

  35. Gorgeous skin! ^_^ It looks very nice on you.

  36. It looks flawless on you c: Very clean!
    Bummer about the cons really :c Thanks
    for the review! Xx

  37. I love this foundation.. it gets into my pores but it stays whole day :) x



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