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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 NYE and Resolutions 2013

Hi Lovelies~~

(>w<)/ It's new year and I really would like to share with you some events in "New Year Eve" may not be my post more interesting, do not know. I had a lot of fun but my bad times but hey I can live with it. (^///^)

My Mom, Dad & Diego (///∇//)
Usually in family spent NYE dinner and then go with my parents to my grandmother's house to welcome the New Year there.

Diego and Dad~~  (´∀`)♡

My Mom~~ (´∀`)♡,

I with Dad & Diego~~

Diego and I... (´∀`)♡,

My NYE OUTFIT ('∀'●)♡
It was really quite simple I think a dress with a tie belt, black, and a ballerina type shoes black.

My Makeup >‿<

After dinner we went to my grandmother's house where I took many photos ヽ(* ≧ω≦) ノ too seriously were more than 300 photographs in this post omit. It was really nice to see all my family together.

ヽ(*≧o≦)ノIn the house of one of my grandmothers bought a piñata to tear it down in the new year.
My Cousin Michelle~~

Michelle and Me~~ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

My Little cousin Rachel...❤

In Venezuela and I think in many parts of the world but I speak for myself, and here in my country there is a tradition of just in the last minute of the year eating 12 grapes representing each month of the old year. For the next one will be better.

Me & Grapes

Resolutions 2013~~

Last year was a great year, but wasted opportunities, I interacted with people who had not tried to make friends wrong and why my 2012 was not as good. Furthermore, they did not give 100% of myself in my studies.

- Working hard on my studies and start from tomorrow in focus not be good but to be the best.

- Work on my small business to have it a day, so you can, travel on this year as much as desire.

- Stay out with people and just give space to people who already have it.

- Ignore the criticism of people who are not worth it and you just want to annoy.

- Getting better every day and my post Keep me active in the blogging community.

Well I hope you liked this post where you just want to share a little bit of me with you. Many hanks for reading and visiting my blog, thanks for the support. May God bless you~~

Bye Bye!!


  1. Well it seems you had a great new year... I mean for what is wroth to, and somehow we still shared the moment but hey... that's awesome, your family looks somehow very jiful and happy. Specailly your brother.

    And you, oh.. you look so beautiful and cheered up :3 I love you you knwo ':$P and this picutres show how much of a pretty girl you are :$:P.


    Your Kokoro

  2. Great post !

    Love these pictures ;)

    Just what I needed to start the year :)

    Love and Best Wishes,


  3. Happy new year dear! :D

    lovely pictures! :) Thanks for sharing! > u <

  4. You look alot like your mother, love your outfit! :) Very pretty and feminine!

  5. The Look is beautiful flower! I loved it!
    Your blog is beautiful floor, and I'm following if you can and want to give back!
    A Happy New Year My beautiful!
    That 2013 is a Year of Many Achievements and Accomplishments!
    Fan Page:

  6. Me gusto mucho tu ropa owo esta muy bonita <3 igual que tu :3 yo también subiré algo sobre el año nuevo owo

  7. Such a cute family photos!
    Happy New Year!

  8. happy new year! lol what a fun tradition!! 12 grapes just before the new year.. lol what if you hate grapes? hahaha.
    best of luck to you and your resolutions! :D

    xoxo Sarah

  9. Your family is so beautiful! It looks like you had a very nice new year's eve and I love your outfit :). I hope 2013 brings you many blessings!



    Southern (California) Belle

  10. Those are some great resolutions! Good luck :) And that's a cool grape tradition!

  11. Your blog is so cute and I love your bangs, makeup and whole outfit. It's so stylish and I really like the entire look of all of your holiday outfits

    xo from San Francisco

  12. Happy 2013~。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。
    You have a great family!! =) and I love your fabulous face... super cute outfit as well!
    I haven't done my resolution(s) yet but yours sound good!

  13. great pics! Hope you had fun !

  14. Happy New year! Your outfit looks very fabulous!
    Good luck on those resolutions :)

  15. Happy Late New Years!! Glad to see you had such a great Holiday with your family. And those are some great Resolutions. Wish you the best in 2013!


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