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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge


Hi Everyone!

It has been a time since the last time that I published a post but that doesn´t mean that I stopped to read books. Only that I've been less active publishing. This year I guess has been complicated because I started with a book that doesn´t was a good choice. But even when this year has been a mess I guess in the last months I picked very good months. I returned to some of my old favorite authors like Sarah. J. Maas, Colleen Hoover, Veronica Roth, and Cassandra Clare, and I find amazing books and some disappointments too. There you can see how is my profile on Goodreads right now. 

Until today I achieved 76% of my Goal for this year 2020 that is only 50 books and I am 5 books behind my schedule but I hope today to finish another book. 

The last book I finished was A Heart so Fierce and broken by Brigid Kemmerer and was a pretty good book. And today I am currently reading Cemetery boys by Aiden Thomas this is my first time reading a book by this author and reading a book LGBTI+ so is good too. I know I am going to reach my goal this year and I know that read books is not a competition but feel-good read so many amazing stories and universes and for me, many characters and universes are really special.

I am going to share my favorite new authors and my favorite books of 2020 in a post in the last weeks of this year. This is my Goodreads profile ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Obviously I am going to publish a special post when I reach my goal of 50 books! Well this was all for today~

Bye Bye!!


  1. you are right on track my dear! and next year EVEN MORE books!!

  2. I haven't opened Goodreads in a while. I don't know, there is no desire to read during a pandemic. :(

    1. Although up to the middle of the year my reading was quite weak, afterwards I have found incredible books.

  3. Great. I haven't been doing much reading!

  4. congrats on almost making your goal

  5. Taki challenge to zdecydowanie coś dla mnie :)

  6. I don't use GoodReads, but I do read a lot - I'm impressed at you aiming to read 50 books! I'm currently at 32 books, and I can probably read another 3-4 before the end of the year. I always have a "meet or beat" my previous year's number.

  7. Que bom, que está a conseguir ler bastante, Sakuranko!
    Este ano, as minhas leituras têm sido muito reduzidas. Com a pandemia, o meu tempo, tem desaparecido quase todo, com as medidas de segurança aqui em casa, para tentar que a minha mãe se esquive do vírus, por ela pertencer a um grupo de alto risco...
    Beijinhos! E continuação de boas leituras!

  8. Hola, yo tampoco llegué a mi meta, pero supongo que fue porque fui un poco demasiado lejos. Me propuse llegar a 80 y apenas leí 25, este año me he puesto apenas 60, espero ahora si llegar o quizás pasarla.


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