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Friday, November 27, 2020


 "Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

This week has not been precisely easy because there are making remodeling at my parent´s house (where I live) and is complicated because I had to help to clean almost every day and is tiring and of course I keep having my job so yeah is very tiring I have to have a date about my job to the Monday due I didn´t have time to make everything. But well I guess everything happens for a reason. Today I want to share this post about a known web store Feelingirls. My first pick was this sports bra that looks pretty comfortable and nice to the time to practice any sport which is great.

The waist trainer for women is a good item If you are interested to reduce so inches of your waist while are you doing any exercise. So If good for you If you are interested in a body shape to improve your shape while you are exercising. By the way, always consult a doctor about If is right to you use a waist trainer because something like this is not for everybody you must use one depending on your necessities and of course depending If you really need or not. This is just a recommendation that I guess everybody needs to take into consideration. Sometimes December is the month when a lot of people decides to start to plan to start with the exercise the next month so this is always a good choice.

But now this last selection was for those people that only are interested in shape their waist just to use a cute pair of jeans or a good dress. So If today you a looking for a thigh and waist trimmer this web store is a place when you can start to look for it. I picked my favorite products or the products that I could consider purchasing but, of course, you can check the website is check is their sells something that fits you.  Now I know there a lot of prejudice about the people that use body shapes but for me, this is completely normal. Everybody can use whatever they like to look for their bodies better in their opinions.  Well, my lovelies this was the post for today let me know your opinions about these body shapes and like always I want to wish you a happy day. Try these Feelingirl Coupon Codes

Bye Bye!


  1. These shapes od body are very nice;)

  2. I hope your parent's renovation is finished and you are less tired.
    These do indeed sound like interesting products.

  3. Trener talii kobiet bardzo mnie zainteresował.

  4. Lovely! Great idea! Wonderful post!

  5. Sehr interessant, das wäre bestimmt auch was für mich. LG ROmy

  6. Hola ^^
    Me ha encantado el post, muy completo e interesante
    Gracias por compartirlo
    besos ♥

  7. Nice items!
    have a great weekend,

  8. Vou espreitar o endereço sugerido, para me informar e ver melhor estes modeladores de cintura... e espreitar sobre os modelitos dos sutiãs desportivos... que até ficam bem, por baixo de camisas, principalmente no Verão!
    Excelentes sugestões, como sempre! Beijinhos!
    Estimando que as obras, estejam a correr bem, e terminem logo...
    Bom fim de semana, para ti e todos os teus, Sakuranko!

  9. Gracias por las recomendaciones se ven geniales . Te mando un beso

  10. Very interesting products. Have a nice day ;)

  11. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing ) 

  12. remodeling a home is hard work. I'm getting ready to have my closet redone.

  13. very interesting, thanks for showing (:

  14. I like this products :)

    best regards :)

  15. I keep my fingers crossed for the work 😘
    renovations are really hard ...
    when it comes to clothes, this sports bra is very cool 🙂

  16. Hello there!
    This post was a surprise for me :0
    I really hope some girls can find what they are searching for in this post.
    Thank you so much ✨

  17. Hola hola!
    No conocía la tienda la verdad pero me ha agradado el segundo artículo más que el primero, ya que no soy muy fan de los sujetadores deportivos XDDDD gracias por compartir.

  18. gracias por las recomendaciones, un saludo!

  19. Great selection.
    I believe it is not easy to join all day cleaning with work.

    Have a lovely day

  20. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm just looking for a modeler and I think that here I will be able to find one that suits my needs, thanks for sharing.

  21. O wow this products are really nice but i Think it's not for me ;P

  22. I love feelingirls products. They are very useful.


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