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Sunday, January 13, 2013

TonyMoly Mini Tint Cherry Pink

Hi Everyone!

This is a new review of this product that I bought on eBay looking for TonyMoly brand products which is a Korean brand. I've tried other products but begin their doing a review of this.ヾ(´▽`;) Lately I have heard or are popular dyes lips basically a tincture or a tint that last longer than lipgloss or lipstick and help keep lips hydrated.

I bought on ebay two mini TonyMoly Tint brand for about $5 really seems reasonable because these dyes last long though each bottle comes with 3 grams. I've applied fairly and really seems never-ending. Bring Jojoba oil helps keep lips hydrated. And supposedly Stevia helps maintain healthy cells. ❤ Promotionally speaking all it offers is great.


✩ Bottle and Odor: The bottle is really very simple one round bottle with intense dark deep color. The smell is a little strong and I must admit I can not be nice to some people.

Durability: This product promises to be full-length photo of the newly applied before the intense color can see in the second photo I cleaned tint with a napkin there can see that the color drops significantly.


(^▽^) On my Lips~~


- It is an economical product.
- Hydrates lips.
- It's something different to lipsgloss and lipstick.

- It tastes weird (I personally don´t like).
- Sharpen the lip lines (especially if tend to dry lips like mine).
- Strange smells (like chemicals)
- After a couple of drinks away from the lips.
- You can only buy online.

≧△≦ I think it's the light that was in the day but I go in this photograph extremely pale and my lips red not seem weird but I just had taken a photograph of then and after I took this photo's. Btw I just use BB Cream on my face and lip tint in that day~~


Well this is a different product for me, I must admit that I would use to do makeup as vampire or something. I do not like because it highlights the dry parts of the lips. And no one wants their lips look chapped. Furthermore although the color is quite intense and especially after a couple of drinks the color is going and I can say that looks natural but is not that I love completely. Tastes weird and smells very strange not convinced I did not fill my expectations and not do it again buy back (at least not this brand).  (/゚Д゚)/ I do not think I mentioned this is the color # 1 Cherry Pink.

Me after some drink~~ My lips like always.  ヽ(`o´)/

I hope you have enjoyed this review, thank you very much for visiting my blog I hope will soon be taking the first year makeup tutorial I'm working on it. Thanks for your comments. God bless you~~

Bye Bye!!


  1. tony moly tints are really cute, looks nice on you :) great review dear

  2. u shoud try another lip tint.. fresh cherry tint from Etude would be nice for u!

  3. aww, too bad it dries out your lips >_<

  4. Your lips after some drinks look like a lovely shade of natural pink!

    My friend got me benetint as part of my christmas present. The stain seems to work better than Tony Moley but I don;t really like how lip stain seem to bleed into the lip lines.

  5. wow this colour looks awesome!

  6. i like the color a lot but not into a traditional lip tint like this.
    you look beautiful wearing it nonetheless!

  7. It looks like a vampy lipstick, very nice :)

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  9. I really like the colour, but it's a shame it didn't live up to expectations

  10. I love red so that burgundy looks great. Nice post. would you like to follow each other via bloglovin? Have a nice day.


  11. hey! have been seeing your posts and i really love your purposes!
    i hope we could follow each other!
    wish you the best for this 2013!
    loads of love!


  12. the bottle is so cute! but too bad it quality is not really good. thanks for the great review :)

  13. lovely packaging!!!! maybe we could follow each other?! It would be a pleasure for me :)


  14. First I want to say thank you for visiting my blog!
    anyway, I think I don't like this lip tint. It just has no effect, I mean it looks like you're not wearing anything on your lips at all, and as you already said, it has more cons than pros. I'm glad that you did this review because now I know this product won't suit me :3

  15. i like this lip tint. they are cheap and nice color ;D

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  16. I've always wanted to try lip stains but now I think I might try a different brand. Thanks for such a detailed review, it was super helpful :)

  17. I haven't tried lip stains before but I think they sometimes look weird if not applied properly. :D Anyway, this looks good on you. :)

    Btw, I'm having a circle lens giveaway. I'm inviting you to join. :) Circle Lens Birthday Giveaway!

  18. The bottle looks like nail polish, but I like how it has a tint for the lips. I think it looks great on you! :)

  19. Great review! Followed you back sis :)

  20. awesome Pictures :)

    I like

    check out my blog if you like

    cheers from Germany


  21. The colour is really pretty, it looks lovely an rosy on you!

  22. nice color, love it

  23. Muchas gracias por el review!^^
    Ya había leído anteriormente que este lip tint tiene un olor y sabor bastante peculiar >__<, que al final de cuentas ha sido lo que me detiene a comprarlo :/, además de que no me gusta como marca los labios secos x3 Pero aun así me siguen llamando bastante la atención los lip tint, creo que intentare probar alguno de Etude House ^^
    Espero tengas un muy bonito día! bye bye!;3


  24. The packaging is really cute and the colour do look very nice on you~


  25. Sorry to hear this product didn't completely win you over - I can see that it doesn't apply too evenly but it's a pretty colour on you :)

  26. Thank you for your comment.
    It's a pitty that the product didn't live up to your expectations but it does highlight the colour of your eyes in the last photo.

    I wanted to say to you that I am back to my old url: me-travelleroftheworld.blogspot.com. Hopefully you are
    able to get all of my posts again. Sorry, for putting you
    through all of this trouble.


  27. I have the same problem with lip tins !! I'm using the liptint from benefit right now and it tastes weird too. Oh well. The bottle is really cute ! Thanks for sharing ~

  28. Lip tints are a waste of money, I tried those too and the results were terrible


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