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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tea & Mint Accesories

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Hi Lovelies!

I feel it's been years since my last post. I've been busy with my exams and college. ⊂((・x・))⊃ Well I do my best effort to do well and carry both daily. I want to show you today a beautiful Venezuelan local shop called "Tea & Mint" that make accessories and stylish cute japanese lolita type. ( ´艸`)~☆ This beautiful store sent me really nice things for reviews and want to share with you.

I receive this sweet cake ( *´艸`)

Inside the box many lovelies accesories! Yay! ヽ(●´ω`●)ノ 

Two cute heart soft earrings are really soft and cute!

۶•ﻌ•♡ Looks like two mini cakes! 
But are two earrings! ^.^)

Oh cute stickers cats! (゚ω゚)!

Neckacle Package! く・・♥」

(´・ω・)!!Pink Anchor! Yay!

Cookie Ring! ~(^O^)

Where to buy kawaii accesories?

Store: https://www.facebook.com/TeaAndMint
Twitter: @TeaAndMint
Correo: askthemint@gmail.com
Tumblr: http://tea-and-mint.tumblr.com/
Blog: http://teaandmint.blogspot.com/

Tea & Mint is a great little shop Venezuelan daily grows more and more. All things that I showed in this post are 100% original hand made ​​by Tea & Mint. They are beautiful accessories that can be used daily.

Many Thanks Tea & Mint!

I´m using the cookie ring! (^ν^)♡

I´m eating the cookie ring! I´m hungry! ーヾ(*´∀`*)ノ゙♡

Using the lovely and really heart soft earring!

My last pic! _( •́ ​ω •̀ 」∠)_

I sincerely hope you like this post you use it with love for you. By the way the photos were taken which appear nowadays after a long day of college in the quiet of my home, if I have signs of fatigue on my faceI'm awake since 4 am and more than 22 hours ago I haven't sleep.. Making this post I noticed that coincidentally used the same clothes you wore the same shirt I wore while. And that mysteriously my hair looks very much as been for the same date last year. ヽ(゜ω。)ノ  Yeah that is really interesting! 
Many thanks to everyone than visits my blog!
I hope you have a reall nice day~~

Bye Bye

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  1. Que bonito el anillo de cookie <3<3<3
    Y tu esfuerzate en la escuela y bloggea cuando puedas que por lo menos yo te seguire leyendo... =)

  2. I like the cookie ring and cake earrings.

  3. lovely lovely. I always adore your blog. can't wait for your next post !

  4. really cute the accesories with the cookie and hearts.

  5. woww.. the ring is super cute.. ^^
    Nice accessories <3

  6. Adorable :-)

  7. Such cute accesories Raimar-chan, enjoy them all darling xx

  8. Cute stuff *_* the cookie ring is some kind of funny xD but it still suits you well!

  9. Wow all items are sooooo cute <3 !

  10. Cute cute cute! I'm going to follow you now.

  11. Good luck with exams!
    These accessories are so cute!


  12. que bonito todo >.< el anillito de galleta y el collar de ancla tan kawaii, ojalá hubieran tienditas así donde vivo y con esas presentaciones tan lindas!!
    Gracias por tus palabras lindas en mi blog, te quería preguntar si vas a participar en el sorteo, si es así, debes dejarme tu e-mail :)

  13. Such a cute accesories! I love the cookie ring ^^

  14. Thanks for that lovely review darlin! I'm so happy reading all these lovely and sweet comments. I wish i could be everywhere sending you lots of kawaii stuff ^^

  15. Hi sweety, hope exams have been going well. These are most adorable accessories, love the heart earrings, so cute! I appreciate you stopping by, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  17. Wow, those are just so cute!!! =]

  18. Adorable & cute stuff dear :-)

  19. super adorable!! I just want to it that cookie ring!


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