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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Big Dilemma! English or Spanish?

For someone who knows both languages is no dilemma, and if it seems I'm doing a lot of drama. But when I decided to open my own blog as if it´s a dilemma.

My first language is Spanish, so they know a little about me I'm Venezuelan, (as I mentioned earlier but I think the O.o) and as such I speak Spanish.

However, from a small interested me because English is the universal language and although literally squeezing my teachers, but it was the practice and persistence. But even I have some mistakes in the pronunciation of English (We are allhuman we all make mistakes) and I´m not ashamed of them because only practice will improve accent.

Back to the Blog when I decided to create it, I write in English or in Spanish "?. An objective thinking I decided to write in English because it is a language that many people know more, I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY FIRST LANGUAGE. I'M HAPPY BEING WHO I AM. And if I write in English is because first of all I feel more comfortable.

Hehehehehehehe ... 

In case anyone is left with some question, Please Comment about this dilemma...!

Bye Bye!

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