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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pink MicroSD Reader

Hi Everyone!

o(≧▽≦)o Today I am really very happy because today I received and I bought something online months ago and it really is pretty cool. I do not know if you knew this before or had seen. >w< I know there are many readers of SD cards, but mine is extropeó months ago and I had to use my cable to download my pictures (which I really do not like). I ordered this online but it is very small but it is a reader, only for MicroSD.

It's really small, so I can hold it as you see in the image, it is shown there which will read the pc. Bring a small rope to hang the phone.  (///∇//)

In the back has an opening for inserting the MicroSD, really is very nice (not that I think is cute pink). It's really easy to move. I think now I will be doing post freer because I can download all the pics from my MicroSD. Oh by the way I got it on eBay for $ 1, I think it's a great price for something so useful. ヾ(*▽*)

Actually this post was made today. And today I received this product great. Thank you for visiting my blog for reading and for leaving me lovely comments.

Bye Bye!!


  1. cool...so this is similar to a flash drive where you can transfer files?? $11 is a great price, too!


    1. If you connect a Micro SD can use it as a flash driver. ^.^

  2. Aww it looks so cute!!♥

    @yourcomment: I was really disappointed with that box too. hopefully the next one will be better :D

  3. That's a really really cute card reader!
    Thanks for following me :)


  4. I remember when I got it for you, it's been months I thought it was lost :p but hey I'm happy for you sweetheart.

    You know, I never thought of putting it on my phone to be honest.. I wouldnt .. :P I don't like to have stuff hanging from my phone.

    Anyway, great post sweetheart I'm glad you are happy


    Your kokoro

  5. whee, it's really small and cute!

  6. kawaiiii ne!! <3

  7. That looks so useful! No need for cables =) I like that it's pink too!


  8. thank you for following me!
    I follow you a long time. :3

  9. oh, that's so cute... i love everything pink!


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