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Friday, November 13, 2020


 "Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Wow so a year has been this week~ Sometimes I reflect on my life and I realize that I spend living in the future thinking about what I am going to do next and what I will do later and I stop being in the present. Although it is not a positive behavior, I also do not see it as something completely negative. So when Holapick contacted me to write about some products in their store, I found the product I need for this Christmas. I needed to find always most comfortable hoodies so my first pick was this one first because I really wanted to try something like this. easy, comfortable, and nice and with a great design sincerely just now I am needing a cup of wine. But sincerely even when I say everything with moderation today is the 13th Friday so I need to be extra careful with my words. Before I was very skeptical about many stuff but with this year a lot changed inside myself.

Now this second one is more like something casual and more like to go out to date (If you are not a lockdown too)  or for something less to be at the home. This looks like a cape and I like that style too. So yeah this is pretty casual and yeh with a little boring color for some people but I guess is practical, pretty and casual so I enjoy this type of hoodie perfect for days with the wind so yeah perfect for this autumn and sincerely talking about autumn I can´t believe we are already almost on December is insane If you told me. This year I learned a lot but in a bad way. The best thing is that I can now order online. 

And we are here in my last pick from this website the lovely Christmas sweater obviously If you are a fan of the upcoming holidays this is perfect for you. Christmas is one of my most loved seasons and I hope I can celebrate my days in peace. First in peace with myself and second in peace with my family and I can see that in this sweater. I hope you don´t think I am so weird but yeah I don´t care to be weird. Obviously, If you are looking for 
sexy sweatshirts you can find that type of sweaters at Holapick but I am sharing here with you my favorites. Please let me know what you think of thee in the comments. And of course, I want to invite you to visit this website that has amazing offers. Holapick Discount Codes

Bye Bye!


  1. Awesome hoodies! Love this first sweat shirt! Great hoodies! Definitely cozy. Hope you are staying well and safe! p.s..I did try to e-mail you. Not sure if you got it or not.

  2. I'm completely in love with the second one ♥

  3. Me encantan todas las sudadaderas.
    ¡Que tengas un buen fin de semana!

  4. merci pour votre visite super post je adoré le noël très jolie bisous bonne sante

  5. I need a Christmas sweater in my life!

  6. Love your hoodies, especially nob.2. Unique and I think I will look quite fashionable wearing it. But it is 30 Centigrade here. ALAS

  7. Very interesting article! Have a great weekend! 🍁🍂🍁

  8. These are nice, I like them all :-D

  9. Wow! But great sweatshirts! I would love to see all three in my wardrobe :)

  10. okay... I LOVE the second hoodie. I need to check this store

  11. Hoodies are the most comfortable piece of clothing in a pandemic.

  12. Adoro este género de camisolas! E encantei-me particularmente pela segunda!


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