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Monday, January 28, 2013

eBay Black Gel Eyeliner

Hi Everyone!

I want to show this gel eyeliner that I bought last year by eBay. Actually there were many such liners. They have a brand is simply a small container with a brush of which there are many. Today I was reviewing and I realized that there are not many like that time. 

(*`へ´*) The strange thing is that each brought their eyeliner brush and the cost was $ 2 and are still at that price, so I was tempted and bought it.

There you can see the eyeliner. (つω`*)

The brush is only a toy or something. Because as you can see in the photo is not a brush disheveled never serves to delineate.

(*´∀`*) As for the product itself, I felt quite relieved as it is of very good quality is quite pigmented. It's a good gel. No runs, lasts for hours I've used it for several months and has not dried (something that worried me). Not It irritates my eyes despite having sensitive eyes was not an aggressive product. It has a neutral odor. I think not smell anything.

〜(・x・)♥ There you can see it's pretty pigmented, those strokes I did with my angled brush, it really is very soft and easy to remove.The well pigmented it love it! ♥ 

・゚(´□`)゚・。 I really would like to buy a product or gel liner like MAC Cool or Bobbi Brown but so far not in my budget. Maybe when you budget for it or do a review of these gel eyeliners. Sometimes I find it shameful display products well but it really is a good product very useful very cool and very cheap. I suffer from really sensitive eyes and I had no reaction.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog, I hope you liked my post! 
Have a happy day. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♥

Bye Bye!!


  1. Looks like it works really well. I always have a problem with gel liners drying out.

  2. It really looks pigmented! :)
    and the container looks cute too!

    Jamie Kate

  3. wow seems nice to use! :)

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  4. it looks really nice and pigmented too! thanks for the review hun :)
    i'd like to have a Bobbi Brown gel liner too but it's soo expensive!

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ xo

  5. cool! may I know where you bought it at ebay? :)

  6. That brush is funny, haha. Great review on the gel liner!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

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  8. I love gel liner! I use it all the time. I think it looks great and unlike liquid liner, it doesn't smear all over the place!



    Southern (California) Belle

  9. Wow que barato!! se ve muy pigmentado y muy negro! de verdad que se ve muy bueno, me alegro te funcionara muy bien, incluso si tienes ojos sensibles :D

  10. even the brush is not a good quality but its nice eyeliner <3

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  11. gel eyeliner seems new to me, i want it but i still don't know how to use it!

  12. I have never heard of this eyeliner, but it's very pigmented. Nice!

  13. love how pigmented it is!!

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  14. Hola gracias por seguirme, tienes un blog muy lindo ya me voy a poner a mirar tus otras entradas...
    Y del delineador siempre lo veía en Ebay pero nunca me anime a comprarlo porque pense q me iba a dar alergias...

    un beso..

  15. Seems like a pretty good liner for its price! Definitely a great find :)

  16. Aw, I don't buy Bobbi Brown or Mac either as its super expensive in my country. I think drugstore brands usually work exactly the same neeways. Its just make up at the end of the day! It all depends on your skills and creativity. Keep it up!

  17. Hi dear, i always wanted to try gel liner, this one looks pretty good and really well pigmented.Thank you for your lovely comment :)

  18. Yo creo que en este caso puedes comprar un gel más económico y tener un delineador de calidad tipo MAC, al menos eso hago yo <3

  19. Thank you for this review! I usually use Bobbi Brown but it's so expensive and it dries out D: This sounds so much more affordable.

  20. Yo me compre uno igual que ese por lo barato pero a mi no me gusto :( porque cuando me lo pongo no se seca y se corre facilmente, tendria que sellarlo con sombra para que no se me chorree. Así que lo guardr para algun maquillaje de cosplay o algo asi.

  21. You should try the Essence gel eyeliner, is the best black gel eyeliner ever!! And super well priced (:

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.


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