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Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 "Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe we are so close to the end of November I feel that is incredible how the time flies, although thinking objectively I guess this year has been so messy and complicated that only these last months seem to be fast and quick. I feel that tomorrow will be Christmas. right now while I am writing this is raining because this is the rainy season that is known as winter where I live but there is not snow just rain and breeze. So today I am going to share with you some wholesale plus size clothing thanks to Wholesale7 and my first pick this time was a black coat that for me is a must-have in Winter. The coat is always comfy and can maintain you warm in cold weather and alas is casual and fashionable. 

Now with Christmas so close and with all this pandemic situation, I guess is fair that many people want to maintain budget respect about how much money they are spending and that is my case too. If you are looking for cheap clothing online store this website is a good place to start to look I found this beautiful necklace for less than $5 and that is great. Like this, there are so many good offers you can find hair accessories, bracelets, lingerie, and more and everything at a reasonable price. So If you want to start to look for your gifts for these holidays this can be a good website to check. 

While I was checking offers I found this lovely shoulder bag or tote bag that is so pretty and has a good variety of colors which is great considering that has a cost of less than $5 so yeah I feel so excited to find pretty juicy offers but I am maintaining restrain because I need to be careful about how much money I am going to spend and there are coming great holidays not only Christmas is around the corner so I want to save money in any case. So, please let me know which of my picks looks better for you and what you think about this website I will be happy to read your comments about the products. I hope you can find this post useful and informative.

Bye Bye!


  1. El bolso es muy cuco! Aunque si fuese para mí lo querría en otro color, no soy fan del rosa jaja Abrazos

  2. This pink bag is beautiful 😊

  3. I love it! everything is in my style. :)

  4. ¡Hola! ^^
    Me gusta el bolso, pero en rosa me parece demasiado llamativo para mi gusto. La verdad es que solo uso bolsos negros.
    Un abrazo!

  5. No la conocía, pero el bolso es precioso, saludos:D

  6. Sounds like a great store :-)

  7. Grazie per le informazioni davvero utili in questo periodo pre natalizio per un regalo davvero speciale. Buona giornata.

  8. Nice choice !
    I love the bag !! :D

  9. Love your review as always ))

  10. That bag is super cute! Great pick:)

  11. Woooo
    Me encanta todo, es precioso * - *
    Besitos! ♥

  12. Die Tasche ist wunderschön, tolle Farbe. LG Romy

  13. I love This necklace and bag :)

  14. Adorei as tuas escolhas! Fiquei especialmente encantada com o casaco preto! Bem do meu agrado! Pois combina com muitos looks!...


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