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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Juicyful Deep Sleep Spray Review


Hi Everyone!

I feel like I was absent for two days although in reality I was or I feel that I was very busy at a family level. Yesterday I slept quite well, I suffer from very irregular sleeping patterns. Two things may happen when I get a good night's sleep: I sleep a lot but don't rest, or I get enough sleep and rest. I know that sleep is important but I can't help but think that sometimes I waste important time sleeping. I like to feel relaxed when sleeping and leave everything pending resolved or in some way resolved. Yesterday I had a carousel of emotions for things that I will comment on later.

Today I bring you another product from the Juicyful Korean brand which name is Juicyful Deep Sleep Spray so in this review I am going to share my experience with this very interesting item that I received from Joohky.

Box Back Side

Juicyful Deep Sleep Spray 100 mL

Deep Sleep Fill-Pillow Spray, which sprays the bed and around the bed before falling asleep, has a gentle aroma scent for a long time to help calm your mind and body and sleep deeply.

All is in hangul~

This contains this practical spray dispenser

Packaging + Quantity: This product contains 100 mL and you really use 2 - 3 push which is really few. The box is super pretty and looks like a galaxy and I loved it. Leaving beside the aroma the simple but pretty packaging is on point. The bottle is white just like most Juicyful products.  

PROs and CONs

- Affordable price
- Cute packaging
- Subtle aroma
- Refreshing aroma
- Lavender aroma
- Easy application

- Not long-lasting effect
- In many countries, you only can buy this product online.


Sincerely I don't try products that are not makeup or skincare frequently. And with this, I mean that now I focus more on my skincare routine. When I saw this product as I commented in my Joohky Haul I feel very intrigued. First, this has a subtle lavender aroma which is perfect for relaxation. Just right now while I am writing this conclusion I just used the product. The fragrance is subtle and refreshing and makes me feel relaxed almost immediately.  I enjoy the spray dispenser which is super useful.

The fragrance is so subtle and thanks to heaven this didn't cause me any allergic reaction. I am super happy because this spray makes me feel so relaxed so it is easy to feel sleepy. My only concern is that the aroma fades really quickly. After 30 minutes the aroma is faded.  But sincerely I hope to buy this same product or a similar one in the future because is great for relieving anxiety and stress, obviously is not magical but aromatherapy is perfect for helping to relax. I really recommend this product If you are suffering from insomnia or stress. 


If you want to try this and other good Korean Makeup & Skincare


Well my lovelies, this was all for the post of today(=⌒▽⌒=)
I hope you enjoyed this review~ Have you used something like this? Please let me know in the comments.

Bye Bye!!


  1. Nice to keep a good night and sleep tight!

  2. i think i should recommend this product to him...

  3. I haven't tried that brand yet, but this product looks good. Thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend!

  4. So pretty! I love the packaging!

  5. Good. I struggle to sleep most nights!

  6. I love mists that soothe me to sleep. You fall asleep wonderfully and you wake up feeling well.

  7. I tried my first sleep mist a couple years ago and I absolutely loved it! I would definitely give this one a go - it sounds like it smells divine!

  8. Lovely packaging ♥ Thanks God its fragrance is subtle, I'm kinda allergic to strong perfumes...

  9. glad to know you slept well...hope, everything goes well.
    nice review of good product....

    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. Gracias por la recomendación y me alegro que descansarás. Te mando un beso

  11. never heard of this brand before.

  12. Thank you =) I love my presents too.
    Oh yes the eyeshadow palettes are pretty beautiful =)

    Great review, this spray sounds pretty interesting =)

  13. The packaging looks fantastic! While I've not tried it as intended, the scent is perfectly balanced as to not be overwhelming nor too soft

  14. Me gusta mucho la cosmética coreana!

  15. Sounds interesting. I like Pillow Potion an essential oil..that I mix with a carrier oil then put in a spray bottle. I like to actually put it on the bottom of my feet at night before I go to bed. I put it on my wrist too. For the most part it has a lot of calming oils Lavender, Camille and Sweet Orange.

  16. product sound good... Love Korean product

  17. What an interesting product! I'd like to try something like this, because I'm not very good at falling asleep

  18. I like this type of product. Have a good day

  19. These pillow sprays sound great, I've been thinking about trying them, but I'm also a bit afraid of an allergic reaction.

  20. I have used a pillow spray before, but not for quite a while now. But you have inspired me to give this one a try. I haven't seen it in any stores, so will try online. It sounds amazing...many thanks for the review!😊😊

    I do hope you are doing ok, my friend!

    Hugs xxx

  21. Un producto realmente interesante. No conocía esta marca.


  22. Great review! I’d like to try it. Thank you very much )

  23. Después de leerte me han entrado ganas de probarlo.

  24. thx for link to shop ;) i like koreans cosmetics. nice post ;) have a nice day ;)

  25. Sounds promising the lavender smell is my favorite will like to try it.

  26. This product seems very fine ;)

  27. I will try it is very nice. I followed you. I wait on the page

  28. This is an interesting product! Thanks for your recommendation!
    I wish you a lot of happiness in the New Year 2021 !

  29. The box alone is fabulous! Would make a great nail polish color.

  30. This cosmetic look really nice :)

  31. Um produto que eu não conhecia... e que de facto apetece experimentar!
    Adorei a sugestão! Beijinhos


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