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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hi Lovelies~~

Since last year I wanted to do a review on this product. But I have gone several different things and I forgot I even posted on products I bought later. But anyway it's time to show this BB Cream. Yes, a new one, I really wanted to try several and believe me I have.  >‿<

This BB Cream SKIN79 bought it in mid-July last year and really and has been very good. The price has remained at a cost of $ 15 aporximadamente (depends on the buy online store). It really is very good and very helpful to the skin. ( ・∀・)

This BB Cream is the sister of the following BB Cream from SKIN79:

Here you can see my previous reviews of these other BB cream that are brand Skin79.

One side of the Box... ^..^

Other side of this box you can see the Ingredients (^///^)

Back Side of the box.

✿ Packaging: As you can see is a very beautiful golden box. Bring in the bottle in bringing the product is pretty clear the box giving the product specifications.

Bottle ( ゚з゚) 

Back Side of the bottle~~ ( ゚з゚) 

✿ Color and Texture: It has a very creamy texture of a soft little it´s no sticky. Its color is like a medium beige. Not so gray and so clear. The texture is creamy. It has a pleasant aroma.


Before using this product my skin was completely clean. I really try to take care of my skin imperfections have not always there.

After applying this BB Cream I consider that merged well with my skin color really is very natural effect can only be very light a little more even my skin but the difference is pretty minimal.

PRO´s & CON´s

✿ PRO´s

- Bring ko SPF 25 which is great to protect our skin.
- It is a product with reasonable price.
- It is well adapted to the skin tone.
- It is quickly absorbed.
- Non-greasy or stick.
- Has Caviar extracts that help long term skin.

✿ CON´s

- In most countries of the world can only be purchased online.
- It is more useful for normal to dry skin it can become something greasy to hours for oily skin.
- It is not a light base has a high coverage.


I really feel sorry for putting this post after so long. (///∇//)! Well it is an interesting product that encourages me to try and caviar at that and it was golden and had natural extracts and it was really lovely VIP. As for the product itself 40 grams seem fine. (*´ω`*) Now I must admit I surprise me that and not so greasy moisturizer. For normal or dry secure a great result. It has a medium beige fits nicely.

Now what disappointed me about this product is that after a few hours basically seems to have disappeared from my skin. As it is so light that seems to disappear. In addition to their level of coverage is minimal. It really does not help in those days we want to hide any imperfections. But if it helps to maintain healthy skin. And I must confess that helps heal scars caused by pimples or other, but this is long term.

Me using the BB Cream VIP GOLD SKIN79 (/^▽^)/

I really wish that you liked this review, I did it with love. I should really do this before. But hey thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the support and for reading. 

Bye Bye!!


  1. Hi dear, thanks for your honest reviews, I appreciate your advice. I like the packaging of this BB cream and think it gives you a lovely natural look.

  2. It has a great coverage!
    Ive never tried bb creams, so far I dont trust them!


  3. I use the hot pink one - which I really like as it's quite natural. I bought my sisters this one too and they really liked it - too bad it didn't have very much staying power on your skin!

  4. great review!
    i am so curious about this brand and their many different types of bb cream. i think i want to purchase a mini tube set first.

    you look great as always. ;)

  5. Well nwo this one looks differnt tha nusaul, but I have to say it it works so good odn you, I like the fact that you look so much happy with taht bb cream in your hands :p I love that lovely smile :p.

    Also, you reallly took your time to review thsi oen didnt you sweetie? :p a very nice explaination. and evne taht I dotn ue any :P this oen seesmn to have avery natural look on you :p


    Your Kokoro

  6. I want to try BB Creams too but there are just so many out there I don't know what to buy ;A;

    I love the packaging on this one though :)

  7. I didn't realize that Skin79 BB creams are so affordable! They are usually sold for $30+ and above in stores over here =[

  8. It looks really nice on your skin! I love a nice light coverage :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  9. Nice review <3 I really love the result *V* I should try it too :)

  10. Thanks for the detailed review! I haven't tried Skin79 BB creams, but I would like to :) However I think I will skip this one as I prefer something with a bit higher coverage, though this one looks perfect for a really natural, light finish :)

  11. I haven't heard of the brand before but I've used BB creams in the past, this one looks really great! xo


  12. Great review!

    You look like you have flawless skin! xx

  13. that's great... i should try that BB cream, i wish i can find one!

  14. I have the Hot Pink BB Cream, is very well and quite complete. I like your blog, I follow :)

  15. Esta genial este producto de verdad me encantaría probarlo, yo no uso base nunca por que aun no encuentro una para mi tono de piel,en ese caso cual me recomendarias? Yo soy muy blanca y mi el esta algo seca

  16. I've been wanting to try this one but haven't got the chance yet, but after reading your review I might reconsider it because my skin is combination oily :( Thanks for the review!



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