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Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting in 2011!!

Hi everyone!

Today is the third day of the year 2011. And so since this beginning a new year full of potential targets and undertaking new things.

 I was reading a Twitter a known that he decided to undertake a project of 365 days of photography. That is, each day a new photo.  I found interesting ...

  And I thought .. ^ ^ Why can not I start a project?

That is because I have several projects in mind as things I want to buy ... and some other personal goals ...

But  I am on the third day of the Year is a good time to think about things that do not fully complete the previous year.

 I'll give you some tips to help you make these early days of the year and undertake a project un this new year.

1) Take a pen and grab your agenda for 2011.
2) Write  goals you want to play in this year. Targets are classified as follows

*Goals that can fulfill the first 4 months of the year
*goals you can achieve between 8 months of the year
*you can fulfill goals and finishing the 2011 (As used year-round).

3) Draw a simple plan towards your goals.
4) Be Optimistic.
5) Although hard to keep your persistence.

These are my overall goals:

January, February, March and April:

Send gift packages and outstanding.

May, June, July and August:

 Buy a new compact camera.

September, October, November and December:

Improve the piano (for this target will use around 2011).

I hope you serve something, they follow me put my goals in thesesimple 6 steps. To achieve my goals for 2011. But most importantly remember to have faith in ourselves and in fact achieve our goals.

Bye Bye!!

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