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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seem Sweets!

Those are the chocolate covered almonds!

A few days ago apparently was eating some candy. But they really are much more than just sweets. ^ ^

Although they seem sweet are actually chocolate covered almonds. This well say that if it's sweet. Hahahaha ... But if we eat from time to time turn out to be very good for our skin, our nails andmaybe a good anti-aging.

That is my pink almond!! :D

These are really sweet chocolate covered hazelnuts and some food coloring to have different colors.

There you can see the almond and chocolate!

These candies are made by Almond and chocolate. And theAlmond has the following properties, as has:

-Vitamin E: That is an excellent anti-aging, and good nutrition helpsour nails, skin and hair.

-Vitamin B helps maintain the body.

-Iron: Helps reduce dark circles under our eyes.
- Calcium: Helps to strengthen our bones.

And many proteins not only good for our health but for our inner and outer beauty. And of course the amazing properties that have the chocolate, although I must say it has little chocolate so the properties are in limited quantities, for that reason does not mention them.

These were the almonds! This is the box!!

These are what I ate but you can buy chocolate covered almonds of any kind! 


And they do seem to be really sweet but healthy! 
Hope you like almonds ..!

I personally love the almonds

Bye Bye!!

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