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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Valmy Nail Varnish

I want to show my readers some of the things I use and are very useful and practical. This time I want to show you this beautiful nail polish. Golden is one of my favorite colors to paint my nails but I have used some enamels do not give me the result I want. I know there are many different trademark of nail polish but I will show one of the trademark I use and I found it wonderfully.

This is my Golden color Valmy Nail Varnish

Valmy is a registered trademark that can be found in Venezuela and Colombia. I live in Venezuela and I can buy very easily. It is a good brand of quality and at the same time is economical.

Valmy is not just a brand of nail polish but overall makeup and hair products. If you want to know more about the products show CLICK HERE. However, it is a brand I personally love  and I will keep writing about it.

The colors are identified by a specific number. The Golden color is the color 116. Here I leave a photo.

Sorry for the bad resolution
There is Color 116!!


 Here you can see how this beautiful golden color ..! 

If you are going to wear a dress with metal tone gold in this event is perfect for your nailsLooks really elegant!

I will continue to publish daily. Especially my world ..HAHAHAHAHA!

Bye Bye!

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  1. Guaaao que lindo! otro más pa´la lista del encargo que le haré a mi mami cuando venga a Tenerife a visitarme (○^-^○) saludos!


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