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Monday, November 9, 2020

New Haircut


Hi Everyone!

This has been weird days to me but in fact, despite everything, these have been good days.  I am doing my best for everything, but one of these nights I decided to cut my hair by myself my hair right now is pretty long so I decided I wanted a change but with this pandemic, the situation is not easy to visit a hair salon.  So I decided to cut my hair by myself and this what you see in the pic was the result. 

But is not easy to take photos but is like in different soft layers and before my hair was completely long. Obviously, I fixed my bangs again and I discovered that is fun but is a little tiring because I have a lot of hair and the hair is long. If you follow me on Instagram probably already know the difference between my photos.  I recommend cutting your hair yourself If you are completely sure If you are not gonna mess your hair but If you are not sure, please visit the hair salon. I was all the time thinking oh my gosh I am gonna do something wrong and I a going to cut the wrong section.

The hair looks a little shorter in front and the backside of the different layers.  And yeah I cut the length too. I feel happy with the result I find very good reviews on youtube and I did everything by myself and I feel proud. (‐^▽^‐) I wanted to cut my hair really short but I am still thinking about that idea I am not completely sure but definitely, with the length of my hair the easiest is to visit a hair salon If I am going to do that so I don´t know yet. My best wishes to all you that visit my blog and please let me know your opinions.

Bye Bye!!


  1. You are very good! Nice eyes dear =)

  2. I often cut my own hair. Even though other people say it's bad, I still like the result. :D

  3. I live in a red zone lockdown and even if the hair saloons are open, my hairdressers has a saloon in another city and sadly I can't exist the city I live in except for work, health and taking kids to school. I already cut my hair by myslef during spring when we experienced the first lockdown but I didn't do a good job as you did. I love the way you layered your hair and your bangs look perfect too.

  4. That looks really fab, I like it :-D

    I dyed mine black a few days ago....taking a while to get used to it! I am normally brunette!

  5. Good look! Nice hair. I love it. Kisses :* :* :*

  6. During pandemic, I decided to keep my hair long. BTW, you look good and i like your eyes.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Stay safe! xo.

  7. I often cut my hair when I was a teenager because I liked to experiment so I would often cut my bangs and cut layers into my hair like you did. I think you did a great job. Right now my hair is long and I'm keeping it that way. For me long hair is easier to maintain because it means that I don't have to visit a hair saloon often.

  8. This layer style cut is perfect for your character.
    Good appearance.

  9. Wow, the cut looks perfect on you!
    xx Rena

  10. you do it by yourself? soo talented :)

  11. Well done! I cut my hair by myself too, but I think it does not look perfect, and you did it better :-)

  12. Acho que ficou muito bem esse corte, Sakuranko! Eu também corto o meu em casa, já há algum tempo, embora use o cabelo bem mais curto , pela altura dos ombros... não deixo o meu crescer muito, por ser fininho... e mais curto, acaba por ficar bem mais volumoso e ondulado...
    Beijinhos! Tudo de bom, por aí!


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